Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Stuff

Not the most exciting photo but you get the picture. 

My new Great Room rug! Goodbye echos! Very proud of this choice. Hubby and I did this one together... umming and ahhing in the showroom much to the amusement of all within earshot. The black and gold border goes beautifully with all the black touches in the room (piano, music drawers) and the gold... well now I have something that brings out the gold in my little Etsy owls and my new Chinesey (is that a word?) lamp!

Last day of school today.... we have the little one's Christmas Pagent and Speech Night tonight. I have promised the boys that they are allowed to jump in the pool this afternoon in their school uniforms (minus belts and shoes of course).... they are more excited about that than anything! Boys!.. they're so basic! I love it! Will share some photos with you tomorrow.
Have a great day!
A-M xx


  1. What a fun end of school tradition for your boys!! Grab the video camera!

  2. Beautiful rug and a wonderful Mum, what a great idea to tie up the end of school term..might have to copy that one!!!

  3. You both did good - love the rug, it looks perfect!
    Millie ^_^

  4. What a cool mummy to allow them to jump in their school gear...will feel very liberating for them Im sure..I think mummy should jump in her work gear too ; )
    Love the choice of rug...border is choice. :) x

  5. Love the rug. :) Hope the boys have a fantastic time getting their school uniforms soaked and relishing in the fact that school is out. :)

  6. Our school holidays don't start for 2 more weeks. I am looking forward to them being home (and me having a holiday too!). I have a 4 year old that suddenly hates preschool and screams and kicks while the teachers hold him and I run out the gate :( He needs a holiday with his mummy! Hope your boys have fun swimming in their uniforms - crack up!! xx

  7. beautiful choice...your house is turning out lovely!

  8. The rug is fantastic.
    and yesterday's curtain.
    LOVE love the end of school plan of action.
    Imagine in years to come...well YOU better always have a pool.

    thanks for kind thoughts

    Janezworld Jane

  9. Great choice.
    That is an awesome tradition to start with them.
    Ness xx


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