Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Nook

This Monday's nook/coffee destination is the 'pool shack'... again (the green cup this morning 'D'). We seem to be living out here due to the heat! It's going to be hot today (33 degrees) so we are going to make the most of the morning pool shade before the sun gets nasty. The shade lasts until about 10am...... the last little bit stays on the pool seats either side of the shack... perfect really.... the shade comes back around 2pm on the main pool step in front of the back terrace... we let the boys frolic on that step until there is more shade around's amazing how creative their play is in such a small space. It's the last two days of the school holidays :( ... play lots boys.

Working around 'psycho birdie', we added a few more plants to the 'shack' on the weekend, some sort of fir tree/conifer thingys and some lavender. Hope they live. Historically, we are total brown thumbs but we have not had one 'green death' since planting began 12 months ago. Well that's not perfectly accurate. We've had some strugglers... up in the back garden under the neighbours big trees.... I think there is some sort of competition between the neighbours 100 year old tree roots and our newbies. Hubby has nurtured them, stuck putrid seaweed stuff on them, sung to them and lovingly watered them..... and they have new growth. Would help if it rained now... but just a bit.


We also tackled the wall decals in the boys rooms, this weekend. Not for the faint hearted. No mistakes... but lots of nagging... and "shut up will you"s. I am so not 'fine motor'. Fine motor stuff makes me cranky.... hence the reason I can't don't try to sew or bake fiddly, fussy things.... although I do play a mean violin... so I don't know how my fine motor theory fits in with that one?! Will take some photos of the decals today for you.
Happy Monday everyone.
A-M xx


  1. Ahhhh ... The pool look sooo great!!


  2. How lovely! That last picture at night with the pool shack lit up and the light shining down on the beautiful blue pool lucky you are to have that nice pool.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  3. Hi:) I am a new commenter but have been following your wonderful blog for a little while. I love that view out onto your pool!! What a wonderful way to start your day:) Enjoy and hope you stay cool in the heat! Have a lovely Monday - Tina.

  4. Your pool looks so inviting, both during the day and at night! I hope your boys enjoy their last few days of vacation!

    You should post a video of you playing the violin sometime! I play the piano... add in a few others in blogland, and we could all post and create a "virtual" band! ;)

    Kat :)

  5. I have been following your blog for some time and I don't think I have ever commented on your beautiful home.

    I love your house! it harkens back to my favorite homes in California! I miss it. But love sydney to much to go back.

    As for your boys, they are gorgeous and as I have two myself I am not surprised they play soldier with their water guns and are entertained for hours in a small space. The best of friends! I send my youngest to "big boy" school this year and I get all teary just thinking of it. I am sad to see them off as well.

    All the best and looking forward to your stencil project. I am sure you won't fail my exceptions!


  6. Love the pool pictures day and night. They are so inviting. It's still way to cold to get in our pool. I do like the pool temp to be 80 degrees. Boys play hard!
    smiles, alice

  7. Oh how I wish I had your pool!!! It already feels so hot today doesn't it?! At least I have air-con... Pool would be perfection though :) Enjoy!

  8. Looks like a place I could relax in very easily! And I'd take the heat, especially w/ a pool like that included, over the cold, drippy rain and fog we've been haveing here in ohio.
    Love the plants you've added and the lights on at night make it looks simply divine. You deserve it, you've worked hard for it:) Take a swim for me!

  9. Your pool shack area looks so lovely A-M, especially with all the greenery you've added. What a nice area for you to enjoy (love your Royal Doulton mug too - so pretty!!) Hope your boys enjoy their last few days of holidays x

  10. Love your blog A-M

    Have you tried covering the mirror with a sheet so birdie can't see his reflection? The cover will have to stay put for a few days until he loses interest (and pray birdie does not take a liking to your house windows).
    My family were driven insane one year when a crow attacked our windows and this method helped.
    If all else fails try a toy cap gun to frighten him away.

    Another A-M

  11. My ids have spent the whole day in the pool today, making the most of the last of the holidays. Wish the surroundings of the pool looked as gorgeous as yours though. The night shot is very hotel looking.
    Clare x

  12. Hey A-M, love that mug i remember them being on my wish list, but never did get around to buying a set.

    Is it Zandra Rhodes?

    Hope the battle with the birdy gets better soon!!


  13. Just more of the same comments. Love that last night picture, just amazing. You should be so pleased with yourself!

  14. Hi A-M,
    The pool looks amazing! Hard to imagine sitting by the pool in the hot sun when it is snowing and -15C here in Cowtown today.
    I believe I may have a solution to your bird issue. You may have already tried it but if you haven't I think it is sure bet for success. Set up speakers out by the pool shack and play Soft Cell's Tainted Love over and over again for the entire day. The bird should get so annoyed that it will fly as far away as possible! Easy as that. I look forward to hearing how you made out.

    BND x

  15. Love your pool shack, shack just doesn't seem like the right word to describe such a lovely area. I love the large mirror on the wall. I use mirrors outside also, they reflect so many wonderful things. The night shot looks amazing, Kathysue


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