Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Early Monday Nook

Can I do my 'Monday Nook' tonight? I'm off early in the morning so 'Monday Nook on a Sunday Night' it will have to be. Tonight's 'nook' is my little tacker's room. He loves pirates and Lego and pirate Lego! I designed a beautiful window for his room to take advantage of the view of the tree tops. This is my most favourite window in the house. Oh boy, was I excited when my windows arrived on site during construction. I went around and put lipstick kisses on all of them. The subbies thought I was mental.  I digress... can't help it with windows!

We placed my little one's pirate wall decal on the centre fixed pane of his window (his suggestion...oh it's hard letting them have a say in the decor!). You can't really see it clearly in this photo but in real life it pops against the greenery during the day and against the dark of the night. It reads, "It's A Pirates Life For Me".



This is the other end of my big boy's room. He loves doing his homework at his desk. He has a beautiful elevated view of the suburb treetops and glimpses of the city lights at night. He keeps his room very tidy as it is part of his job set. He is responsible for keeping his room tidy, unstacking and restacking the dishwasher daily, getting breakfast for him and his brother, folding washing if it is in the folding tray in the laundry... and putting it away. I had to draw a line at that list as he now has heaps of homework and piano and guitar practice to throw into the mix. Add soccer season, that is starting soon, and I will have to take up some of the slack in order for him to have time to still be a carefree little boy!

... and the little one? Well he has been waited on hand and foot by his big brother all his life due to his generous big brother's nature. He bosses big brother around no end and if he can't find something or his lunch isn't in his school bag, well it's his big brother's fault. We are slowly working on him taking more responsibility and praising the living daylights out of him if he shows 'house jobs initiative'. Big brother is now forbidden to get him ready for school in the mornings... enough is enough!

Well I'm very busy with lots of exciting projects tomorrow. Can't wait to tell you all about them. I will draw the Nautical Compass wall decal winner tomorrow night when I have a breather. Have a great 'tomorrow'!
A-M xx

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Question

Here's a question I was not legally allowed to consider the last time I studied Maths (circa 1983).
Is it wrong to drink white wine while doing a Maths Assessment?
A-M xx

In The Beginning

Thought I'd waffle on about some of my original plans/inspirations for this place. It's fun looking back, remembering all the scheming..... and thinking about how I would do it differently next time! Dying to do it again. Dying.

Ripped this out of Home Beautiful many years ago. This was how I imagined my backyard was going to be, if I could find a gently sloping block of land (which I did... sort of... bit more of a slope, but still only a fall of about 5 metres from top to bottom. Had a house on it too, but we sorted that out). Yes, that was the pool, light coloured inner with mediterranean blue mosaic waterline tiles and shallow steps/seats (tick - now done). Pool shack - tick, done. Steps up to back lawn - tick. Staggered retaining wall, with hedge plants alongside top lawn - tick. I can't believe, looking back at this, how I did not waiver from my original plan. That was it, right from the super beginning... before the house was even conceived.
End product after scheming - light coloured pool, mediterranean blue waterline tiles, pool seats/steps, pool shack, steps to back lawn, retained garden beds. Only my block cut had to be a lot deeper and :( more expensive I'm sure than my 'inspirer's' home.... oh and the drainage.... such hidden expenses..... see all those little grey river rocks all around the edges of the pool area? ....hidden drains! Oh, and the picket fence, that was a must from the word go.... and didn't the chippie get it perfect!... so straight.. I still marvel at it's 'straight-ness'... is that a word?

I would be lying if I said that this picture was not part of my whole' Back French Doors Opening Onto Terrace Near Pool Thing' inspiration. Actually it was my only inspiration. Thank you Sony Pictures. I bet I'm not the first either! French doors with transoms and side lights - tick, stone terrace - tick, pool with night lights - tick, stripey cushions on lounges - tick.

Super blurry but you get my drift. Oh boys, look!...  more goggles rotting on the bottom of the pool - great.

