Thursday, January 14, 2010

Looking Back... Briefly... And Then Looking Forward!

Image Courtesy PVE Design

I was looking over my design notes and files last night, curious to see how my tastes have changed over the past 2 years, during the scheming and the building of this house. I found the file of the original painting, by Patricia from PVE Design, that inspired me to design and create some sort of a Great Room in this house... a cosy room with a fireplace, lots of books... a room for music and relaxing... and no TV. I remember when I first saw Patricia's painting, I said to myself, "that's it, that's my Great Room, that is sooo my Great Room". I held the image of Patricia's painting in my mind while doing up the plans and while I was sourcing everything for the room.

I reckon I got it pretty close to the PVE original. What do you think?

Child free day today (playdates 'off campus' .... phew!)... hubby and I might even sneak out to the movies to see 'It's Complicated'... dying to see it. Have a great day!
A-M xx


  1. Your room is beautiful and really does resemble the painting!! I love your chairs and tufted ottoman coffee table!

    Enjoy the movie if you get to see it, my sister just told me a few days ago how much she enjoyed it!

    Kat :)

  2. I still recall every inch of the past and you really make the best of the present.

    Enjoy every moment guys? Now or never is the keywords when kids aren't around.

    Hugs lots,

  3. Love your great room A-M just beautiful you really know how to pull it all together. Have a great child free day. Sandy x

  4. Very close, and BEAUTIFUL! Looks like a wonderful place to be. :0) Enjoy the movie!

  5. Even better than the original sketch! I don't know how you managed that as there is some many gorgeous things out there to tempt you into buying them and you still managed to stick to your guns. It's gorgeous!

    Enjoy the movies!


  6. I would say it is pretty darn close - what a beautiful room to have! lucky you. have a great day - hope you get to the movies.KG

  7. I think you did good girl! Your end result is very similar except I must say your style of furnishings are more my style that the painting. You MUST see It's Complicated. I'm sure you will love it. Have a nice day - child-free.

  8. Sounds great, I am trying to get myself to see that too. If I just get off the computer and accomplish something first.

  9. Beautiful A-M It doesn't look too formal in other words there are signs off LIFE to quote another blogger
    Kind Regards

  10. Your room is even better than the designer's! I like your pair of chairs and the french doors at the end of the room let so much light in to the room. Excellent taste my dear!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  11. Hi A-M

    Yes it's pretty close to the original but oh so much more! Your room is beautiful, fabulous, gorgeous .... are you getting what I mean? Leigh

  12. Your Great Room looks ...great! You will love It's Complicated, talk about more house and garden envy, of the Californian kind! x

  13. What a great interpretation of the original painting! I think you've done an extremely good job at bringing the original idea to life in your lovely home. Your room has a real ambience to it and all the different elements like from the furniture and window treatments, right down to the violins hanging on the wall seem to work so nicely together. Enjoy your day with hubby x

  14. I think you have done a fantastic job on the living room, and the whole house in general. You have clean, simple look, but full of bits and pieces to give it charm.


  15. I think you did a fabulous job A-M, that room is simply stunning!

    Enjoy the movie - can't wait for the weekend to see it :)


  16. Hi A-M,
    It's even better than the picture - just beautiful.

    Enjoy the movie, it looks funny and just the thing to do with your free time.

    Bye for now, Christine

  17. Woohoo some "grownups" time. have fun. :)

    Enjoy your movie. I watched it other night and did. It was great to see some older main characters for a change without it being a movie about getting old.
    Steve Martin looks a bit stretched and tight in the face. Plastic surgery I'm guessing.

  18. Oh A-M, your Great Rooom is sooo inviting. You know it's not the type of room you'd be afraid to sit in. Even though it has gorgeous decorative elements, it has a relaxed "come sit in here" feel. Congrats for being able to pull it off so brilliantly, even if it was inspired by someone else - hahaha!!!

  19. It looks great and you done a really good job at getting it to look like the artwork.
    Ness xx

  20. You did an EXCELLENT job of sticking to that painting! Love it:) And I'm with you on your newest post about Haiti. We have some close friends who arrived there just prior to the quake. They are all fine, but I keep thinking of them and how they will now be doing clean up instead of what they had originally planned. They took their children too, and there are some pretty young ones. Wondering what their impressions are - will impact their lives forever.

  21. One of the most beautiful rooms I've seen! I adore every detail!

  22. Thanks so much for posting my artwork again!
    If you are ever in the States, I will take you to see that room. Can I say I love your boys in shorts. I want to sketch those dapper gentleman.
    Happy 2010.

  23. hi there - a Little late on this one but can I say that room is amazing - full of wonderful things but still very calming, and the proportions and colours are divine. Of course you had a great starting point with that watercolour. Well done. xoxo

  24. Oh yes, you definitely got it right! The color of your draperies is divine. Using one of Patricia's beautiful paintings as inspiration was a fantastic idea :)


  25. that is amazing - it looks just like it! i never knew that story. wow!

  26. Hi A-M

    As always, your Great Room looks so beautiful and exactly how I imagined it would look when you were building...such distant memories for both of us! I love every single picture of your home and your very sweet boys!

    Mrs B xxx

  27. Just divine A-M, Patricia's work is awesome & so is yours. All last year as I watched your house taking shape, I was constantly in awe of your ability to turn your dreams & goals into reality. And never compromising on the end result despite others trying to do otherwise - bravo to you!
    Millie ^_^


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