Saturday, September 5, 2009


Image Courtesy Sandra Lane

...she's back! Mel's back. I so hate it when they go away.
Do you hear me Karey?

A-M xx


  1. I just clicked through to your sponsors link and had a good read. I had never heard of this before. I work in the building industry and come across this probelm in regards to finance all the time. This is your hubby? Does this work elsewhere, or just in your area?

  2. Belated HP BDAY to Mr. A-M!

    Hope U had all a wonderful day celebrating his day. 40th is kinda cool age, huh? Life begins at 40, remember that.

    More power to dear hubby & of course to Mrs. A-M.

    hugs to all... Enjoy the w/end.

  3. Here, here A-M, do you HEAR THAT KAREY!!! x

  4. Yes Katrina, hubby. Works everywhere. He is meeting with Sydney developers this week so it is Australia wide. He also has a stand at the Small Business and Franchising Expo in Brissie, next weekend, for those who are interested! Katrina, email me if your builder wants to talk to him about it... or he can fill in the form on the website. A-M xx


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