Only a slight devastating moment.... (I do exaggerate, it wasn't really devastating but that was the first word that came to mind.... and I go with my gut these days!).... rigged up the terrace ceiling to cope with the weight of a gorgeous lantern but it was legally too close to the pool. Don't you hate how safety rules get in the way of decor. Couldn't even have an extra canned light, as the reinforcing beam (that I insisted on and paid extra for!) was in the way... .so I substituted with a candle chandelier. Those swirly iron and leather chairs were the first item of furniture my hubby and I bought together 14 years ago.... in our 'Tuscan Decor' days. I am trying to get away with them looking 'a bit French' for the time being until I can afford some lovely rattan outdoor chairs. They are still in perfect condition despite now being exposed to the harsh outdoors and the 'Psycho Pee-Wee' (yes that continues).

I will post some more pictures of my plans and inspirations later on in the week when I have some time. I've got to study. Oh,  I am being creative in avoiding my study.... stop the blogging A-M... just stop. I might have to, for a few days... to knock over an assessment. Blogging. Not. Conducive. To. Study.

Well another morning of gentle rain... super bliss.... as there is no school run today. Oh the morning parking, the heat, the struggle with eskys and sports bags, book satchels and backpacks. Who needs a personal trainer these days. Have a happy, relaxing Saturday. I so plan to! I might even do some study!... that's relaxing, right?
A-M xx

Friday, January 29, 2010

House Tour Continued

I was loading up these photos to show you how far I have come, with some more rooms upstairs, and it suddenly dawned on me that I am becoming a minimalist. I have developed an aversion to clutter that has manifested itself in this home. I am the 'soft close drawer queen'.... wherever I could put them, I did.

 See, more soft close drawers - these ones? - full of toys!

Well, this is a corner of my boys 'chillout room' (see Katrina, I too do beanbags!). It got a lot of use in the holidays when they weren't bobbing in the pool. I'm sure all of you with boys know the drum: from the pool to soccer in the backyard to Nintendo. Pool. Yard. Nintendo. Pool. Yard. Nintendo.

This room is a ghost town now as all computer games are banned in this house during the school week. I'm still on the hunt for something for the wall above the Lego ships in the corner. We were thinking of placing them up on a shelf on the wall but they are played with often and.. hey a shelf with busy looking Lego is not minimalist is it!?

The view from the window seat is lovely. As our block is on the high side of the road and slopes up from the road, one does experience slight vertigo when one sits there (we built to the maximum 8.5m above the natural fall of the land).... it's high! ...with a lovely view of the suburb treetops... mature gums, palm trees, bunya pines, jacarandas and bougainvillea. You get a little glimpse of the city buildings over the treetops... a nice reminder that we are close to the city.

I am sitting in the Great Room this morning on my comfy couch (coffee in hand) and it is raining!... oh what a welcome sound... our plants have been very distressed in this terrible heat... and so has my poor hubby, trying to keep them alive. As of yesterday our tanks were empty so hopefully they will catch a bit of rain this morning for our garden.

Two lads to get ready for school.... so I'm off!
Have a great day!
A-M xx

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Please Join Us...

Big brother's hand me down hat!

.... on our first day back at school!

I thought you might enjoy a little tour of our first day back at our school......well my boys' school but I have spent am going to be spending so much time there, over the next 10 years, it's really 'mine' too!

So school is back. I didn't realise how much my boys had grown over the holidays until I saw them all scrubbed up in their uniforms, hats back on, shoes polished. My big one started in the middle school (yrs 7-9) so he has a different hat and socks and a different winter uniform with blazer. He looks different, taller.... more serious..... more responsible.

After the customary 'what I am looking most forward to at school this year video' by Dad, we set off early to get a park and enjoy the settling in experience.

Yep that's him walking into the big school. The Year 7 bulding is hiding behind those palm trees ahead..... a little oasis tucked away.

We walked big brother into his section of the school and he immediately disappeared with his friends. Little one was rather forlorn about his brother taking off on his new path so we found him again and I asked if we could do farewells and kisses (in front of his friends) before we headed back to the Prep School for little one's settling in.

Clutching hug from little brother

I was met with a rather nervous 'no way' (translation: "please don't embarass me in front of my friends") ... "bad luck", I said, going in for the big smooch, completed with a red lipstick stain on the 'Malcolm In The Middle' style (when he got home, he admitted that he didn't mind my smooch in the least). Little one did a final clutching hug and then we were gone... back to the Prep School.

