Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In The Beginning, There Was TAFE

Image Courtesy American Gables

Right, it's final. I have enrolled in the 'Cert IV Residential Drafting' Course at TAFE. One has to start somewhere. Firstly I have elected to complete the subject 'Complex Mathematical Concepts For Building and Construction'.... my choice.... after all, it's been a long 27 years since I did anything remotely resembling mathematics... except for some stats at Uni in my science degree, 24 years ago!

I am dying for this knowledge base. That's a good sign isn't it?! I think I am on the right path to where I want to go. Where do I want to go? I want to design houses. I want to do my own working drawings! I want to know all about construction technology, materials and building codes. I want to know what's going on on site. I love this stuff. I need this knowledge.

So I will start at the bottom step. I am slightly, very excited about this. I haven't studied for a while. My last attempt was a few Corporate Finance, Accounting subjects in an MBA, goodness!.. seven years ago now, when I was 8 months pregnant!  I loved it at the time but just for the challenge I think, not the content, ...blah... it just wasn't for me, I was still searching. Now I know what I want to do, so I'm gonna do it. Life is short. Just. Do. It. (mantra courtesy of Nike!)
A-M xx
PS Very excited about getting the sloping desk thingy and the drawing implement thingys too!.... and soon I'll even know what to call them!


  1. See what happens when I go away - you go back to study.....that is fabulous news!
    Answer to your prevoius blog question- Everything cheap in America compared to Australia. From the houses right down to 3 bananas for $1. I am back from New York with eyes opened - it is a magnificent place.
    Have fun with all the new "thingies"
    Kate x

  2. You go girl! What fabulous news - I am sure that you will love every minute of it.

    Leeann x

  3. Well done you - it's a brilliant idea! Remember, "It's never too late to be who you might have been" (George Eliot). Leigh

  4. Good for you A-M. And now you've got a new reason to go shopping! I'm sure you will revel in it all and you already know so much. I look forward to reading about all your assignments.

  5. Thats great AM !! I have to confess that I have a degree in engineering ( from a long time ago ) and while I didn't enjoy all of it I loved the drawing. I think you'll get a lot out of the course. Sheila

  6. Good on you. That will turn you into a draftslady, won't it? (As opposed to an architect). That's good then you won't have to put up with all the architect jokes. Studying with children and other work is hard. Be prepared for that and you will be fine. And that slopey desk thing! So exciting. And maybe you will use a protractor? Or is it all computerised now? Oh yes, Cad drives, that's what they use. Have fun. xoxo

  7. Wow! Good for you A-M. I don't know how you do it, blog, shoppe, mother, wife and now study. You are an inspiration!

    Wishing you lots of luck for your new course, I'm sure you will love it, can't wait to see your house designs with all their 'fancy' detailing!


  8. Hope your husband doesn't mind sharing the study with your "sloping desk thingy". With your talent, I am sure you will have it looking as though it was made for the space it will occupy!

  9. OMG.... you just never cease to impress me with your passion & drive. From the minutest detail of your house....... I wish I had a fraction of it! You are an inspiration.

  10. Congratulations A-M! I know personally that once you find a subject that captures your interest and ignites your passion all of the mathematics and studying won't seem like such a chore because you'll be enjoying it too much. I'm so happy for you!

  11. Oh wow, how flippin' clever of you. Seriously. Hey you can change the face of houses here in Oz....please.. yay!.xxx

  12. How exciting A-M! I'm sure it will be right up your alley and you will enjoy it immensely :)

  13. so there will be a new blog? 'The Houses A_M Designed'

    I am the daughter of an architect, he loved creating individual houses, for families. In his latter years he specialised in Hospitals, but the home he designed spoke of his passion most.

    Jane of Janezowrld
    (not Jane of My Pear Tree House)

  14. Wow! Wow! Wow! Of course this is what you should do next, you have an amazing talent so you should utilise it and go for it! You will be great, I am so excited for you! lots of love, Cocofemme xox

  15. Fantastic A-M. You will love it. Studying on top of work and parenting is difficult but so worth it. Go girl!

  16. Wow, this is exciting news A-M! I'm sure you will do great because you are so passionate about it...congrats! Tracey xx

  17. wheee! excitement abounds! i'm very proud of you. i am.

    this is a huge step. and i bet you know way more than you think you know. you'll see soon enough.

    i work on a sloping desk thingy. i used to call it a drafting table. i like your profesh term way better.

    and when i was a little kid, i got my pinkie finger stuck in one of those huge architect triangle thingies. my italian grandma chopped it off with a butcher knife! i still have the scar.

    love, your future fellow mother-in-law.

    who is really proud of her friend. xoxox.

  18. Congratulations! I think that's very exciting. I can't wait to see where this journey leads you. :-)

  19. A-M, this is so very exciting! You are going to be a star! I'm so happy for you, and I know you are going to love this part of your journey!!
    Bon journey,

  20. how tremendously exciting, I'm so pleased for you :)

    P.S good luck with the thingys ;)

  21. Such exciting news! You'll be telling us all about your exploits with drafting tables, slide rulers, set squares and T square in no time...or osnaps, model space and all sorts of fun CAD related things, as the case may be!

    And Jane...what architect jokes? ;)

    xx Kit

  22. Oh yay! So happy you have seized the moment to do what you're so clearly passionate about - I am in the midst of seizing my own quit the dreaded day job and follow my passion.

  23. Those Lecturer's should be shaking in their boots - you'll show them how it really should be done A-M! I went & did my Cert. IV in Property a couple of years ago - just for fun. MOTH thought I was crazy, but it was a challenge that got me right out of my comfort zone - & that's always a jolly good thing. Tbought it might give me something up my sleeve if my current clients ever get sick of the sight of me!
    Millie ^_^


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