Thursday, January 7, 2010

C'mon Now This Is Serious

Powder Room 7 months ago.... complete with blue sticker for a touch up. Ha! I can't take a straight photo to save my life. I think it is because I am always in a hurry. Too impatient perhaps?

A serious, factual, straight to the point post today. Sometimes these just have to happen.... after all, this is supposed/was supposed to be a' build blog'.  Seems like ages ago now.... building stuff and bits. Thank goodness memories dim with time!

Ok....bathroom stuff. I have written down the following details in many a response to emails asking me about bits and pieces in my bathrooms.... so now I will cease with the email cutting and pasting scenario and actually commit these details to a blog post for future reference. Warning, this post may become tediously technical and boring for those in search of pretties and/or local neighbourhood gossip (Instant New Best Friend farewell was very emotionally draining FYI).

Warning..... sort of really boring stuff. Move along if you're after 'super gorgeous':

Tiles used in all bathrooms.... main, ensuite and downstairs powder-room.... oh and laundry (I love consistency).

Floor tiles: Style Number MB45SA001, 450 x 450 (they didn't have a name sorry) from Urban Tile Company: Grey with subtle rivers of off-white running through them. I cut them into mosaics for the shower bases and boy's/main bath hob (slightly masculine accent for their bathroom).

Wall tiles and ensuite bath hob: Style Number KH16W240, 300 x 400 from Urban Tile Company. They are an off-white with a subtle white damask pattern running through them (be still my heart.... still!).

Bulkheads painted in Dulux Antique White USA.

 Old photo - before mirrors were installed! 0h these mirrors are from 'Perftect Pieces' via 'Found In France', Brisbane.

All taps: Gessi Ovale Mixers, including Ovale Shower Mixers and Rails and Ovale Bath Mixers and Spouts

Except kitchen: Gessi Oxygene Hi-Teck

Kitchen sink (not really related to bathroom stuff but I am asked) - Oliveri Titan. Love it. Best idea I ever had. A BIG kitchen sink! Love.

Bathroom sinks: Villeroy and Boch 'Loop and Friends' Oval U/Counter Basins

Powder room - you can almost see the damask pattern in the wall tiles?!!

Downstairs Powder-room wall mount sink: Villeroy and Boch 'Variable'

Baths: Bette Starlet Oval (beautiful shape....fits 2 'well fed' adults comfortably!...... too much information!!!)

Toilets: Caroma Leda 2000 Smartflush White. Right up against the wall, no dust traps, gorgeous shape (as gorgeous as a toilet can be) and narrow (355mm)...... remember the 70 cm toilet dilemma at frame stage?!!

Phew...I think that's it. Still love all my choices 7 months down the track ... so that's a good sign.
Have a great day!
A-M xx

P.S. Post done today particularly for Gita! Hi Gita, hope that's everything!


  1. Never ending building, AM! Hey, not bored at all here. Bee gazing of your braveness. I still remember the dust, water everywhere, etc etc.

    Loving every inch of your project & your worth it to adore what you have and had done. Without that courage? Well, you know the answer.

    Perfect for a loving family in a lovely home you can call your own.

    hugs lotsa...

  2. Thanks A-M! So lovely of you to share your secrets to a beautiful house! i love your kitchen sink too!


  3. I stumbled on your blog and now I've spent the better part of this afternoon reading through your entire blog. I LOVE THIS HOUSE. !!!

    You have chosen everything so tastefully. This is one of the most beautiful homes I've ever seen. My favorites: the pantry/refrigerator area in your kitchen (I LOVE IT!); the little bookshelf thing on the end of your kitchen bar; the huge windows/doors in your great room; and your beautiful hardwood.

    WONDERFUL! Great blog!

  4. That kitchen sink is to die for!! It puts mine to shame :-) But no, great work. It looks like you've really put in the time and effort. Thanks for sharing!!


  5. You have such a good eye for design. Thanks for sharing all this.

    BTW your kitchen shot, in particular, looks as though it came from the pages of a glossy design magazine - lovely. :)

  6. have impeccable it..and its important to see the not so pretty..the then appreciate the pretty when it finally comes along :) x

  7. Hi A-M!
    I am soo in LOVE with that mirror... you got soo GREAT taste!
    {xx alice}

  8. yes I went with two largish sinks (underbench too), but I wish I went with one biggy like you!

  9. Can I say it again? "I love your home"....ahhhh thank you for sharing.

  10. Love absolutely everything about your home!
    But where do you keep things like, toothbrushes, dishwashing liquid, sponges etc? Do you keep them next to the sink/basin but just remove them when taking photos?
    I'm fascinated :)
    Also, do you use a dishwasher a lot? Is that why you decided to go with a huge sink as opposed to two smaller ones?



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