Heading back to the Prep School. Little one's classroom is on the second level verandah of that beautiful building in front. It's old and the verandah has a real slope to it! It was the first building built on the site, back in the early 1900's.


We met our lovely teacher and caught up with all our friends......even had time for a very quick photo before Mum and Dad headed off to a QUIET little coffee shop to celebrate the start of another very busy school year. Gee, I got a lot of work done yesterday! .... but I missed them so.
A-M xx

PS. Feedback from the first day: both were so excited they couldn't get their words out fast enough. Big one is so excited about the complex new locker system... codes and complicated lock that he mastered first time of course. He couldn't believe that he gets to walk freely around the school and to lessons... he's very excited about the freedom. Little one: "Mum, she noticed me, she noticed me being good and gave me a 'good signature' (prep school reward for being good.... the red coloured ones you don't want to get)...on the first day!"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boys Rooms And Giveaway

Do you think I could get a decent photo of these wall decals? This is the best I could do with the 'Compass' one. I tried day and night! 

They are beautiful quality decals and challenging relatively easy to install... if you have patience...... which I have none of. Uggh.. fine motor stuff. Thank goodness for husbands who take over. I found them at Single Stone Studios. I have a spare 'Compass' (which I ordered.... just in case) that I would like to give away to one of my readers. It's a delicious Nautical Navy Blue. Just leave a comment here and I will draw out a winner next Monday.

I'd love to hear some suggestions on what you think makes boys' rooms 'pop'! I have left the 'upstairs' til last and have run out of 'decorative puff'' (and funds) so any advice would be most welcomed!

Happy Australia Day my Aussie friends! We're off to the park down the road for a BBQ breakfast. Boys request! As long as I have my thermos of tea and my deck chair, I'm happy. Perfect for watching 'scooter tricks'!
A-M xx

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Nook

This Monday's nook/coffee destination is the 'pool shack'... again (the green cup this morning 'D'). We seem to be living out here due to the heat! It's going to be hot today (33 degrees) so we are going to make the most of the morning pool shade before the sun gets nasty. The shade lasts until about 10am...... the last little bit stays on the pool seats either side of the shack... perfect really.... the shade comes back around 2pm on the main pool step in front of the back terrace... we let the boys frolic on that step until there is more shade around's amazing how creative their play is in such a small space. It's the last two days of the school holidays :( ... play lots boys.

Working around 'psycho birdie', we added a few more plants to the 'shack' on the weekend, some sort of fir tree/conifer thingys and some lavender. Hope they live. Historically, we are total brown thumbs but we have not had one 'green death' since planting began 12 months ago. Well that's not perfectly accurate. We've had some strugglers... up in the back garden under the neighbours big trees.... I think there is some sort of competition between the neighbours 100 year old tree roots and our newbies. Hubby has nurtured them, stuck putrid seaweed stuff on them, sung to them and lovingly watered them..... and they have new growth. Would help if it rained now... but just a bit.


We also tackled the wall decals in the boys rooms, this weekend. Not for the faint hearted. No mistakes... but lots of nagging... and "shut up will you"s. I am so not 'fine motor'. Fine motor stuff makes me cranky.... hence the reason I can't don't try to sew or bake fiddly, fussy things.... although I do play a mean violin... so I don't know how my fine motor theory fits in with that one?! Will take some photos of the decals today for you.
Happy Monday everyone.
A-M xx

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's War....

.... on the little Pee-Wee that is attacking my new 'pool shack' mirror. This is serious stuff. We have removed all 'pool shack' cushions and pretties and draped scary looking rubber snakes over the mirror, and the candle that it sits on, in an attempt to scare it away.... and yes, yesterday the boys even donned their 'Nerf Gun Attire' to scare it away. Note 'Nerf Goggles', 'Belt Ammunition' and 'Double Protective Head Gear'. Shoo little birdie.

The lads were very cautious... hmmm, too far away boys... more foam bullets landed in the pool than anywhere near the birdie. Oooh 'Birdie' was so bold. It swooped in just to taunt them, had a little dip in the pool, sat on the side of the pool, looked at them briefy, studied the scary rubber snakes (with it's little head tilted to the side) and then flew away.

