Thursday, January 14, 2010


With my clean, well fed 'babies' tucked up safe and sound tonight, I can't help but shed a tear for the Mothers in Haiti trying to come to terms with losing their children, nursing them, fighting for their basic survival. No water, food, shelter or sanitation.... just breaks my heart. Blogging about pretties just doesn't seem right at the moment does it. My thoughts are with them. I can't even imagine how horrific life is there at present.
A-M xx


  1. So true, A-M, what an horrific disaster. It is really hard to imagine something like that happening, let alone on such a huge scale. I am really feeling so sad for them, and feeling very fortunate in my own existance.

  2. Well said A-M. I cried when I saw the photos on tv this morning. How blessed are we to live in this safe city with all we could ever need and more?
    Clare x

  3. Definately know what you mean A-M, mothers have an invisible bond of understanding i think, and knowing what those women are experiencing is heart breaking.

    Some bloggers with Etsy shops have started up sales to donate funds to the relief appeal. Mimi Charmante is one, but there are others too...there's a link to it over at my blog.

    Despite a trip to the ER dept last night for our household, i feel so blessed, and glad to be in a position to donate to the relief fund.

    I'm sure everyone's kids are getting a few extra kisses and hugs tonight.


  4. I second those thoughts. I had what I thought was an awful day today with my youngest boy, that is until I saw the news this evening. I started to cry for all those who had lost everything important in their lives, especially their children. It put my day into perspective.

  5. Completely devastating A-M...just heartbreaking...I cannot even fathom the amount of heartache and loss that those poor people would be feeling right now....these natural disasters are now happening far too often and the magnitude far too severe...makes me fearful for our children..and our children's children...Mother nature is not happy..and I wonder what kind of world will lie ahead for them and their future. Hopefully the world will come together and reach out and help in any way they can.

  6. Here, here...just not fair - all those beautiful children without mothers and all the mothers (& fathers) without children. Searching and hoping for signs of life. Sad and heartbreaking! We are all so blessed.
    Lisa xx

  7. Well said! The devastation is really beyond comprehension and we can only hope that whatever we can do and however small it may be, it will touch them in a way that will help them get back to some sort of "normal" life. It's a stark reminder of how very much we have and how life can change in an instant.

    Kat :)

  8. I feel right along with you A-M. My parents delivered a birthday cheque from my grandmother yesterday and the first thing I want to do is turn around and donate it to a Haiti relief fund. I am so fortunate to have so would be wrong not to share it with those who have lost all they have.

  9. Hold our babies close and be grateful indeed.

    Ingrid x

  10. So very true A-M - it is such a heartbreaking situation. We are so blessed to live in this country as ours x


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