Friday, October 2, 2009

Not Another One

The start of the first dust storm last week. It got so dark and red, I got scared and forgot to take a photo in the thick of it all.

Yep, another dust storm is forecast for this weekend.... the third in a fortnight. My white roof is red...and it's going to get redder!

A challenging week...... major server issues where my website is hosted.... so my website has been down for most of the week. I am not alone. There's lots of us suffering. Should be resolved by the weekend. Will tell you all about it next week... it's a good story... major goss actually. I'm signing off for this week. Nothing like a week without income to kill the 'blogging mojo'.
Miss you already!
A-M xx


  1. What a week for you maybe we will have to enjoy the red palette for a while until we gat our beige and white back! Have a lovley weekend!

  2. No, please not another one! we have already washed our deck off twice with the power hose and the dust is still coming out of the timber....

  3. Have a great weekend A-M! Stay bundled indoors with this red dust and make sure you enjoy some quality family time. Can't wait until you're back next week, I love following your blog!

  4. How annoying! I just finished cleaning up after the last 2! Hope you enjoy your weekend! Tracey xx

  5. Hi AM, hope you survive it again, speaking of surviving, i see ACT is down and MGG has gone bust, thats what i heard on the twitter grape vine. Hope ACT is back up again v soon

  6. Well that doesn't sound like fun. Is this a seasonal thing A-M, and does it happen every year? Looks awful, so sorry.
    Get some rest and recharge those creative batteries!

  7. Hi A-M,
    sent you an email re chandelier last night and didn't realise your server was down...sorry, just ignore my impatience. Have a good weekend.

  8. Hi A-M, guess what, this is my first blog comment- ever. I was inspired by your friendly reply to my email yesterday and thought I would finally have a better look at how to do this blogging thing. Scary, but it mustn't be that hard, here I am commenting successfully...I think. Your world must be one big headache this week, I hope all is coming together. And thanks for the heads up on the dust storm.

  9. I'm sorry to hear that you are going thru this again.....will await your stories when you return...!!

  10. Not another one... I might start putting masking tape over the cracks of my windows, it just manages to find a way in.

    Have a good weekend!! Hope the server stuff gets sorted out soon.

  11. Oh A-M
    It certainly has been 'a week'. I didn;t hear about another storm.. can't really handle another.. seem to get a migraine the day after... too much!!!.. Good luck with your server.. x Julie

  12. Major bummer A-M! I'll get my voo-doo doll out immediately & start sticking the pins in. Hope those jokers feel the full wrath of the clients they have left high & dry.
    Millie ^_^

  13. Oh there's LOTS of us Millie. We are all sitting in front of our computers this morning, amongst our Christmas stock, with no stores, supporting each other. Lots of tears, lots of despair. I just don't get these people. I have had lots of 'despair practice' this year... I'm feeling particularly strong for some reason.... maybe because I know that things work out somehow, even if they don't take the road that you wanted them to. Thanks! Sob! A-M xx
    PS Their site is up and functioning though... go figure.... and not a peep from them!!!!!!


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