Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hanging Out

Image Courtesy Traditional Home

Wouldn'y this be the nicest place to hang out? ....the prettiest little 'cup of tea' nook.

Little one is most indignant as the big boy and I are just hanging out together today. He has permission from school to have the day off as: 1. They are absolutely exhausted from 4 days without decent sleep and  2. The second round of boys have headed off for 4 days and there is no-one at school to teach the boys! My son does want to attend on Friday though, "just so I look responsible Mum". Please don't tell me this is going to end when he hits his teens. He's such a joy in my life. Even when he was a little tike, I used to look at him and think, "you've been here before mate, you're just too wise".

Little one was beside himself at the big brother homecoming. He first had to tell his brother, "I was even still crying about you last night as I was watching a DVD of you performing in your Year Two Play". Oh the melodramatics.... he can turn it on alright. He sat there the night before last with a box of tissues, watching videos of his brother. Hilarious! One's an optimist and one's a pessimist. Go figure!

Readers, you were right,my boy did not shower for 4 days... there were no showers..... complete mortifcation!!!!. So yes, Dettol bath and foot scrub...... you should have seen the water! Fresh and clean, he sat down to his favourite meal (table set by little one, complete with candle and flower) and raved about how nice the wooden floors felt under his feet. Nothing like roughing it to appreciate the comforts of home.

So this mother is happy as all her chickens are home again. Now for the washing. I just left it in a festering pile in the garage last do now!
A-M xx


  1. Little nook looks gorgeous and your boys sound even more gorgeous and what a warm and fuzzy feeling to be back in the nest as a family again!

  2. Oh I am laughing at the little one crying and watching dvd's. That is truly precious!!!

  3. I would definitely love to have that little nook in my home. You always find the best pictures.

    Your boys sound so darling (and responsible). So adorable!!

  4. Awww how lovely that your boys share that tight a relationship. I don't think my brother, sister and I have ever gotten along that well. Just enjoy your time with everyone home and the harmony restored in The House....

  5. How precious is your son! I'd share a story of my eldest, but it would frighten you to death.

    I am going to be building a nook in my kitchen - I hope it looks as cozy as this photo.

  6. A-M yours is my favorite blog and I just get such a kick out of hearing about your boys. It's such a treat to read.

    PS Doesn't mean to say I don't love your design posts because I LOVED going along for the ride with you.


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