Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Storms - Yawn

 The golden glow of an approaching dust storm

Boy, did we have a ferocious (wet, not dust) storm here yesterday afternoon.... for 15 seconds..... it was wild.... but it still didn't wash the layers of red dust off my white roof.

My heart sank when the news reader stated, blah, blah.."very heavy rain".... blah....."ferocious winds"...... "and the worst hit were the islands".... my boy!..... he was in the thick of it all... in a flimsy tent! I bet he got really wet. It also rained heavily the night before, for about half an hour. I'm thinking.. no phone call to the parents.... so they should all be alright? This is killing me.

Oh, and we have another dust storm forecast for today... again... yeah, yeah.....another layer. I'm not doin' any house work today until 'the layer' has arrived.

My boy arrives home tonight.... I'm sure with lots of 'boys own adventure stories' ......and some very fragrant washing.
A-M xx


  1. Oh NO...
    WE had wild winds here yesterday and I heard it was heading north.. but the dust here was minor.. [for a change].

    Well hope your boy had fun in that dust and wind. You're right it probably added to his adventure. Bet little one will be glad to see him! Happy cleaning A-M! x Julie

  2. The clap of thunder was the biggest I have experienced in my 41 years! Right overhead.....I can't remember decending the stairs to the kids playroom where they were totally unaffected! "You OK mum?" Yep just seeing what you guys want for afternoon tea - no point answering me though as I can't hear you over my heart beat pounding in my ears!!
    Getting ready again for 32 degrees C- I think salads and antipasto is the go tonight.
    Kate x

  3. HEYYY long time no 'see' I was wondering if you ever saw my new monday morning contribution... err bedroom ;)

  4. I've heard when boys get home from camp there isn't much washing at all....they don't change, shower etc. You might just have a "fragrant" boy to contend with! Best wishes, NM.

  5. I'm shoving him into a Dettol bath as soon as he walks in the door! A-M xx

  6. When I read that your little boy gets to go to camp out on an island, I just couldn't believe it. How magical and exciting. Now I am scared for you. OMG. I remember one year of my girl scouts camp in the woods of Camp Happy Hollow, our tents were all set up by a creek. That night it poured and we did not get much sleep since on of the mean girls told us a story about some kids camping in a rain storm and where ever they touched the tent on the inside, that is where the water started to drip in. Well, the kids drowned inside their tents according to her story and we were all scared to death. But we didn't die. Hang in there girl. Heidi

  7. Oh no, I hope your little one is okay!! He must be having quite an adventure!

    Also been meaning to ask - what colour steel is your roof? trying to choose a colour for when we finally replace our old roof later this year?

  8. We had wild winds last night and dust this morning, nowhere near as bad as the last time though. It will be nice having your big boy home again.

  9. We have wild wind here too - but it is still freezing & wet to go with it. When will we see a little summer we all wonder. You will be so happy to see your big boy home!

  10. You can always count on the washing A-M.....xv

  11. Oh no! I hope everyone is okay and that rain goes away!

  12. This dust is driving me bonkers, my rose plants are covered in it. Yuk.

  13. Let the household chores lay beside for awhile.

    That wasn't a pleasant news when I open your blog §:-(
    It's been very unusual weather wherever you are. Here, it's only Oct but, hey! it seems a November weather. Cold, dark, windy & snowy...

    Now, ENJOY indoors both you and me.

    hugs to all...
    Hope A-M son1 brought lots of good news and lil A-M is now happy.
    Guess, no sleeping, huh?

    Take care.

  14. In the middle of that storm, we heard a news report that Karragarra Island - where our weekender is- had been badly hit.

    It was then I remembered that Dan hadn't paid the insurance yet.

    We haven't been over yet to check it out- head on Sunday- but I am a LITTLE worried about it...!


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