Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Peas Please

It is with great pleasure that I announce, here at 'The House', that Australia's Leading Dietitian, Kate Di Prima (and A-M's best friend and bridesmaid) has launched her latest book, 'More Peas Please'.

This is the first book, in Australia, to look at not only solutions for fussy eaters and ways to help children learn to eat a wonderful variety of foods, but the relationships between learning to chew, swallow, learning to talk and poor appetite and fussy eating habits. There are also loads of easy, fuss-free recipes for delicious, family-friendly meals and to top it all off, it's a great read!

When Kate is not appearing on 'Sunrise', A Current Affair' and the evening news (.... look boys, it's 'Auntie Kate'), writing for 'Practical Parenting', 'Prevention' magazine, 'New Idea' and 'Woman's Day' ... and attending her very busy private practice, here in Brisbane, she can be found occasionally at my kitchen bench, catching her breath!!!.... over a cup of tea.

Kate has a wonderful sense of humour, which you will pick up in her book, and a great passion for the concept of healthy eating as a family.... one meal for all. Kate has a bloggy blog, HERE, and a website, HERE, and would love to hear from you....... the challenges you face feeding your children, your feedback and ideas and of course feedback on her new book.

Please visit my darling friend, 'Miss Kate' and say Hi from 'Miss Annie'.... that would be me!
A-M xx


  1. Cool! I wish I had kids so I could use this book. You are so well connected A-M...

  2. Hey Miss Annie, I have added Miss Kate's wonderful blog and book promo to FACEBOOK...for all the struggling young mums I know. When I thin of the battles and the thing I tried. Mashed potato faces, jets coming into land in the hanger (mouth) eek where was Miss Kate then?

  3. Looks fantastic. I just visted her blog and I am going to make Falafel bites for my kids tonight!

  4. Just a note to let you know how much I love your blog. We are currently undergoing a remodel and your blog has been a great resource for me. Thank you for all your inspiring photo's!!!

  5. yes well our little 2yo is a terrible eater (IMO), he looks ok, but I often wonder on what energy he is running! Not vegies that's for sure!

  6. Wow what a girl, congratulations to her on the book publication. Well done.

  7. Wow, how cool "Miss Annie"!! Wishing your friend and bridesmaid Miss Kate much success!

  8. Thanks for the link A-M. Our 5 yr old doesn't eat ANY fruit or veggies (I grate them into everything he has...wink, wink) and I am over it. So, I am heading to her blog to ask a question.
    Thanks again,
    Ness xx


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