Friday, November 27, 2009

Growing Up

First day of  Primary School - now for high school!

Ahhh, Friday already. Next week is the last week of school for the year, with a Piano Concert, Guitar Ensemble Concert, Christmas Pagent, Speech Night and break up parties all in the one week. My boys are exhausted. With one of their school motto's being 'Finish Hard', they are being pushed hard, right to the end. Big one got some great news this week, receiving the highest grade for his Trinity College Guitar Exam, and little one FINALLY received an 'Award Card' for 'always doing neat and tidy work' (he's been sweatin' on that one all year). We're off to the 'Middle School' orientation day tomorrow .... my big boy starts high school next year.... . it seems like just yesterday we spent our days in the park, feeding the ducks and swinging on the swings.

In the blink of an eye!
Have a great weekend!
A-M xx


  1. What gorgeous, sweet must be very proud!

  2. My younger son starts school next year. He is so exited!
    I start back at work next year. I am not exited.
    :)Irene x

  3. I recognise those stairs(they certainly need a lick of stain!!!) Rosies first birthday at Barbies....where have the last 5 years gone?
    Lat 2 weeks for us and just doing some Christmas shopping today- at least I have one present for Barbie thanks to the gorgeous Armchair Trader!)
    Have a lovely cool weekend and I will call you re play date next the way when dp we stop saying playdate? when their voices move from high sopprano to alto I guess..

  4. Awwww! How sweet are your boys. As they grow older they will continue to do you so proud. And you will always be able to see those same angelic faces no matter how old they get.

  5. I hear ya, A-M. We've had a huge week with my daughter being on 4 stages in 6 days. She received a medal for an English Test given by University of NSW, which was received by only 4 Grade 3 kids in NSW and ACT. Over 500,000 sat the test. She's also had Ballet Concert, Drama Concert and Band Spectacular and have still to endure an AMEB French Horn exam, Class Assembly and School Presentation Day. I'm exhausted! We kick on until 16 December down here but are all looking forward to a break. Congrats to your boys and their mum.

  6. You must be proud of your boys. The kids do grow up too fast. I have three, 10, 18 and 20. The oldest one hase moved out and is studying at the university. It seems like yesterday he was 4.
    Your porch finally got beautiful!

    Wish you a wonderful weekend!

    From Norway with love,
    Anette Willemine

  7. How sweet! You must be such a proud mum.

  8. Hi A-M

    I know what you mean - my eldest has just finished her first year at Uni! It seems like yesterday I was crying at the gate when she started grade 1. I think it's when they drive off in the car that it really hits home! Your post has reminded me that the years fly by too quickly, and that sometimes we need to slow down and make the most of each moment with our babies.

    All the best

    K x

  9. It's so exciting to see them move onto another phase of their life. Don't worry A-M, you'll get just as much pleasure from them when they are big, big boys - I know I do with all my tribe.
    Millie ^_^

  10. After such a busy week you will really appreciate the "come-down" of the holidays!
    I, also, have one starting high school next year and she is very excited to be moving up to be with big brother (little sister is not so happy).
    Enjoy all the recitals etc.

  11. Oh yes, where does the time go. My 'little one' is off to secondary school next year too. It seems like only yesterday he was in nappies!! Have a wonderful relaxing weekend - it sounds like you'll need to store up all your energy for next week. Lee :)

  12. Your boys are so cute. I just spoke to my niece tonight, who is excited to start high school next year too.

    They grow up sooo fast!

  13. I LOVE all the green around your home. Lucky!

  14. Your boys are adorable. I agree they grow too fast..

  15. How exciting A-M! I always love seeing pictures of your adorable boys!
    Could you explain how your school year works there? When will the boys go back to school in the new year? Are they off for summer break for months? Middle school and high shcool are separate here, what grades do they include there?
    Thank you! It's fun to learn how differnet parts of the world to things!!


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