Monday, September 28, 2009

Still Chillin' Out

Isn't this a great photo!..... courtesy of Marc Buckner, hubby of Mindy Mason - handbag designer extraordinaire. He is responsible for all the beautiful images of Mindy's Handbags, over in my webstore.

So yes , we're still chillin' out, here at the house. Week 2 of the school holidays. Hubby and I achieved heaps over the weekend. Adirondacks have been painted and are in the 'pool shack'. They got the paint spray gun treatment so they look better than perfect. Unfortunately they are now covered in about an inch of red dust as we had ANOTHER dust storm over the weekend. Once I clean them off.... I'll take some photos. Ahhhh, more cleaning!.... makes holiday 'chilling out' a bit difficult.

The furniture arrived for the boys playroom so we set up their TV and games. I found a great armchair for their room, half price because it was floor stock.... looked pretty perfect to me. I will take photos this week, once all the lego on the floor is tidied up and you can see the floor!

Hubby has done an outstanding job on our 'doorstop installation program'. ..... including drilling into tiles...... very complex... well for us 'non design/non builder' folk.... remember, we are of science nerd stock..... not one handyman/designer bone occurs naturally in our bodies.... we are working hard at it though! Yay, no more towels behind the doors! Luxury!

Our beautiful Italian Linen, slipcovered, Great Room sofa has arrived...... just waiting on the little front roller feet and some custom cushions to arrive and then it will be 'ready for it's close-up'. I am taking Joni's advice (Cote De Texas Blog) and having a custom seagrass rug made up for the Great Room. I am slowly working my way through Joni's wonderful 'Top Ten Design Elements' Posts. She has such wonderful advice. I am delighted that I can say that I have included her first 5 design elements into my interior fitout (by complete accident by the way.... another lucky fluke..... the 'Design Gods' have taken pity!).

I have also taken delivery of a beautiful Italian linen, buttoned bedhead and matching ottoman for the main bedroom. I will have these and also the linen sofas available for sale through my webstore in the next week or so.... when I manage to get myself organised.

This week it's 'red dust cleaning' and more entertaining of the troops on school holidays.
Have a great week!
A-M xx


  1. Hi A-M
    I can't believe we had round 2 of this dust storm.. I was hoping for you it did not work it's way up the coast again.. Well I can't wait to see all your gorgeous Italian linen. It sounds divine!!!

    What else is divine is a little parcel I picked up from my friend's last night...!!! Pink goodness with ribbons!! Haven't had the heart to unwrap it yet! Thank you so much for your kindness . I will unwrap and post on it soon!!! x Julie

  2. Hooray, you and hubby know how to enjoy a "date weekend" alright. You really powered through some smaller tasks didn't you? And when you put them all together, it just makes the whole of your home that much more efficient and functional doesn't it?! Good for you.....

  3. Can not wait to see photos, everything sounds wonderful. Also, I think it it great that you use the word bedhead. In the USA we call them headboards but from now on I an using bedhead! xo, MB
    PS, could Joni be any more fabulous? I am totally girl crushing on her. I am thinking about becoming her stalker, she is totally lucky to live 3 hours by plane away from me.

  4. Wow you guys are on a roll here! You'll be looking for things to do soon, as everything will be finished. Maybe another house?!!
    Millie ^_^

  5. Oh that is so the plan Millie. I have already mentally moved on to the next one. I am stalking the neighbourhood on my morning walks, looking for a house to buy and then remove. I spend my nights in front of the telly sketching elevations... interrupting hubby every five minutes with brainwaves that seem to be terribly boring to everyone else but me. I just need to do it again but with builders who 'get it', you know. I need someone with vision.... and I thrive on the scheming! You know how it is! A-M xx

  6. Oh gosh, you get so much done!

    Looking forward to your photo's .. that top one is hilarious.

  7. Aww I just read your comment ... you just brightened my day honey.

  8. It's lovely to be kicking back in the school holidays - I try to do as much work from home as possible so I can stay in my PJs until lunch time! The dust has been a nightmare - hopefully we have seen the last of it! Tracey xx

  9. Ooooh AM i simply cannot wait to see piccies of all these lovely new things you are getting and doing and painting! This red dust is driving me crazy - i put up some fairy lights today and noticed all the cobwebs are now a nice shade of orange! Obviously the wind was not strong enough to blow them away, grrr. Anyway your purchases and ideas sound fantastic, Mel xxx

  10. Chillin' out looks pretty good to me....xv


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