Birdie - One, Lads - Nil.

We're always up for a challenge, here at 'The House'!
A-M xx

The chase is on!

BIRDIE UPDATE: All tactical manoeuvres have failed thus far. Stop. Sheet now covering pool shack mirror. Stop. Birdie now attacking own reflection in new BBQ glass doors. Stop. Looking out another old sheet. Preparing back French doors for onslaught. Stop.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

School Soon

Spent yesterday afternoon at my boy's school, meeting the big one's Form Teacher for this year. I can't bear the thought of my boys starting back at school next week. I love having them around. These holidays have flown by so fast... it doesn't seem like 7 weeks have passed at all.

My big boy is starting in the Middle School (Years 7-9) this year. He has a new uniform, blazer and very smart, felt, Akubra hat, which he is very excited about... but his workload will increase considerably .... even I'm exhausted hearing about it..... I just want him to stay a carefree, happy little boy. I can't stop them growing up so fast though can I? He still gives me lots of cuddles. I hold him ever so much more tightly these days.

And the little one? ... well school is great and fun and he can't wait to learn 'more difficult stuff' this year. He does get a little bit fragile when he is reminded that his big brother won't be nearby in the Prep School any more. He held his brother's hand all the way into the big school yesterday, and the lovely thing was, big one happily let him. Stay strong, little one. Oh my heart.
A-M xx

Friday, January 22, 2010


View from terrace, through dining French doors, of breakfast area and kitchen (via dodgy camera... I know, I know... I'm doing my best with very limited equipment and skills).
Happy Friday my friends,
A-M xx

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Musical Mirrors

Had the picture hanging guys here this morning to hang a few big mirrors. We played musical mirrors and moved them from room to room to see what worked best. Great fun... well maybe not for them.  I thought I might share a few of my relocated mirrors with you this week, starting with the 'pool shack' mirror (I'd love to call it a 'pool house' but it doesn't have walls..... and 'gazebo' sounds too 'backyard blitzy'....  so 'shack' it is). Oh the pool looked so good this morning, I almost jumped in, camera and all. It's still sooo hot and humid here...blah. Might have to light that little candle and sit in the shack with a G&T tonight... that's if the mozzies don't carry me away!
A-M xx

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ok Forgot Monday... So 'Tuesday Nook'

Ok, so the photography is questionable (I always blame the little dinky handbag camera I tote everywhere) and the styling is not much better... I just didn't bother with the whole draping of throw rugs, positioning of magazines and coffee mugs when I quickly took this photo.... after I had cleaned up the latest round of traddies footprints (oh don't ask... behind the scenes... still chaos.... 8 months and counting... I'm doing a good job covering it all up aren't I!.... biting of tongue, chewing of lip)....

.....anyway, this little nook is where hubby and I ring in each morning, feet up on stool, coffee in hand....... and up until a few weeks ago, if I was first up in the dawn, I would often be welcomed by a little "hello neighbour" from my INBFN (instant new best friend neighbour), with her matching (to mine) Zandra Rhodes coffee cup in hand, on that little green porch you see in the top left corner.

It's rather lonely out there now in the mornings. Miss you 'D'... oh and yes you were right 'D'... the new neighbours have a 2yr old and an 8 week old. That now makes: 2 babies on the right, 2 babies on the left, 2 babies (with twins on the way) directly across the road, 1 baby diagonally out the back, 2 babies diagonally across the road to the right and 2 absolute 'screamers' (I mean screaming tantrums and 'I'm being stabbed' screams) diagonally across the road, to the left.
Nappy, Happy Valley!
 ... and Happy Monday Tuesday!
A-M xx
PS I know Mum, my sentence structure and punctuation leaves a lot to be desired.... but I'm chatting.....42 years old and still in trouble!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Serious Questions...

