Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Early Monday Nook

Can I do my 'Monday Nook' tonight? I'm off early in the morning so 'Monday Nook on a Sunday Night' it will have to be. Tonight's 'nook' is my little tacker's room. He loves pirates and Lego and pirate Lego! I designed a beautiful window for his room to take advantage of the view of the tree tops. This is my most favourite window in the house. Oh boy, was I excited when my windows arrived on site during construction. I went around and put lipstick kisses on all of them. The subbies thought I was mental.  I digress... can't help it with windows!

We placed my little one's pirate wall decal on the centre fixed pane of his window (his suggestion...oh it's hard letting them have a say in the decor!). You can't really see it clearly in this photo but in real life it pops against the greenery during the day and against the dark of the night. It reads, "It's A Pirates Life For Me".



This is the other end of my big boy's room. He loves doing his homework at his desk. He has a beautiful elevated view of the suburb treetops and glimpses of the city lights at night. He keeps his room very tidy as it is part of his job set. He is responsible for keeping his room tidy, unstacking and restacking the dishwasher daily, getting breakfast for him and his brother, folding washing if it is in the folding tray in the laundry... and putting it away. I had to draw a line at that list as he now has heaps of homework and piano and guitar practice to throw into the mix. Add soccer season, that is starting soon, and I will have to take up some of the slack in order for him to have time to still be a carefree little boy!

... and the little one? Well he has been waited on hand and foot by his big brother all his life due to his generous big brother's nature. He bosses big brother around no end and if he can't find something or his lunch isn't in his school bag, well it's his big brother's fault. We are slowly working on him taking more responsibility and praising the living daylights out of him if he shows 'house jobs initiative'. Big brother is now forbidden to get him ready for school in the mornings... enough is enough!

Well I'm very busy with lots of exciting projects tomorrow. Can't wait to tell you all about them. I will draw the Nautical Compass wall decal winner tomorrow night when I have a breather. Have a great 'tomorrow'!
A-M xx


  1. Stunning A-M, just stunning! I love it all!

  2. WOW A-M!!! Your boys have the most gorgeous rooms, they are so lucky!! You have done such an amazing job in making both of their rooms special, happy and creative places - so inspirational!! I can only imagine the lovely views from those windows - had to giggle about you kissing the window, that is something I would do:) So lovely to see someone who loves their home and is so excited about creating such a lovely place. Love it! Thanks for sharing:) -Tina xx

  3. I love your boys rooms, you have done a wonderful job!

  4. Such well-decorated rooms, lucky boys!Love the colour scheme in both the rooms!

  5. Hi i'm not a blogger but i read yours and others from your blog roll everyday. Love your boys rooms. Your entire house is a delight. I must start blogging about my place!

  6. A-M both rooms turned out fantastic...the same colour scheme I am using for my little Jacq's cant go wrong can you..with red white and blue.
    I love the huge window in little ones room ..what a beautiful view..Im sure he will remember that view growing up..and sitting at that table many a night doing his homework..or not?
    what a lovely big brother he great that he is so caring and attentive to his little brother..beautiful x

  7. HI A-M
    Your boys and their antics always bring a smile to my face... so caring.. both of them... Well It seems someone else likes pirates and the sea!!! xx Julie

  8. The boy's rooms are great ! How lovely that big one helps you out so much. I have to badger and bribe to get anywhere here, where did i go wrong? Mel xx

  9. Lovely nook A-M, in fact, lovely room! He is such a lucky boy... pirates were my favourite when I was little, but my folks wouldn't have a bar of it! So as a grown woman.. I am a little jealous. But your your precious window is by far the best thing in the room, what a stunner, I would be finding it hard not to kiss it every day still!

  10. I look your nook posts, your boys bedrooms are so nice with gorgeous bed clothes and lovely colour schemes, the red goes very well with the blue. Thanks as always for sharing.

    All things nice...

