Sunday, September 20, 2009

No Words.......

... can really describe this! HERE.
Steve, you are the man.
Happy Sunday night!
A-M xx


  1. Thanks A-M, my jaw is officially on the floor! I was hooked right from the crazy paving path leading up to that gorgeous gate and I couldn't wait to get inside.
    Thanks for sending us here,

  2. I concur!!!
    Was over there earlier lost in the fantasy... them came back to my apartment with a thud!

    Happy Sunday night to you too. x Julie

  3. Isn't it beautiful. Just trying to work out how I load it onto the back of a truck and ship to to Sydney's North Shore. I love every single bit. He is such a clever man.

  4. Hey chickadee - back on line from the Adelaide hills. It is beautiful down here and the houses are spectacular (not quite as lush as Steve and Pauls - the elevator.....OMG!. Although accolades where due, some similarities to a certain A-M's house! Happy birthday Master K and Mr skywalker (may the force be with you>

  5. I know, I know...utterly amazing house isn't it. They're such a talented couple! With posts like this it's no wonder Velvet & Linen is one of my daily faves.

  6. what lucky family gets to live there???!!!!

  7. Ah, thanks A-M! Sorry, it has been a busy week, so I'm just catching up with my favorite blogs. Thank you for this post. It put a huge smile on Steve's face (mine too). Hope you are having a nice date weekend.



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