Monday, October 19, 2009

Next Time File

Image Courtesy House Beautiful

I'm putting together a file for 'next time' and this image I just love.. high ceilings, windows, wainscotting, mosaic tile floor and blue stuff. I also love the rounded shape of the lovely tub.

I have both the boys home today as it is a pupil free day at school.... so short and sweet this morning.
Have a great week!
A-M xx


  1. Short and sweet is the key my sweet! I love that bath - perfect to curl up with lots of bubbles and relaxing music- we must be having the same thoughts this morning.I have just finished my blog entitled bussy busy busy which is why I have been 'off the blog'- where has the last few week gone? Heading to Sydney tomorrow to shoot 'Mornings with Kerry Anne' - we go to air at 9.45am if you would like a giggle!
    Enjoy your pupil free day with the fam.
    Kate x

  2. Hi A-M, isnt that image wonderful, we need to renovate our bathroom some day so i think i will hang onto that image as well as just love it.
    Another day at the hospital for me..
    Mel xxx

  3. Have a fantastic day with your boys! Happy Monday....

  4. "NEXT TIME"??????
    You are either VERY brave A-M, or VERY crazy;);)?!!!

  5. Will there be a next time.....??? xv

  6. Oh there is sooo going to be a next time. The process will start in Feb, 2010, when the house goes on the market. Shhhh, don't tell anyone yet! A-M xx

  7. What a beautiful bathroom - I can just imagine relaxing in that bath with a good book!

  8. A-M,
    Beware of the men in white coats!!!!
    I'm thinking you are Brave & CRAZY!!! Honestly, I 'guess' I would do it again, but it would have to be for a LOT of money!!!
    Enjoy your warmer weather! Nine months of cold is a very, very long time....


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