  11. Well these rooms are just so lovely...So sorry it has been so long since I dropped by. The new little shop and the wholesale business is keeping me pretty busy...Take care C xxxx

  12. bewdiful rooms - I love the wardrobe doors! they look $$$ pricey!!! very nice, love the colours, gorgeous doona!

  13. I love how you did their rooms! You are doing such a great job! I love to decorate my daughters room, you can really be creative! So much fun!


  14. Both rooms are beautiful...erm handsome (in case they read this)! ;)

    I love their bedding and the furniture placement, all so nicely laid out and so attractive. And I would have to kiss those windows too, they are gorgeous!

    Kat :)

  15. You've done such a lovely job of both of these rooms. They are both so simple and fresh and the light coming into the rooms is lovely too!
    Well done!

  16. What a wonderful room for a young boy! And that window has a both a magnificent view and wonderful panes.

  17. Hi, A-M! Your boys rooms looks great!!! Love the colours:)

    Have a nice day!


  18. Hi AM, firstly thank you for letting me stalk your beautiful blog (bout time I said hello!)
    I just love the boys rooms though their colour schemes are similar they look totally unique to suit each of them. Smart Mummy!
    My daughter is nearly 10 and I had to laugh as her job set is almost identical to your son's....I'm a big believer in having kids contribute to the running of a household...No Maid Mummy here! xxLyn (LINI)

  19. Those bedrooms are so airy with such lovely views. Your boys are so lucky that you designed such a lovely home for them!


  20. A-M, please tell me it was you who made the beds for these photos! My kids all have to make their own beds and it takes some serious self control not to go in each day and re-make them as I don't want them feeling they didn't do a good enough job. However, photos for the blog, now that's a different story!

  21. Totally divine rooms! Have just rung my husband at work and insisted he look at little one's window. Love it! I would kiss it too! Emma

  22. I could tell by the pictures of your two boys that the older one dotes on his little brother, what a wonderful thing to witness, I only wish my older 16yr old would give his 4yr old brother that attention, he just finds him annoying!! Your house is just lovely!!!Thank you for sharing it with us!!

  23. A-M, what a fantastic post. Love the boys' rooms and those windows are just magic. Love the colours, love the mirrors on the wardrobe. Most of all I love how gorgeous your boys are, my boys are slowly evolving in the same way, L is very tidy and likes to help, J likes to boss!!!
    Have a great day.

  24. Hi A-M, I enjoy your blog very much and just read your post on your boys' rooms. I couldn't believe it when I saw the Pirate canvas print on the wall in your favourite nook as it is one of my designs, from my business, Gelati Art. I'm very flattered you chose one of our artworks for your little fella's room. And what a fabulous job you have done! Red, white and navy is my all time favourite for boy's. My son's room is done in a similar style and colour scheme and I really love it even after 3 years. I don't think I will ever tire of it. If any of your readers are interested in the Pirate canvas would you mind directing them to my website: I would be very grateful. Also, would you mind if I posted the pics of your son's room to my blog with a link back to yours? Cheers, Vanessa.

  25. Gorgeous rooms A-M! Your youngest and my youngest have the same interest. Mine was pirate mad for a few years there in a row, in fact had to get a new piece of furniture, just to house all those enormous ships!! He has the one your youngest has, and the same chair! :)

    I love the book cases in your eldest's room, where are they from? They're great.


  26. Absolutely blown away A-M :)

    Anna xx

  27. Loved the bedrooms, A-M!
    We moved to our new home a little later than you, so I understand the kisses in the windows and in the front door ;)
    I have 2 boys, one is 10 and the other one 4, and Im having a difficult time with their rooms! Yours turned out great! Congrats on your beautiful home!
    Hugs from Peru

  28. Hi A-M, I arrived here after a suggestion from a few different people.

    I LOVE the boys bedrooms. Similar to what I am planning for my boys (2 and 4 months) - although their combined room is smaller! lol

    I'm doing a series on boys room on my blog - would you mind if I featured some of your photos and details with a link back here?

    THanks, Melissa


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