Image Courtesy American Gables

..about this concept HERE:

From their website:

"Look at the advantages of building using the ****** system (just don't want the search engines picking it up, as I am not endorsing it) compared to the old way of building and see for yourself why it’s the winning system! With the old building system:
  • The builder carries greater overheads under a standard contract – which you pay for.
  • You won’t see the real costs.
  • You are normally required to use the builder’s set trade contractors and suppliers.
  • You cannot normally change your products or finishes during the contract.
  • Premium prices will apply.
  • Variations are seen in standard building contracts as being the “cream”.
  • Variations are extremely common in the new home and renovation markets and you cannot shop these variations around to ensure a fair price.
  • There is the perception that the owner is at the mercy of the builder once the contract is signed.
  • Some builders have poor communication procedures, so you can feel like you don’t know what’s going on.
  • There is a risk that the builder may discount the contract to win the job, with the hope of making up the difference with variation loadings and surcharges that you have little control over.
  • As the builder directly controls and pays sub-contractors there is the possibility that standards of finish may be compromised to save the builder money.
  • There are many instances of builders becoming insolvent, risking your investment.
With *****:
  • The builder works in partnership with you whilst still being responsible for all the duties of a normal builder.
  • You get a fully QBSA complying contractual system.
  • You enjoy the same warranty and insurance protection as standard contracts.
  • You get a contract with all costs transparent – including what you pay the builder!
  • You have freedom to shop the marketplace for the best prices and choice of finishes.
  • You don’t have to worry about it being a “cost plus contract”, as prices are locked into individual trade contracts.
  • You pay trade rates without variation loadings – ever.
  • You have a builder that acts as your manager to protect your interests.
  • You enjoy consistent communication on job progress.
  • You benefit from formal job management procedures designed to reduce the likelihood of disputes.
  • You can take advantage of discounts and bargains in a tight market by dealing directly with the supplier with the guidance of the builder.
  • Your money works to maximum advantage because sub-contractors and suppliers price themselves extra competitively to get your work because you pay them direct – which means better cash flow for them.
  • Your builder doesn’t profit by asking a sub-contractor to take shortcuts – in fact as the builder is responsible for the standard of works, he has reason to be tougher on those standards.
  • Your investment is safe, because ******* removes the possibility of a builder becoming insolvent."

This is what is in it for the builder:

You are the perfect candidate for ***** if you suffer from:

  • Poor cash flow
  • High account exposure
  • High BSA net tangible asset requirements
  • High overdraft
  • High vulnerability to disputes
  • Not having sub-contractors tied properly to warranties
  • High risk to profit margin
  • Inefficient costing and management systems
  • Lack of a marketing advantage against other builders
  • Inappropriate tax bracket"

What I want to know is why would you participate in a system through which, as the builder, you lose all the opportunites to load in profit from the customer? (case in point .... my fireplace.... oh the lessons I have learnt!!) If the builder is no good with managing cash flow, has a high vulnerability to disputes, inefficient costing and management systems and a high overdraft....would you want him project managing your project?

Has anyone experienced this process? I would be SO interested in hearing from you. 

A bit technical today... sorry.... but you are such a wonderful resource (I built my house on your advice, remember!) ... when in doubt, ask 'the bloggers'!
A-M xx

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Thank you for all your lovely comments on my 'Great Room Post' the other day. I will endeavour to visit you all 'back' over the next few days. Like everyone, I find that there are not enough hours in the day to do more fun stuff like bloggy blog visiting.

Speaking of time constraints, I'm even in trouble with my course co-ordinator..."Dear A-M, just wondering when you plan to submit your assessment"... so I wrote back giving him a long winded description of what a Mum gets up to over the school holidays and how I can't possibly cope with study until they're all back at school and I have a quiet house and time to compose a singular thought...... without the constant, "Mum, can I have something to eat", interruptions. And anyway, me and that scientific calculator?... we just don't get on.....I'm gonna need to be in the right frame of mind to spend more time trying to work it out. Stay tuned on that one. They shouldn't have told me I had so long a time until I had to submit my assessment. In future.... just lie to me guys... tell me I only have 3 weeks!

Now, due to the enquiries I have received re the 10 light chandelier in my Great Room, I have managed to get my hands on 10 of the 'little beauties'. Email me for details, if you wish to purchase one! Sorry no international shipping on this one..... just too big and heavy!
Happy Weekend!
A-M xx

Friday, January 15, 2010

Aussies Help Haiti

Aussie Bloggers, here are some channels through which we can help Haiti:

The Australian Red Cross is working with other Red Cross and Red Crescent teams from around the world to provide relief in Haiti.

