Monday, October 5, 2009

Boys Bathroom

Yeah, should have turned the lights on - bit of an average picture - sorry - I am so not a photographer.

I just realised that I haven't posted a photo, of the main/boys bathroom, since we moved in.... so here is one from my files, just after we moved in. The lovely big bath sits in front of the cabinet in a hobb, tiled in the floor tiles I had cut into 10 x 10mm mosaics... to make it a little bit more masculine... had to compensate for the mirrors! Mirrors are from Perfect Pieces, sourced through my favourite interior shop, 'Found In France', here in Brisbane. 'Totally out of place stool' - Ikea of course - essential for teeth cleaning.... at least it is white, with grey dots!....and sort of blends in. The window is an 8 by 1, in old fashioned opaque glass..... lots of light. You can't see the detail of the wall tiles in the image but they have a subtle damask pattern running through them. I love them to bits.

I'm sitting here having my morning coffee with hubby and he just said, "did you tell 'them' about all the work I did on the weekend? Aaah no..... but for anyone who is interested...... hubby disappeared out the back at 6am on Sunday, in his painting suit, and didn't reappear until dinner time. In that time he painted every inch of every rendered retaining wall, all the side decks and front steps. He couldn't move last night and was too tired to eat! The blank canvas is almost complete and ready for potted plants.
Happy Monday everyone. I hope you have a great week. I plan to. I am so over last week!
A-M xx


  1. i love the white bathroom. i am also having morning coffee at my computer. it sounds as if your hubby needs tender loving care after a hard day of work. i'm also having morning coffee at my computer. have a nice day!!

  2. those mirrors are gorgeous!


  3. A-M, the house looks gorgeous! What lucky boys having such a wonderful bathroom.

    Leeann x

  4. Oh I love it! So simple and fresh :)

  5. Love it!!! Beautiful!! So white and fresh!!

    Have a nice day, a-m:)


  6. Wow! I love love love your house. I can't stop saying it. The vanity is gorgeous. It's all gorgeous.

  7. I love your "boy" bathroom (not to mention your ensuite!!!). Those mirrors are fabulous and add so much to the room. I would be itching to paint them white (a bad habit, I'm working on breaking it!), but the contrast of the wood is what makes it look so great.

  8. What lucky boys! The bathroom looks absolutely fantastic and thanks for sharing another aspect of your divine, divine home! Mel xxx

  9. *turning the lights on makes you a photographer* - lol

    what a great idea to have two basins in the family bath, I wish we did that, and we def will in our next home.


  10. I love you house :) It's gorgeous and all room what i see her, nice and lovely .

    Wilhelmiina from finland

  11. Thanks lovelies. I will come to visit as soon as I have some time free. Just busy with 'business damage control' at present. A-M xx

  12. Love the boys bathroom! Beautiful job A-M! Those mirrors are gorgeous!


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