Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Every Moment Matters

 For those who have asked, the little trees at our front door have lights in them... see the cord ceremoniously dumped any which way, when the plant was moved back after the deck 'rejuvenation'. You don't notice messy things until the photo has been taken. I had another version of this photo but there was a SOCCER BALL under the bench in the hall. Ahhh, real life! Oh I just noticed... it's still there! Ha!

Thank you for all your lovely comments yesterday. Hubby and I were contemplating the universe yesterday evening, watching the sun set on our front porch and we both agreed that, while living in this lovely place, neither of us take one moment for granted. We listed off the things we cherish in this place - the sound of the boys running down the stairs, the gorgeous afternoon light creating a glow in the Great Room, the cool breeze that finds it's way from front to back, the way our boys perch themselves at the kitchen bench to chat while we cook dinner, the shade over the pool at just the right times of the day, our neighbours beautiful trees that frame our entire back yard, the "I love my room" comments from the boys as we rub their backs at bedtime. I catch my breath every time I drive into the driveway... so thank you for seeing what I see and enjoying this journey with me. Life can turn on a dime so we cherish while we can. Every moment matters.

Today - our tree - a collection of precious memories of our life together since our boys arrived! Hubby and I put the frame up and the boys decorate it while we sit and sip G&T's! Of course hubby has to do some heavy lifting (children) so that the top gets it's fair share of pretties.We add to it each year, just one or two special little decorations, chosen or made by the boys. Every little decoration represents a milestone, a kindy/school project, a special moment shared in our little family. We have some rather scarey artwork, decaying baked creations, old glitterless glittery thingys and photographs in frames. Enjoy!

Yes - decorated by 2 small boys - throw it anywhere son, throw it anywhere it fits! 

Oh yes, the fish is a newbie. It trumps the winged thing behind it. Don't you love the 'chuck it anywhere' aesthetic. Priceless - wouldn't have it any other way! Pretty good for someone who is addicted to symmetry!

Oh yes, the angel is a keeper!

Have a great day and thanks for visiting. Your comments just make my day....every day!
A-M xx


  1. Well I am truly grateful you started a blog!!!!

  2. Am so grateful to see someone who embraces her children decorating the tree!
    Thanks for a very special post!

  3. Your tree is perfect! We too have a family tree, with all the homemade, school made and collected memories, and coloured lights too.

  4. You have a beautiful home. I love the way your boys decorated your tree. I have fond memories of decorating the Christmas tree with my brothers while growing up. I hated it when they stopped - what it is with grown men that they won't decorate anymore. They certainly enjoy the tree - one of those mysteries of life I guess. I have a question - what is a "G&T"?

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  5. love the tree---the angel is precious.

  6. What a sweet way to keep those memories alive AM.

  7. That is a gorgeous tree A-M! My favourite is the red faced angel...is there a reason the face is red? Or is it simply a childs artistic license?? very cute!

  8. I think it's a magnificent tree and even before I read your words about 'throw it anywhere' I really did think that your tree was beautiful and knowing that your boys did the decorating makes it even more beautiful...have a lovely day and enjoy your pre-Christmas moments.
    Lisa xx

  9. I love your blog, your tree and your house. You have a gorgeous family, no wonder you are so happy.

  10. Well said AM....it is important to always be grateful for the little things aswell as the big..and what makes your home even more beautiful than most would ever get to imagine..is the love that resides within it..your family. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post. xx

  11. The handmade decorations are the best if you ask me. I kind of miss the days when my parents had a rag-tag assortment of baubles we had made on our tree. Now my mom has "themed" trees and it takes a bit of the fun and colour out of Christmas. Oh well I guess I'm a bit old to gripe....!

  12. precious precious precious!!! love your tree and that you let the boys do it. i try and do the same, even though i am a symmetry, measure the space between ornaments so their even kinda girl! tis the season!!

  13. Gorgeous tree, they did a great job! Do you hire them out to decorate other trees? Send them my way!

  14. That tree is really, really beautiful!

  15. Yeah... as I always remind "life is too short" and moment with the kids is just like a wink of an eye, then you realized that it's too late to cope up, so cherish & adore every second being with your loveones. That's what I been doing. I don't say much but to people who know me, they see in my actions.

    Have a joyous moment together whether we're happy nor sad, this is a part of life.

    God Bless!

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought I was the only one who has a Christmas tree filled with their children's kinder/school/home made decorations. I love it!

    Tree is beautiful.


  17. Such a sweet little angel! And your floors? OMG. Absolutely gorgeous!

  18. What a lovely tree! I think it's wonderful that your boys help you decorate it and that the decorations are some of their creations too. I look forward to this when my little one grows up when our tree will become less about decoration and more about family traditions.

  19. Hello!
    Must say your christmas tree is lovely!
    Hope you have a wonderful time prepering your christmas!
    //la petite perle

  20. Your tree is wonderful!! Yours is a home I'd feel pretty comfortable visiting - you have a darling family and beautiful BLESSED home.

    Happy Holidays!

  21. unwinding after a crap day of unpacking. and i have to admit, yelling. every time i'd put away something, it'd find its way back out again!

    this tree is making me stop it. tomorrow will be better.

    thank you, friend. xoxo.

  22. The perfect tree for Christmas covered in love...

  23. Goodness, thank you for your beautiful comments. My boys are chuffed! (so am I) They read every one! Now the red face on the angel, I have no idea! He does so love the colour red....so it must have been a given in his books! A-M xx

  24. GREAT!

    thank you AM and your boys!

    it will be my inspiration to make my tree!

    see in my blog the post I did about you and this beautiful boys


    Merry Chistmas and kisses from Bahia,Brazil


  25. I LOVE the tree with all the decorations made by your kids!


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