Saturday, January 30, 2010

In The Beginning

Thought I'd waffle on about some of my original plans/inspirations for this place. It's fun looking back, remembering all the scheming..... and thinking about how I would do it differently next time! Dying to do it again. Dying.

Ripped this out of Home Beautiful many years ago. This was how I imagined my backyard was going to be, if I could find a gently sloping block of land (which I did... sort of... bit more of a slope, but still only a fall of about 5 metres from top to bottom. Had a house on it too, but we sorted that out). Yes, that was the pool, light coloured inner with mediterranean blue mosaic waterline tiles and shallow steps/seats (tick - now done). Pool shack - tick, done. Steps up to back lawn - tick. Staggered retaining wall, with hedge plants alongside top lawn - tick. I can't believe, looking back at this, how I did not waiver from my original plan. That was it, right from the super beginning... before the house was even conceived.
End product after scheming - light coloured pool, mediterranean blue waterline tiles, pool seats/steps, pool shack, steps to back lawn, retained garden beds. Only my block cut had to be a lot deeper and :( more expensive I'm sure than my 'inspirer's' home.... oh and the drainage.... such hidden expenses..... see all those little grey river rocks all around the edges of the pool area? ....hidden drains! Oh, and the picket fence, that was a must from the word go.... and didn't the chippie get it perfect!... so straight.. I still marvel at it's 'straight-ness'... is that a word?

I would be lying if I said that this picture was not part of my whole' Back French Doors Opening Onto Terrace Near Pool Thing' inspiration. Actually it was my only inspiration. Thank you Sony Pictures. I bet I'm not the first either! French doors with transoms and side lights - tick, stone terrace - tick, pool with night lights - tick, stripey cushions on lounges - tick.

Super blurry but you get my drift. Oh boys, look!...  more goggles rotting on the bottom of the pool - great.

Only a slight devastating moment.... (I do exaggerate, it wasn't really devastating but that was the first word that came to mind.... and I go with my gut these days!).... rigged up the terrace ceiling to cope with the weight of a gorgeous lantern but it was legally too close to the pool. Don't you hate how safety rules get in the way of decor. Couldn't even have an extra canned light, as the reinforcing beam (that I insisted on and paid extra for!) was in the way... .so I substituted with a candle chandelier. Those swirly iron and leather chairs were the first item of furniture my hubby and I bought together 14 years ago.... in our 'Tuscan Decor' days. I am trying to get away with them looking 'a bit French' for the time being until I can afford some lovely rattan outdoor chairs. They are still in perfect condition despite now being exposed to the harsh outdoors and the 'Psycho Pee-Wee' (yes that continues).

I will post some more pictures of my plans and inspirations later on in the week when I have some time. I've got to study. Oh,  I am being creative in avoiding my study.... stop the blogging A-M... just stop. I might have to, for a few days... to knock over an assessment. Blogging. Not. Conducive. To. Study.

Well another morning of gentle rain... super bliss.... as there is no school run today. Oh the morning parking, the heat, the struggle with eskys and sports bags, book satchels and backpacks. Who needs a personal trainer these days. Have a happy, relaxing Saturday. I so plan to! I might even do some study!... that's relaxing, right?
A-M xx


  1. Loved reading this post A-M, the best bit was hearing that you still have the first piece of outdoor furniture you bought together...All new is fantastic, but sometimes pieces with memories are a must....

    Happy studying...


  2. Safety...smafety! ;) I love how it looks and I spotted the "Something's Gotta Give" house from your inspiration pics right away!

    Kat :)

  3. If I were you I would go and do my studying in the pool shack where I can hear the rain on the roof and enjoy the sights and smells. Have a lovely weekend A-M. As always your pictures and descriptions are beautiful.

  4. A-M I loved reading this post and discovering the things that inspired you to build and decorate your beautiful home!! Your love for your home is just so wonderful:) I have to say I am studying too and received my first subject info in the mail yesterday - MATHS! So my blogging ways will now be curbed...any hints on still being able to blog whilst studying 3 units? Would love any hints if you have any! Happy studying and have a lovely weekend - Tina x

  5. I like checking in on your pool house progress and seeing your inspiration. Last summer we built a pool house and I am so eager to decorate it this summer. Check it out on my blog.

  6. Great post A-M, great to see how your dreams have come true. Keep up the study, it will be worth it right
    Happy Saturday.

  7. Mmm I'm sure that's a word! I love that look too.

    Thanks for the cool pic's, love looking at them.

    Have fun,

  8. He he - go study A-M, now :|

    but, just quickly - 5m over what distance, looks like a steep elevation to me, i can see that there must have been quite a bit of ground work involved. Was it 1:3?


  9. Hi A-M
    All looks fabulous even with one eye (just had eye surgery ) Can't believe your dying to do it again. What will you change?
    kind Regards

  10. You nailed it. I love your inspiration photos and seeing how they turned out in your house.

  11. Jules, 5m fall over 50 metre length (31 perches), 15 metre frontage. Top cut was 1m levelled to 1.5m retaining. Lower cut for garage level was about 2m, then levelled. Lots of ground work but so worth it.

    Karen, I won't change too much, just fluffy stuff... design stuff. I will add wainscotting and maybe do a central staircase as an entry feature, a mantle over the fireplace, cupola for the pool shack, currently importing some pretty gable vents so some of those,.... a cellar perhaps?. Floor plan is a dream to live in so "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", will be my motto. A-M xx


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