Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sothebys again! - click to enlarge image to see how clean the water is! Love sparkling clean pools!

It's really hot. We're going swimming inside today. Even at 5.30am this pool looks enticing. Good for sun protection too.... seeing we live in the skin cancer capital of the world!

Side track.... my little boy came to me concerned that the skin above his swimmers is now a bit darker than under his swimmers. "That's called a tan son. That's why we get you to wear sunscreen". It was just like a scene from the Aussie movie 'The Castle'... you know the scene? ..."they're called rissoles love". We've never had a pool and my boys have never been sunburnt so this 'colouring of the skin due to sun exposure' is quite a foreign concept!

The indoor pool above belongs to this gorgeous place.... probably someone's Southampton 'weekender'.

Now where was I?... oh yes.... it's hot here. Hubby and I laugh at the weather report in the evenings. They always seem so surprised that it has been a hot day... ra, ra... "5 degrees above average, unusual for this time of year". Hilarious.... it's always 'unusually hot' and then sometimes it's 'unusually cool', but most of the time it is hot and sticky..... because that's just where we live! So here I am going on just like the weather man and raving on about how hot it is when..... it's a given. Weather forecast for Brisbane today - sunny and hot. Ha!
Have a great day!
A-M xx


  1. Love the lounges in the first image - they look like they would wrap right around you and keep you toasty warm after a dip in that heavenly pool. In fact if that was my house, I would change the name of the pool room to the master bedroom, and then all I'd have to do all day would be swim and sleep, swim and sleep...oh and ring my bell for the butler! ;)

  2. Amazing Pool, how wonderful being indoors...we also have overexposed children in the sun from having our first pool and considering something to cover half of it!!

  3. I feel cooler just looking at these gorgeous images! Leigh

  4. I adore the pool, my goodness so clean and gorgeous.

    Too funny about the weather reports ... I know it's all unusual.

    Love the Castle, yes do know that scene ;0

    Great day to you too,

  5. The heat is killing me today, thanks for making me feel a little cooler!

  6. At least it's consistent. That's one thing I will NEVER get used to or like about Sydney weather. You can't plan to have friends over for a swim and barbeque next Sunday because you have no idea what the weather will be like. For instance, yesterday was a scorcher (by Sydney standards) 31C and today is 23C but on Thursday and Friday it's supposed to be 36C. I have learnt to never pack away the doona or the sweaters and to always have cough mixture close at hand. Enjoy your hot and sticky weather - I crave for it.

  7. Oh my! The tan story is my absolute favourite. The experiences that I just take for granted and I'm from less of a "sunburned country" even! The pools do look gorgeous but not as lovely as your own backyard pool. I'll take some of your hot and humid, although I can't complain ~ it's middle of November and we had a +13 degree day and still no snow!

  8. What an amazing indoor pool! I smiled when I read about your little one's tan :)

  9. How heavenly would an indoor pool be! Oh goodness, especially this week. arggh.

    Your boys are so cute too!!


  10. Haha, so true about the weather. Ever since we moved to Australia 4 years ago it's been the coldest winter and the wettest summer and the hottest April in the past 100 years! I'm starting to realise, as you suggested, that this is just normal weather here.
    Would kill for a pool today mind you!

  11. Wow, that is a lovely pool. I would like to take a swim there.
    The house is also beautiful!
    If you think it is hot ans sticky in Queensland, I can tell you that in Norway we have just rain, rain and a grey sky. November is not my favourite month. However, I have started to look forward to Christmas, and the time a head is lovely.
    Take care!
    Anette Willemine xx

  12. it was like that when we lived in oman. amazingly hot and every day was the same: pure blue sky, not one cloud, no breeze, and hothothot.

    every day.

    so why did everyone INSIST on commenting about it? peeve. major one.

    {and his first tan?! i love those boys.}

  13. Gorgeous chaises! I'd love to be in one with a book right now. Drowning here in Seattle!


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