Friday, October 16, 2009

Bunk Beauties

Image Courtesy Coastal Living

Isn't this cute!... a bit high though... and no edge or railing! I love the idea and look of bunks but the possible trips to emergency have kept them out of my boys current life.

Had a great day yesterday, with my big boy.  We strolled to the post office, the bakery and then rummaged through the local junk shop, stopped in at Mary Ryan's for the BEST coffee in Bulimba (big statement) and to purchase Vicki's "French Essence" (I talked about 3 other people into buying it while I was there).

We ended up cross legged on the floor of Big W, determined to find every Jim Carrey movie on sale that we could. My boy had me in hysterics... he does the BEST Jim Carrey, 'Ace Ventura Pet Detective', impersonations. He's got him down pat, right down to the distorted mouth as he speaks, the accent and even the open shirted walk. "I'm ready to go in coach, just give me a chance"...... gets me EVERY time he does it.

So as you might have guessed, we spent the afternoon watching Jim Carrey movies and just hangin' out. There were emotional, little one 'I missed you' clutching scenes at school pickup, as you could imagine, and brotherly hugs up at the kitchen bench during afternoon tea. I am enjoying them so much at present... just cherishing.... do you ever wish you could just stop time and bottle them?
A-M xx


  1. I think that has to be one of the most gorgeous stories I have ever heard and reminds me a lot of the fun times I spend with my 3 messmonsters. Sigh - love living in the Toulouse countryside, but missing Brissie and the Sunshine Coast all of a sudden. Great blog. Will keep up with you.

  2. The bunks are beauties and whilst we are all relaxed on school holidays and not rushing out the door in the mornings, just want to squeeze them, tickle them and bottle them up in their pj's!!!

  3. Hi There,
    Love your blog! Have been reading for about 4 weeks now. We have children too and I have been thinking about your little bloke and how he misses his big brother so much. Have you considered homeopathics or bach flower rememdies to help him cope? Works like a charm for our girls and also myself. Thought it was worth mentioning.
    All the best,

  4. Hi there! Ahh Jim Carey - need to introduce him to my boys. I had forgotten about him!!! I bought bunks last year. Goregous white ones like your picture (cost an arm and a leg too arrrrr) for my littlest man. I thought it would be good just to have the spare bed and they can separate nicely into 2 singles and still look good. But my middle boy has been sleeping in the top ever since we got it and they now they won't sleep apart. So here sits Tex's own room and bed that never gets touched. Oh well, it always has a freshly made bed haha. No accidents yet (fingers crossed).

  5. Oh how I love your posts about your boys as I can totally relate to them.
    I feel the same way about my eleven year old boy, he is and has always been such a good kid I hope he stays the same through his teens!
    My three year old daughter is a different story altogether ;)

  6. Hi A-M ..have thoroughly enjoyed stalking your blog and I loved your bunk beds! I have done a blue post today and this image would have finished it nicely. Great to see you cherish your babies so much xx Lyn at Linihome

  7. What a sweet story. My son really misses my daughter now she has gone back to school - he keeps asking for her because he has no idea about what time it is or how long she has been gone for. Have to make the most of the time that is for sure. I really want to do a bunk in my son's room but I think at 2.5 he is too young. I do wonder what is the right age for bunks? They are such a great way to save space ....

  8. sounds like a wonderful day!! you are so right if only we could hold onto this precious age for a bit longer. i was laughing re the arthur dunger hat as when i was a kid i thought his name was arfa donger!!! melxxx

  9. One word - NO!!!! Sorry A-M, but so help me if any of our 5 vaguely hint at returning home to live, I get MOTH down to the Hardware Store in a blink & the locks are changed immediately! I live by my Motto - 'Love them but let them go & go & go & go....'
    Millie ^_^

  10. I wish that all the time, especially with my eldest almost finishing grade twelve. Oh how the years fly by!

  11. Your blog is beautiful!! Love it!
    Greetings from Italy!

  12. you are not allowed to get them these death bunks! i don't want anything happening to my future sons-in-law! xoxo.

  13. Love these bunk beds!!! Saving the picture for my boys bedroom upstairs (unless they will be too old for bunk beds once we get to the upstairs ....). Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!!

  14. Dear A-M
    Your lovely stories about the little ones always make me believe in the simple goodness of life. My brothers and sister and I were never this nice to each other.. it's sweet!

    Love these bunk beds. The houndstooth looks fab and fresh!!

    Have a great weekend. x Julie

  15. Great blog. Will pop it into my 'favourites'


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