Médecins Sans Frontières Australia teams were already in Haiti working on medical projects and are now helping to treat the injured.

Oxfam Australia has 100 staff on-the-ground responding with public health, water, and sanitation services to prevent the spread of disease.

World Vision Australia has an international emergency fund and is assessing damage in Haiti as part of its relief response.

Plan International is sending emergency support staff to assist the 143 personnel already on the ground with a focus on water, sanitation, health, shelter and child protection.

UNICEF has set up a fund to help children affected by the earthquake and is accepting donations of any size.

Save The Children has released $150,000 from its newly created Children’s Emergency fund, which will be directed immediately to the most vulnerable children and their families in Haiti.

The website of the government's AusAID program has information about Australian assistance being offered to Haiti and how to volunteer to help.

Facebook also has a Global Relief page with more on the response to the disaster around the world.

A-M xx

Thursday, January 14, 2010


With my clean, well fed 'babies' tucked up safe and sound tonight, I can't help but shed a tear for the Mothers in Haiti trying to come to terms with losing their children, nursing them, fighting for their basic survival. No water, food, shelter or sanitation.... just breaks my heart. Blogging about pretties just doesn't seem right at the moment does it. My thoughts are with them. I can't even imagine how horrific life is there at present.
A-M xx

Looking Back... Briefly... And Then Looking Forward!

Image Courtesy PVE Design

I was looking over my design notes and files last night, curious to see how my tastes have changed over the past 2 years, during the scheming and the building of this house. I found the file of the original painting, by Patricia from PVE Design, that inspired me to design and create some sort of a Great Room in this house... a cosy room with a fireplace, lots of books... a room for music and relaxing... and no TV. I remember when I first saw Patricia's painting, I said to myself, "that's it, that's my Great Room, that is sooo my Great Room". I held the image of Patricia's painting in my mind while doing up the plans and while I was sourcing everything for the room.

I reckon I got it pretty close to the PVE original. What do you think?

Child free day today (playdates 'off campus' .... phew!)... hubby and I might even sneak out to the movies to see 'It's Complicated'... dying to see it. Have a great day!
A-M xx

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ok, This Is Going To Sound A Little Weird....

sigh...the panelling, stairs and windows...

... but empty homes...oh they just kill me. I get more excited with 'empty home' real estate listings than with any others. I think it's the whole 'blank canvas' thing and being able to see the detail in the original build without any 'distractions'.... and the imagination required to fill them! Yep... it's the blank canvas thing.

 ...ceiling... windows...transoms... sigh
 ...would kill for a ceiling like that...

yep, that's the shower down there...

floor coverings aside!... I drool over arches and panelling...very uncommon in the standard Aussie home

...oh the sun, the light...

... the ceiling, windows, island bench, marble...what a dear little breakfast nook

Now that's what I call a 'GREAT room'.

All images Courtesy Sothebys

More play dates today. They're hard work and soooo noisy. My boys become children I do not recognise! Strength please!
A-M xx

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boy Stuff

I have ordered these wall decalls, from Single Stone Studios, in the US, for the boy's bedrooms. I have ordered this one in navy blue. It is going above Master 'almost 12's bedhead and the one below is going in Master 7's room.... yes in red... he loves red.


It has been a challenge decorating my boy's rooms as I went a bit overboard with windows in both their rooms.... not much wall space. I was worried that the top floor would be too dark. Another self taught lesson about house orientation and window is so bright up there now... no problems with natural light.... proceed upstairs with sunglasses please! Once I have installed the wall decalls, I will post some photos.

Master 7's room at frame stage....I was even in love with the windows then, before the walls arrived.

I have a house full of boys, today and tomorrow..... 2 days of play dates.....lots of swimming, 'tech decking' and nerf guns! Have a great day!
A-M xx

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Nook

Hello morning sun!

