Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Perfect Porch

Well yes, it is possible to have a 'before and after' scenario in a new house! This was our NEW front porch deck, the finished product, handed over to us 6 months ago. Click on the photos to see real tragedy.

Yes the blue defect stickers have been there for 6 months, greeting every visitor to our front door. Great conversation starter!....especially the numbers that were just painted over. "What's with the number 24?", they would ask!

This is my deck today...... after six months of unanswered emails, Master Painter Reports and WHINGING. I've been such a high maintenance customer... expecting a new house!

We had our coffee out on the front porch this morning just marvelling over how beautiful the decking is now. You don't realise how really bad something was until you see the good version. For the record, builder, - I'm happy!

Excuse the 'bed hair' and 'bed attire'

... and then all was right with the world and a rainbow formed.... and at the end of it??... my perfect deck! Ha! Can you believe that!
Have a great day!
A-M xx


  1. Gorgeous deck!! So much better than the first version. I bet you're so glad you persisted. Amazing what they think they can get away with!

  2. Hi there, my new verandah looks like your before photos as well, can I ask what was used to get them looking so great?
    Thanks, Danielle x

  3. My gosh they looked like they were water damaged or something.

    They look just gorgeous now, well done on following through. Must have been tough.

  4. Danielle, 'Cetol' deck finish from Sikkens. A-M xx

  5. Yay! It's gorgeous. Can I pop over sometime and have a coffee on your deck? It's just so lovely. You lucky lady!

  6. The 'new' deck looks gorgeous - your perseverance definitely paid off. Love your door mat too!

  7. They've come up so lovely A-M. Must have been really nice to sit out there with your cuppa this morning and admiring them x

  8. Anytime Andrea, anytime! A-M xx

  9. wow, what a difference!Looks amazing, you must be so happy.ENJOY it!
    Julie in Holland ;) ...(everything looks beautiful)

  10. Wow! Fabulous - just in time for Christmas.


  11. I love your porch mat! Where is it from?

  12. WOW I love it! Are the planters on the sides of the door real?? So pretty!!

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  13. Dear A-M,
    Your deck looks so beautiful you have inspired me to track down this product and try it on our deck. Wish us luck. Is your deck Merbau by any chance?
    Thank you Elizabeth.


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