Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Nook

A Sunday afternoon purchase........... with pictures of my late Grandparents, 'Mavis'' and 'Hugh', in the background.

I spent a special afternoon with my youngest one yesterday, while hubby was winding things up at the fair (which was a great success by the way!). We went to the movies, ate sushi and purchased this pretty little jar in a shop, where my little one fell in love with the dear lady who served us. She was a very glamorous, well spoken lady, of 'grandma age', who just loved my little boy and hung off every word he said. She was mesmerised by his tooth extraction story, listened to his soccer star stories, stroked his hair, called him precious and darling and said she would give her right arm to have a little grandson just like him. BIG MISTAKE. "Can she be my Grandma Mum? Why can't she be my Grandma. She loves me. Can we go back and give her our number?" He was still rabbiting on about her last night, when hubby came home, and even shed a tear because he couldn't understand why he would never see her again and why she couldn't be his Grandma. For the record, he has a Grandma..... but I suppose a little one can never have too many adoring fans. This parenting stuff... it hurts sometimes. These little moments make your heart just want to burst! I want to remember them.... so I blog 'em.
Happy Monday!
A-M xx


  1. Awww is right. How do you do it? I think anyone who has kids is a miracle worker. Poor little petal missing his fake grandma. But she sounded quite nice. Can she be my grandma too? Maybe you should visit her again one day, maybe she needs it more than 'little one'. Well beautiful Monday morning story... xx Julie

  2. So sweet! Happy Monday yourself. I'm glad to hear the fair was a smashing success. Missed you online here this past weekend.

  3. Such a pretty little nook.

    And such a sweet little boy you have there!

  4. How sweet. Little boy with huge heart.

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and your advice! I appreciate it from one as talented as yourself!

  6. Pretty jar. I'm with your little one - I don't think you can ever have too many Grandmas to spoil you, listen to your stories, bake you yummy cakes and call you precious. In fact, I might need to adopt her too!
    Clare x

  7. To those of you who have watched this magnificent home come to life on line - I have to tell you that I have had the privilege of following it "in the flesh". And I have to say it is every bit as elegant as it looks; our A-M is a magician. There are only a handful of people in this world who can "throw" a room together that makes you never want to leave, and she is one of them. Sitting up stairs in the boys playroom listening to Master 1 strumming a few Dire Straits chords as the sun was setting behind the leafy greens was magestic (I think she 'jagged' the North West aspect very well). If we every build again she will be foreman, site manager, diplomat, bargain hunter and interior designer. One gorgeous little woman - one enormous set of skills! Thanks A-M you inspire and bejewel me!

  8. Gorgeous moments A-M and such a good idea to record them, xv.

  9. Sounds like a beautiful weekend. It's so great getting to spend alone time with each child. And what a sweet story! I'm sure he will get a chuckle from it one day!
    x Trina


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