Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quick Summary

Leaving the reindeer food out on the back garden wall... so they wouldn't miss it.

Oh I really do have to get away from this computer and tackle my disasterous in-tray before the end of the year. It HAS to be empty for New Years Day... has to. It's just that there is still so much happening here in blogland that I find that my holiday 'chill out time' involves sitting on my front porch, in the rain, coffee in hand, computer in lap.... catching up with everyone else's Christmas...es! Pure bliss.... well for me anyway! Here's how our Christmas panned out:

Santa came, used the special Santa key to get in, took a few bites and left 'the lads' a letter noting their academic achievements and good behaviour.

All presents were loved ' til breaking point.
Tree was packed up yesterday - had to do it, it has been up for months!... I needed to do it before my in-tray.

Believe it or not, we have a waterline tile 8 mosaics deep. We will have to let all that beautiful water out into the stormwater drains. Our tanks are full. You'd think in this day and age, there would be a storm water reticulation system here in drought ridden Queensland .....but no....fodder for another post with a political slant!
PS I have a beautiful mirror ,for 'the pool shack' wall, arriving in the New Year.

.........and it has been raining since before Christmas.

I think they're gorgeous... but I think a house at frame stage is gorgeous too!
 Oh, side track... look, we replaced all the scrappy little stones in the drainage channels, around the pool, with some bigger, smoother, nicer ones. They are gorgeous grey river stones that give off a slight tinge of green when wet. It was all hands on deck yesterday, in the pouring rain, digging out the old stones, in the channels. They run right around the edges of the pool area and along under the pool fence near the terrace. Even big boy helped..... for 2 hours... in the rain. Oh how we laughed.... we looked like drowned rats... wet clothes, wet hats.... it was fun!

Now I am off to clear out my in-tray in readiness for the New Year. Enough of this blog stuff, concentrate A-M. I will see you in the New Year. Have a great New Years Eve!
A-M xx


  1. I've heard you all have been getting a lot of rain - but how about that water level in the pool - WOW. Can't wait to see the mirror for the cabana!

  2. Hi! Beautiful pictures! I have been reading your blog for a very long time but this is my first comment here!!!
    I hope you had a wonderful christmas... xo alice

  3. Oh my, really your home looks absolutely gorgeous in the pouring rain. I can imagine what a task it was to replace all of those rocks. Thanks for updating me on how your Christmas was. As soon as I get back home I'll be updating with my pictures. Happy New Year to you and yours and I will be chatting with you in 2010!

  4. How adorably sweet are your Christmas moments...brings back childhood memories of similar rituals! Wishing you a wondeful New Year...can't wait to see where your journey heads and the adventures it brings! x


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