Friday, December 4, 2009

School's Out!

What a week it has been! I set myself a goal and achieved it!.... to attend every concert, break up and function that the boys had on. Phew, it's a full time job being a Mum!

Guitar Ensemble played the most gorgeous rendition of Green Day's 'Time Of Your Life'

 The Year One/Two Singers sang 'Cat Goes Fiddle I Fee'. 
Got so involved singing the parents chorus, I forgot to take a photo of him singing!

My 'Little Wise Man' sang up a storm in the Christmas Pagent
A quick cool off before Speech Night

We invited our friend over to share the joy - yep that's a (washable!) hat floating in the foreground.

 A bit of a 'scrub up' for Speech Night
 Receiving our award from the Headmaster of the 'Big School', where we're heading next year
 Proud as punch

 Essential stock up on goodies on the way home!

2009 - what a great year. We are so grateful for the opportunites our boys have been exposed to at their wonderful school. We never take it for granted and cherish every moment of their school lives.

Now I am going to pour myself a coffee, pack the lunch boxes and uniforms away for the year, and enjoy the sound of laughter (and fighting) in our house, for the next 8 weeks!
A-M xx


  1. Lucky you A-M, we have four more school days in NSW until the end of year...we love the long Holiday at Christmas time us Mums - packing those lunch boxes away - Love it...Enjoy your time with the boys,


  2. How happy do your boys look in every photo? You are a great Mummy - I can tell!! xx

  3. Ok..this is all WAY too gorgeous..the first pic had me in stitches..your such a great mum..and your boys seem really lovely and close. So great to see...Good skills mummy :) x

  4. Gorgeous photos. :) Your boys are so precious! Congratulations on reaching the end of yet another school year. :)

  5. so love this post! we are in the same process with our schools (boy and a girl both at different schools). 2 lots of EVERYTHING!!!! they don't finish until next week though, boy, i cant wait!!!

  6. Your boys are handsome! What neat pictures of them jumping fully clothed into your pool! You can tell they had a ball.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  7. wow A-M , the oldest one seems to have grown up so much this year, right before our eyes. Have a great holiday and enjoy them.
    Oh , I love your new great room rug.
    Julie in Holland ;)

  8. Yoyr sons are adorable! That first pic is awesome! Would have loved to see it framed! Maybe in black/white? It looks almost vintage!

  9. I love that they left their socks on!!! Looks like they are having a ball with life in general. I agree, you are a great Mum.
    Enjoy the fighting...and laughs =0)
    Ness xx

  10. Yay for breaks! Your boys are absolutely darling! Enjoy your time with them!!! :) It goes too fast.

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous pics A-M. How I loved that last day of school knowing that the children would be home for a whole two months...bliss, even the fighting. xv

  12. those boys don't fight! say it ain't so!

    oh, well...they'll need to be tough when they marry my girlies, yes?

    well done on a brilliant year!

  13. Thank you for your lovely comments girls. Yes Karey they do fight. The little one takes advantage of the fact that the big one would never hit back. The big one is also his personal slave and never says no. Little one is a total bossy boots.... but I'm working on making them best husband material for your girlies.... need a few more years yet... got to survive the teenage years. Little one is going to be the challenge I think. Big one has already told me that he wont be a problem teenager and has promised never to have attitude! A-M xx

  14. Looks like they absolutely loved jumping in the pool in their uniforms. what a great way to finish off the school year.Hmm I bet there will be a few more jump in the pool in clothes days over the holidays.We have 2 more weeks here to go. Only a 6 week break for government schools in WA.
    As a teacher myself I think I'm hanging out for the break as much as my students are.

  15. HI A-M
    How proud you must be of your boys... and how much fun they must have had jumping in the pool school uniform and all...

    Little one is so cute with his arm around big brother... little fingers just reaching the top of big brothers shoulders... so cute

    Have a great time... xxx Julie

  16. What an exciting way to end off the school year!! Loved all the photos. Enjoy the start of the holidays with your beautiful boys.

  17. Enjoy these fun times. I suppose it will be a different story in about 7.5 weeks when you won't be able to wait until they go back!

  18. I love seeing your little boys having a blast. I keep imagining how life and memories are down there, flipped from our climate up here. I always wanted a pool birthday party when I was a little girl, one day I will have one. My birthday is in December. Love ya and have a great weekend with your guys. Heidi

  19. Oh to be young! They look like they get along great together!

  20. Priceless A-M. thank you so much for sharing. xxxx

  21. Your boys look so happy! Love the pic of them jumping into the pool school clothes and all...I can just see that happening once our pool is all done too lol.

    Siobhan :)

  22. Could your boys be anymore handsome? They look like such sweet young men!!! McDonalds is always a fun treat for celebrating (at least I think so!!!). Thanks for your sweet note....talking to all you is such a saving grace. I feel so grateful for all are real dear friends!
    xxx Trina

  23. Love the photos, and I just Love your have such a great taste. Hugs from marie in sweden


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