Tuesday, September 29, 2009


....a gorgeous, rustic (super heavy) music stand..... thanks to Sandy, at The Shabby Cottage, who answered my call for help, following my music stand post last week, and sent me over to Ebay. I motored on over there and promptly purchased a music stand, an umbrella stand and a gorgeous French weather-vane, which all arrived yesterday .....and all had to be assembled immediately last night ... even the weather-vane... in the dark..... in the back yard. Oh they are all very gorgeous.

Looks even prettier with a violin concerto plonked on it I reckon!

A brainwave followed the installation.....I am going to frame some of my violin music (complete with old pencilled in fingerings and dynamics), and some classical music covers, and hang a set of them in the hall. I might even get them professionally framed and bypass Ikea! Heaven forbid! What do you think?
A-M xx
PS This post accompanied by my all time favourite Vivaldi Violin Concerto.... for old times sake.


  1. It's beautiful! Sure beats the Wenger stands gracing our music room :) Love the idea of framing some of your music. It might inspire you to play it again, you never know...

  2. You had a bumper day on ebay! Your new music stand looks fantastic and I love the idea of having some of your favourite music framed to hang too. How exciting that lots of the finishing touches are happening now.
    Clare x

  3. Hello...curtains? I think you need to show us pleeeease!!! I love your music stand, so pretty, and the framed music is a gorgeous idea. I had an old postcard from Le Chateau de Gilly in burgundy where my husband and I were married and had it framed by a pro, couldn't have achieved the beautiful details on my own, worth every cent!! Go Pro...Lisa xx

  4. A gorgeous buy AM, and a great idea to frame some for your hallway!

  5. That music stand is great! Don't ya just love ebay:) I love your idea of framing the sheet music. I love old music and doing quirky things with it!
    Just don't forget to show us pictures of it!

  6. They look divine. And yes although Ikea has its place professional framing does look a million times better!

  7. I LOVE the idea of framing your old music sheets and the classical music covers. That just adds that personal element to your home decoration that you can't buy in any store. Great music stand by the way, what a find on e-Bay!

  8. Love your music stand and beautiful idea framing the music!

  9. Fabulous idea - everything that you're doing sounds fabulous. Can't wait to see photos of all your newest arrivals. Love the music stand! Leigh

  10. Fantastic find. It looks perfect.
    Can not wait for the rest.

  11. Great find - very El Swisho A-M! Mr. Handel's 'Arrival of the Queen of Sheba' accompanied me down the aisle (it was actually a staircase!) at the famous/infamous nuptials with MOTH.
    Millie ^_^

  12. Don't you just love ebay?! So glad you found your heart's desire!! I think framed music sounds lovely!

  13. loving the music...kept your window open for, like, ever to listen...

    and i am loving the idea. big fat matting {i'm so into that lately.}, maybe.


  14. Love it what a great find! Framed sheet music will be lovely.

  15. What a great idea to frame your music!

    Your music stand looks right at home. Glad you found what you were looking for.

  16. What a wonderful week-end finds, Lady? Now, let concert begins.

    I can feel and hear from downunder to Scandinavian the piano & vio plays.

    Ahhh...isn't it wonderful to dream, sometimes? Hope I can visit there and enjoy in your music room, listening while your Mr AM1, plays his piano.

    Take care everyone.

  17. This music standard could easily have been ANDRÉ RIEU"s; know him and his orchestra and your Australian lovely soprano singer ?
    Rieu is from my country, wich you know when you know the artist.
    Godeliva van Ariadone

  18. That music stand is stunning. Drooling over here.


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