Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boy Stuff

I have ordered these wall decalls, from Single Stone Studios, in the US, for the boy's bedrooms. I have ordered this one in navy blue. It is going above Master 'almost 12's bedhead and the one below is going in Master 7's room.... yes in red... he loves red.


It has been a challenge decorating my boy's rooms as I went a bit overboard with windows in both their rooms.... not much wall space. I was worried that the top floor would be too dark. Another self taught lesson about house orientation and window placements....it is so bright up there now... no problems with natural light.... proceed upstairs with sunglasses please! Once I have installed the wall decalls, I will post some photos.

Master 7's room at frame stage....I was even in love with the windows then, before the walls arrived.

I have a house full of boys, today and tomorrow..... 2 days of play dates.....lots of swimming, 'tech decking' and nerf guns! Have a great day!
A-M xx


  1. They are gorgeous A-M, I find that nice boys decor is so hard to come by, there is always such a fabulous range for girls but only once in a while something nice for boys. You did well here, even if you did have to go 'out of country' to source it...my point exactly!

    Sounds like you next few days will be loud, have you any ear plugs?


  2. Awesome windows!
    Would love to see a detail heavy post dedicated to your pantry!

  3. I like the compass a lot - hope you are enjoying the holidays Sheila

  4. Ah joy! I love the wall decals and how much they show both boys' personalities. I can't wait to see pictures of their rooms.

  5. A-M great find. I have 2 boys myself and it really is hard to find cool stuff for them. I am curious to see what your boys' rooms look like so I look forward to the photos in the near future.

  6. Great idea A-M, i actually enjoyed decorating my boys' rooms, i think i would find girls' rooms a bit more intimidating to do!

    Have fun with the house full of noise!

    jules :)

  7. I am so in love with the wall art. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I can see why you love those windows...OMG they are amazing.

  9. Oh A-M those wall decals are super super cute...just love them...especially the pirate one..lol

  10. What great decals for boys' rooms - love the compass! I think decals are great for children's rooms as they can easily be changed around for a different look. All those windows look glorious!

  11. Love your blog, love the compass! Don't forget to cut out an apostrophe to put on "pirate's" life! You can never start apostrophe training too early...

  12. Great find A-M. They will make the room.

  13. I love these decals! My son is 6 and has a nautical pirate theme room so both would be perfect. I had been thinking of attempting a wall mural but haven't had the time and not sure of the longevity of making such a commitment. This is a perfect solution; quick, easy and can be changed easily. I also think it's great the sweet relationship you seem to have with your little guys. I am babysitting a Leggo robot while my son gets a snack as I type this;)Thanks for the idea!


  14. What a fun idea for the boys rooms. Easy to do the entire room around the well chosen theme that fits each boy. Beautiful windows - better too much light than not enough - and you are so creative you will maximize the other 3 walls with style, I know.

    Share the rooms with us when you are finished!!

  15. Are your windows and doors made out of timber or aluminium? We have put in new timber doors and windows and my painter is nearly having a fit that we want to paint them. He said if you wanted them to be white, why didn't you just save yourself a packet full of money and simply buy white powder coated aluminiums?


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