Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's War....

.... on the little Pee-Wee that is attacking my new 'pool shack' mirror. This is serious stuff. We have removed all 'pool shack' cushions and pretties and draped scary looking rubber snakes over the mirror, and the candle that it sits on, in an attempt to scare it away.... and yes, yesterday the boys even donned their 'Nerf Gun Attire' to scare it away. Note 'Nerf Goggles', 'Belt Ammunition' and 'Double Protective Head Gear'. Shoo little birdie.

The lads were very cautious... hmmm, too far away boys... more foam bullets landed in the pool than anywhere near the birdie. Oooh 'Birdie' was so bold. It swooped in just to taunt them, had a little dip in the pool, sat on the side of the pool, looked at them briefy, studied the scary rubber snakes (with it's little head tilted to the side) and then flew away.

Birdie - One, Lads - Nil.

We're always up for a challenge, here at 'The House'!
A-M xx

The chase is on!

BIRDIE UPDATE: All tactical manoeuvres have failed thus far. Stop. Sheet now covering pool shack mirror. Stop. Birdie now attacking own reflection in new BBQ glass doors. Stop. Looking out another old sheet. Preparing back French doors for onslaught. Stop.


  1. Ha! We have one too, it is attacking the cars as the windows reflect so I put a mirror out front and it is attacking that too. Bird poo and little scratches everywhere. How does one get rid of these birds???

  2. We have exactly the same problem with a blackbird. It has spent the last six months fighting with itself in the glass above our front door but just lately has decided it must be a baby bird so it now brings food every day which it smears from one end of the glass to the other. It's become a weekly chore to clean the glass and the doorstep which always looks like the bottom of a bird cage. A lovely welcome for visitors! We tried hanging CDs but it soon worked out they were harmless! Mr Brabourne has declared war as it's noisy pecking wakes him up at sunrise. I don't want to harm this lovely creature but ..... Leigh

  3. oh no Pee-Wee's are so annoying! Hope you manage to move him onto a new home.

    Thanks for the morning chuckle, love those foam bullets in the belt loop!

  4. Oh how annoying A-M, those birds are real pests!!

    Hope the snakes and the Nerf Gun Ninjas (that photo is too cute!)deter it from getting too attached the pool shack.


  5. Oooooohh, be careful lads and I hope you get that birdie! Great pictures A-M ~ what a great adventure for the boys!

    XO, Andrea

  6. This post made me laugh. What is it about boys and nerf guns? I am always finding those little foam darts around the house. Take care, Lori

  7. The boys look so tough.. I wouldn't be taking them on!! Birds drive themselves crazy for reflection, there really isn't much you can do appart from cover everything in sight! Good luck for round two!

  8. Fun, fun. I gave a nerf gun as a present yesterday to my smallest ones friend. Now after seeing your pictures I am very pleased with myself.
    AM how do you water all the pots? are they on a watering system or do you DIY?

  9. Watering? DIY. We are on water restrictions so hubby lovingly whispers sweet nothings to them each night when he waters them with water from our tanks. He disappears after dinner each night with a beer in one hand and a hose in the other. A-M xx

  10. Problem noted. Stop. Could try farmers' tactics. Think crop protectors - possibly hanging thin strips of fabric to move in the wind? Stop. Failing that, consider the ultimate weapon - a cat. Stop. Tell the boys they are to be highly commended in their actions and until school starts they must not stop. Stop.


  11. Those birds are SOOO persistant - had one at the last house and nearly drove me MAD. Does the silly thing not realise how lovely your mirror looks there and to leave it alone? The boys look fiersome. Maybe invest in a faux owl or something if the snakes dont work. Mel xxx

  12. I realize its an annoying situation for you A-M but I am laughing my head off. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi A-M
    How brave your boys are.. haha... so funny.. and how annoying although I don't know what a Pee-Wee is!! So your update is ever funnier .. that is until it becomes like Leigh little story... oh dear!! Have fun with that!! xx Julie

  14. Birds kill themselves on my windows. Hear loud thump, dead bird on ground. Ugh.

    I had faux windows, with mirrors, in my garden but took them down. Too many birds fighting with themselves.

    Fake snakes worked on me not the birds. Plenty of cats in my garden.

    Wish you luck.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  15. hello,I read your blog every day, dont have one of my own yet, but love yours, anyway reading about your bird problem, I remembered a man telling me to put up some tinsel,it reflects as it moves in the wind and is suppose to scare them away, dont know if it works but no harm in trying.
    Your house is so gorgeous.
    Chris from down here in Melbourne.

  16. What a pain - a bird can make such a mess in pretty quick order. We had one that liked to sit on the back of the willow chair on the front porch. It finally went away but it wasn't anything that we did that got rid of it.

    I use ground pepper to get rid of rabbits, skunks etc from the backyard, so maybe you could sprinkle your pool shack with pepper and see if that helps.

  17. always manage to give me a good chuckle..your boys are priceless..I love hearing about their should file the stories you post about them somewhere?? should anything every happen to eblog in 10..20 years time...just gorgeous! x

  18. A cat would work, of course you probably need to be a lover of cats!
    We used to have ducks landing in the pool and shi%$# everywhere. Algaecide in the water works a treat. It sits on their feathers and they do not like it. Now I know this is not your problem but should you walk out tomorrow and their are ducks in your pool you are set!
    Happy Australia day.

  19. Try a fake cat. I saw one on a website recenetly but can't remember where - just a thin cut out of a cat (painted MDF??), painted black with yellow eyes.


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