Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Warriors

That tragic old fence will be covered by lovely Lilly Pillys - soon!

Remember the pots? All 900 kg of them? Well we have 10 cubic metres of soil/mix arriving this morning and the plants arrive on Monday. It's going to be a long hot day. Lots of steps and fights over the wheelbarrow.
Got to remind myself that we have come a long way from this:

Front yard where raised courtyard is now

And this:

Oh look there's 'Lloydy' in the corner. Hey Lloydy, we LOVE our pool, you champion. Can you pop in and teach hubby a thing or two about 'backwashing' though? He makes a terrible mess of the pool when he does it.... we're talking 'mud' gushing out of pipes.

Whatever you are up to this weekend, have a lovely one my friends.... even if it is shovelling dirt. Yes, shovelling dirt can be lovely.... just got to keep one's eye on the end result. Hubby and I have booked a babysitter tonight so we can have a nice meal out..... as a reward for our scars! A-M xx


  1. Oh so pleased to see you will treat yourselves will make this hard work so much easier...I hope :)

  2. You are a brave sort ..I have built 2 houses from ground up.

    A big undertaking,

  3. Hope you have a nice dinner out together! You will deserve it after all that dirt and pot hauling :)

  4. Hope you enjoy your dinner for two after your hard day's work.

  5. This has not been a good weekend for shovelling's so darn hot! Good luck with it all and thanks for your lovely comment on my Friday's post.


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