Sunday, November 29, 2009

Magic Moment

The only photo I took, I became too engrossed in the performances!

You know those moments in your parenting that will be indelibly etched in your 'treasured parenting memories part of the brain' for years to come? I had one yesterday at my boys little piano concert.

Now my little one, about 4 weeks ago, decided that he could not bare waiting one more second to start piano lessons, so we agreed that he could 'hijack' big brother's last 3 piano lessons of the year. Mrs P (piano teacher) sadly did not have any time slots left for 'new students' at this time of the year. Over the past few weeks, Little One has attacked his new instrument with gusto (twice daily) and has been furiously practising his one note pieces, accompanied by the groovy CD backing tracks. He happily volunteered to take part in Mrs P's student's piano concert at her home yesterday. Fearless!

19 little piano students all sat patiently waiting their turn to perform yesterday while their proud parents and grandparents looked on and applauded raucously (I was the raucous one.... I know what it is like to perform and receive one feeble clap at the end of a performance - aka my bushband at bushdances where everyone is too busy talking to have noticed the best version of Lucky Star's 'I've Been Everywhere Man' you'll ever hear in your life).

My Big Boy got up and performed the best rendition of 'Inspector Gadget' you'll ever hear from an 11 year old. Big statement... but I am his Mother! Not one mistake (despite the mistakes and 'almost tears' in practice earlier in the day). He did a dramatic bow at the end of it... the relief beaming from his face. Little One was introduced as Mrs P's newest student. The hijacked music lessons were mentioned and it was announced that he would be playing 3 pieces,' Rock on C', ' Groove on D' and 'Reggae on E' (the same piece. different notes)... he played and counted out loud and clapped the rests to perfection and then sat, on completion of his performance, with his back to the audience during the clapping and after! He didn't move! Mrs P announced that there could not possibly be 'an encore' as they were all the pieces he had been taught! He didn't move for ages, just sat with his back to us just soaking in the attention. I have never laughed so much in my life... and I was bursting with love for both my boys. When asked later why he didn't move, Little One said, "I just loved to hear everyone clapping for me, Mum. They clapped the loudest for me". Fearless!
A-M xx


  1. Love it..just beautiful..thanks for sharing!
    Anna x

  2. That is REALLY SPECIAL!

    Great stuff!

  3. Sunday morning sitting at the kitchen table with a smile on my face,,, such a lovely story

  4. Love it! Here's hoping he keeps up that enthusiasm for the practice for the next 15 years :)

  5. Hi A-M
    Your stories always make me a little teary! How sweet both your boys had their moment!

    Take care xx Julie

  6. What a wonderful, fabulous story A-M!! Congrats to your dear boys!

  7. Oh I am teary too!!!! this is so so special..I am clapping too

  8. That is possibly the most adorable story I have ever heard.

  9. shaking i'm laughing so hard...

    no encore! ahahaha! xoxo to those two lovelies.

  10. Hearing my two young boys play the piano is one of my all-time favorite things. I can't and don't do everything right - but having them learn the piano is a GOOD THING that makes me feel good, and hopefully them as well. How fun your son just started and loves it.


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