Friday, January 29, 2010

House Tour Continued

I was loading up these photos to show you how far I have come, with some more rooms upstairs, and it suddenly dawned on me that I am becoming a minimalist. I have developed an aversion to clutter that has manifested itself in this home. I am the 'soft close drawer queen'.... wherever I could put them, I did.

 See, more soft close drawers - these ones? - full of toys!

Well, this is a corner of my boys 'chillout room' (see Katrina, I too do beanbags!). It got a lot of use in the holidays when they weren't bobbing in the pool. I'm sure all of you with boys know the drum: from the pool to soccer in the backyard to Nintendo. Pool. Yard. Nintendo. Pool. Yard. Nintendo.

This room is a ghost town now as all computer games are banned in this house during the school week. I'm still on the hunt for something for the wall above the Lego ships in the corner. We were thinking of placing them up on a shelf on the wall but they are played with often and.. hey a shelf with busy looking Lego is not minimalist is it!?

The view from the window seat is lovely. As our block is on the high side of the road and slopes up from the road, one does experience slight vertigo when one sits there (we built to the maximum 8.5m above the natural fall of the land).... it's high! ...with a lovely view of the suburb treetops... mature gums, palm trees, bunya pines, jacarandas and bougainvillea. You get a little glimpse of the city buildings over the treetops... a nice reminder that we are close to the city.

I am sitting in the Great Room this morning on my comfy couch (coffee in hand) and it is raining!... oh what a welcome sound... our plants have been very distressed in this terrible heat... and so has my poor hubby, trying to keep them alive. As of yesterday our tanks were empty so hopefully they will catch a bit of rain this morning for our garden.

Two lads to get ready for school.... so I'm off!
Have a great day!
A-M xx


  1. Hi A-M!
    Sooo beautiful, i love it!
    Have a nice day!

  2. The chill out room is lovely A-M, love the blue and white theme, and such gorgeous natural light coming through the window too.

    Loving the rain too, but we all slept in because of it...yikes!

    Have a great weekend,


  3. I too have grown an aversion to all clutter, to the point of even annoying myself. And I absolutely love the soft close drawers! Your home is gorgeous!!

  4. I'm so happy to see a bit more of your beautiful home! I'm becoming a minimalist too, now...what to do with all of this stuff I've collected over the years?!

    I love the window seat and the bean bags. I'm sure the view out that window is wonderful! Glad you got some much needed rain!

    Kat :)

  5. What a lovely room A-M for your young men. I love the bleu/blanc/rouge combo for boys. Simple, clean, unclutterd colour. You lucky people having some rain -we had a miniscule shower last night - enough to wash the dust off the leaves but that's it! Enjoy the rain...
    Lisa x

  6. Loving your house, I can only dream!!

  7. Wow A-M, your boys' chillout room is wonderful!! I love the colours. Wish we had such a space for our girls, I think my whole house would just about fit in that room :) Thanks so much for sharing more of your beautiful home A-M. - Tina x

  8. Love love your boys rooms. I recently bought D a new bedroom suite with new linen, and gosh is it similar to your boys so I am a little bias :P

  9. I love the window seat especially with clever drawers~ The beanbag cover is very cute. Where did you find that?

  10. Thanks for your lovely comments girls. Gina, the beanbag is a chunky navy corduroy one from Target, with a Lakeland Designs red and white star linen cushion on it. A-M xx

  11. What a great space for the boys to hang out in. Can you tell me where you got your TV console with the "X" ends???
    Wasn't it lovely to hear the rain on the roof...not so much the thunder, kept us awake and we all slept in, argh.

  12. You are funny! Yes beanbags do make my heart race sometimes...they are just so messy and never stay fluffed up, but I do it for the love of my boys. Love the playroom. Much neater and cleaner than mine (although it will be neat just for an hour today as my cleaner comes - then the kids trash it again!). I had thought of shelves too for our playroom, but I think I going to save my $$ and get a very fancy built-in wall-to-wall thingy. Hopefully! And no computer through the week? Good on you! Well I only have a little one at school and I limit his, but the little ones are addicted to wii tennis so it keeps them quiet as they play each other (yes they are almost-5 and 3!). Have a great day. I had Cruise returning to school today - phew!

  13. That is a great chill room - lucky boys. What about a map for the wall - looks good and they might just learn a thing or too as well.

  14. Nice chill-out room A-M, and yes I know the drill, although we haven't reached the computer game stage, the indoor play at this stage is lego, noisy train sets and dinosaurs (again noisy). Do they ever stop. I mean we are actually considreing getting them Wii rather than Nintendo etc (when they are a bit older, but that is noisy too. Oops, sorry about that ramble and tangent.

    Have a great weekend.


  15. Hi A-M
    Enjoying the tour. Love the room, we only have the formal lounge room at the front of the house we could turn into a chill out room. Seeing the minimalist look you have in the boys room maybe the lounge could be turned into the kids room. Although when you have a girl & a boy its a little harder to achieve with pink dolls house , barbies , train sets ,barbies , trucks & more barbies with thier horses & sports cars.
    We are just picking out new carpet now , yours is similar looking to what I like maybe a little darker. What colour & type is it ?
    Warm Regards

  16. A-M I think I am a bit the same and liking the less is more look. Your boys play room is unreal and I just love that wing chair it all comes together beautifully.
    Enjoy your weekend. Sandy x

  17. Minimilism is a must but how do you achieve with 14 rooms overflowing with junk! 5 car garage with room for 1 car! A 5 room cottage filling up rapidly! I'm a hoarder of gigantic proportions but the time has come it all has to go....Sooooon!!!! Julienne
    P.S. The top dog in our family says we are living in decaying grandeur and if all the stuff went we could fix the house. Men!!!!

  18. Love the room but love that you are getting rain even more!

  19. gorgeous A-M. YOur home is a credit to you both...Love the chiil out room.
    Ness xx

  20. Hello A-M,
    Greetings from Toronto Canada!

    I've been following your blog for a while and had to finally write to say how wonderfully, ordered, serene and beautiful your home appears to be. I too abhor clutter!.
    Perhaps you can offer some tips on your approach to putting together such a lovely home- I think regardless of one's own budget or home size we can all strive to achieve such a restful place to live our daily lives.

    Most of all however, I wanted to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts about your family and the obviously sensitive and loving young men you and your husband are raising (and the world surely needs more men like this!) :)
    You have often brought me to great emotion with your observations of the fleeting amount of time we get to enjoy our kids in their "little" or young state. Having only one 6 year old daughter (who I am hopelessly in love with) - I can so relate!

    Keep up your inspiring blog . (I calculate the time difference between our 2 countries to anticipate your next post).
    By the way Brisbane looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Lucky you!

  21. I just discovered your blog! Love, love, love it!

  22. Hi A-M, I thought I left you a big long comment here? Arghh!!! Dumb computers..I will have to think about it what I wrote and write again :)

  23. Hi A-M,
    This is such a great room and so neat! Love the window-seat.

  24. Great chill-out room! I am envious of that window seat. :D


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