Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hmmm, for Christmas?......

Image Courtesy Atlanta Homes

... in a perfect world, after world peace and food for all, I'd love one of these for my front porch. It would look just like this too, except for the ocean in the background... oh and it would have to be white! Hubby and I have decided that I am buying him the soil for our pots for Christmas and he's buying me the plants...... and maybe after Christmas! No rush, the muscles have to heal first. Little one wants some sparkley pool fish that he can dive for and retrieve in the pool. Big one wants a new soccer ball and a totem tennis pole. Oh this is going to be so easy! A trip to Kmart for some outdoor toys and we're all done!
A-M xx


  1. My guys love their wahu divesticks and balls - the balls have a wetsuit material ribbon attached which are easier for the littler ones to retrieve !

  2. We could get our kids some pool toys for Christmas but then we'd have to put in a pool!
    Have you noticed your kids water confidence growing since they have had the pool?
    Sounds like a deep tissue massage could be a good idea for the 2 of you :o)

  3. Love the swing....drool! Gee your boys are easy for Xmas! Mine think Santa is loaded (NOT) hahaha.

  4. wow--what an amazing adventure you have documented. Love it. I am going to have to come back and read through all your archives when I get a moment.


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