Monday, November 16, 2009

A Week Of Pools

We are having such gorgeous (soon to be stinkingly uncomfortable) weather here at the moment so I thought I would share some beautiful pools with you..... all associated with my favourite New England style of home. I have been real-estalking and have come to the conclusion that I am seriously living in the totally wrong hemisphere!
Have a great week.
A-M xx
Oh and thanks for your help with my post over the weekend. What would I have done without your advice! Mission is underway. I have removed the post now, just in case my Mum does some snooping while she is on holidays. You never know with these Mothers! 

'Be still heart' images from Sothebys (my favourite real estate website and my home page!) 


  1. Swimming is so therapeutic (went in on the week end and it was delightful - I hope you are enjoying yours?) these pools and houses are exquisite however require land 'lotsa' land of which we don't have much of in inner city ...
    Oh and a bit late re the caterers, dont go past PJ McMillan who owns and runs Harveys on James street. He is magnificent (used him personally - the food was beautiful, very reasonably priced, we provided our own wine selection and he left the house spotless - an absolute champ!

  2. Going to check out the Sotheby's website right now! the last image is to die for!

  3. What stunning pools, absolutley love them, keep them coming!

  4. So gorgeous! What a great homepage to choose! Tracey xx

  5. These new England style pool's are reminding me of childhood christmase's when I was small watching High Society with Grace Kelly on the TV and that wonderful swiming pool!


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