Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Image Courtesy Traditional Home

Look at this gorgeous room, in a home on New York's Long Island. It looks so cosy, the hideout of someone quite musical perhaps..... if the music stand is actually used and not just a prop. I am on the lookout for a similar music stand for my Great Room, to stand next to the piano. I have one very tragic rusty music stand that is about 35 years old - true. It doesn't even really stand up now ... just sort of sits there very pathetically, on a lean, clutching at the music with it's one remaining arm. The music usually ends up being propped up on my recipe stand when the music stand misbehaves and leans too far. Rather frustrating. If anyone knows where I could find something similar to this beauty pictured, please let me know! Have a great day!
A-M xx

PS. Don't you love the matching cushions and ottoman - so very WASP!


  1. Hi, A-M! Beautiful!! Love the ottoman:)

    Have a nice day!


  2. Beautiful room and music stand. I can see why you love it. You may like the music stands found at




    Best of luck and beautiful day to you!

  3. I think this one's a beauty!


  4. Has a lovely feel to it that room.

  5. Love it. I am so happy seeing your house finished. I looks amazing,I knew the colors would be fantastic. Love ya, Heidi

  6. A-M try ebay item number 320419469137 maybe what your after. Sandy

  7. It would be great to own a stand like this.

  8. Can't help you, but I hope you find a beatiful music stand....My fireplace....sukk....just a lot of dust at the moment...

  9. This room definitely brings out my inner WASP. Gorgeous post as always!

    xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

  10. i love it all! the books. the green chairs. love it!

  11. Hi A-M
    I live in Brisbane also and have been following your journey for almost a year but this is the first comment I have ever left! On any blog! Re: the music stand, I was at the new Wooloongabba Antiques Centre this afternoon (just down from the Australian National Hotel/Dan Murphys) and I saw a music stand - it had a cast iron base (painted cream) and a carved stand which looks similar to your picture - anyway I thought of you and your blog & search and hence I am now leaving my first ever comment! I didn't take a super close look and don't know the price -sorry! If I recall correctly it was on one of the stores close to the entrance! It may be worth a look! Good luck!

  12. Thanks for your help girls. I am going to have a sticky beak at the Wooloongabba Antiques Centre - thanks so much Bear. Lucky Holly , beautiful, just what I am looking for! Shabby Cottage, I have purchased 3 items from that store since you referred me to it! A-M xx


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