Friday, January 15, 2010

Aussies Help Haiti

Aussie Bloggers, here are some channels through which we can help Haiti:

The Australian Red Cross is working with other Red Cross and Red Crescent teams from around the world to provide relief in Haiti.

Médecins Sans Frontières Australia teams were already in Haiti working on medical projects and are now helping to treat the injured.

Oxfam Australia has 100 staff on-the-ground responding with public health, water, and sanitation services to prevent the spread of disease.

World Vision Australia has an international emergency fund and is assessing damage in Haiti as part of its relief response.

Plan International is sending emergency support staff to assist the 143 personnel already on the ground with a focus on water, sanitation, health, shelter and child protection.

UNICEF has set up a fund to help children affected by the earthquake and is accepting donations of any size.

Save The Children has released $150,000 from its newly created Children’s Emergency fund, which will be directed immediately to the most vulnerable children and their families in Haiti.

The website of the government's AusAID program has information about Australian assistance being offered to Haiti and how to volunteer to help.

Facebook also has a Global Relief page with more on the response to the disaster around the world.

A-M xx


  1. Hi A-M
    It's such a terrible tragedy.. I've only seen a few minutes footage on the tv but then that was enough to realise how drastic the situation is over there.

    Thanks for posting this information. A little help from many will make all the difference.. xx Julie

  2. Thanks A-M. Will do this today, how much does it remind you of the Boxing Day tsunami a few years ago and the outpouring of help that came from the rest of the world. The light in the middle of the darkness.

  3. Thanks A-M my husband and I were discussing this issue last night. Now we can make our donations and feel like we are truly helping. Even though it may only be small hopefully it will make a difference. Thanks Jen.

  4. Thanks for the inspiration A-M!!!

    Your post prompted me to decide that for the next month 10% of all profits from my shop will go to Médecins Sans Frontières Australia

    I hope we can make a difference.

    Janette x

  5. Thank you A-M for the gentle reminder. I've been meaning to reinstate our monthly giving to Red Cross for a year now. We gave a donation back in the 2004 Tsunami and signed up for monthly giving. I think our Credit Card expired and we just dropped off the list. I've clicked through your links and given a donation AND reinstated our ongoing support. Let's hope we can help.

  6. hey thanks for this post. so glad that there are so many avenues we can use to help in this heartbreaking situation. xx

  7. Nice work on getting the word out and mobilizing those in bloggy land A-M. We're doing a lot of the same via Twitter here in Canada. Have a great weekend.

    XO, Andrea

  8. Thank you A-M for the list. I hope you don't mind if I twittered a link to here.

    I have had the TV off the last few days and although I knew about the disaster I didn't realise the extent. Reading about how many people have lost their lives is truly heartbreaking. In such a split moment so many lives lost. I can't imagine the pain they are feeling. I hope more of us can help. Thanks again, Viv xx


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