Not the prettiest Monday Nook I could muster up but a very satisfying one. The BBQ assembly is complete. Took a while...the instructions were woeful... well useless actually .... but once we worked it all out... the end product is just perfect.... and has already been put to good use! Ahhh.... something else to clean.. don't ya love it!
Happy Monday!
A-M xx

A perfect fit!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


...except this photo was taken yesterday, but you get the idea! 

... is not a destination. It is now. It is in every single moment.
Happy Sunday!
A-M xx

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Addiction.....

Cushion by Marley and Lockyer. Amateur photo by A-M and her dinky pocket camera.

... for cushions (or 'pillows' as the learned say, here in bloggy blog land) continues. Oooh, I pounced on these as soon as they showed up in Ness's shop. Aren't they gorgeous!??.. one for each window seat in the Great Room. Love them Ness!
Happy Weekend everyone!
A-M xx

Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh Yes I Do....

Image Courtesy Homes And Gardens

.....I have a 'Next Time' file..... and it is overflowing. This caught my eye this morning. I am a sucker for a library.. anywhere.... and where better than in a beautifully panelled hall..... especially in front of a window. Just feels like a home, doesn't it!

I'm spending the day with just my little one today. We're going to go out on a special date together, just him and me. He's been very fragile since the house emptied next door. "Even though we didn't see them all the time, just knowing that they were there, was good. But now they're not". Oh my heart sort of breaks for both of them. I shed buckets with them too. We miss you already 'D'.
Have a great day!
A-M xx

Thursday, January 7, 2010

C'mon Now This Is Serious

Powder Room 7 months ago.... complete with blue sticker for a touch up. Ha! I can't take a straight photo to save my life. I think it is because I am always in a hurry. Too impatient perhaps?

A serious, factual, straight to the point post today. Sometimes these just have to happen.... after all, this is supposed/was supposed to be a' build blog'.  Seems like ages ago now.... building stuff and bits. Thank goodness memories dim with time!

Ok....bathroom stuff. I have written down the following details in many a response to emails asking me about bits and pieces in my bathrooms.... so now I will cease with the email cutting and pasting scenario and actually commit these details to a blog post for future reference. Warning, this post may become tediously technical and boring for those in search of pretties and/or local neighbourhood gossip (Instant New Best Friend farewell was very emotionally draining FYI).

Warning..... sort of really boring stuff. Move along if you're after 'super gorgeous':

Tiles used in all bathrooms.... main, ensuite and downstairs powder-room.... oh and laundry (I love consistency).

Floor tiles: Style Number MB45SA001, 450 x 450 (they didn't have a name sorry) from Urban Tile Company: Grey with subtle rivers of off-white running through them. I cut them into mosaics for the shower bases and boy's/main bath hob (slightly masculine accent for their bathroom).

Wall tiles and ensuite bath hob: Style Number KH16W240, 300 x 400 from Urban Tile Company. They are an off-white with a subtle white damask pattern running through them (be still my heart.... still!).

Bulkheads painted in Dulux Antique White USA.

 Old photo - before mirrors were installed! 0h these mirrors are from 'Perftect Pieces' via 'Found In France', Brisbane.

All taps: Gessi Ovale Mixers, including Ovale Shower Mixers and Rails and Ovale Bath Mixers and Spouts

Except kitchen: Gessi Oxygene Hi-Teck

Kitchen sink (not really related to bathroom stuff but I am asked) - Oliveri Titan. Love it. Best idea I ever had. A BIG kitchen sink! Love.

Bathroom sinks: Villeroy and Boch 'Loop and Friends' Oval U/Counter Basins

Powder room - you can almost see the damask pattern in the wall tiles?!!

Downstairs Powder-room wall mount sink: Villeroy and Boch 'Variable'

Baths: Bette Starlet Oval (beautiful shape....fits 2 'well fed' adults comfortably!...... too much information!!!)

Toilets: Caroma Leda 2000 Smartflush White. Right up against the wall, no dust traps, gorgeous shape (as gorgeous as a toilet can be) and narrow (355mm)...... remember the 70 cm toilet dilemma at frame stage?!!

Phew...I think that's it. Still love all my choices 7 months down the track ... so that's a good sign.
Have a great day!
A-M xx

P.S. Post done today particularly for Gita! Hi Gita, hope that's everything!