Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Addiction.....

Cushion by Marley and Lockyer. Amateur photo by A-M and her dinky pocket camera.

... for cushions (or 'pillows' as the learned say, here in bloggy blog land) continues. Oooh, I pounced on these as soon as they showed up in Ness's shop. Aren't they gorgeous!??.. one for each window seat in the Great Room. Love them Ness!
Happy Weekend everyone!
A-M xx


  1. Beautiful!! Love the color!!

    Have a nice weekend, A-M!


  2. oh, these are lovely! Lovely blue....
    I have a parcel of pillows on it's way from Ness too...


  3. Just beautiful. Must admit i have a bit of a cushion addiction and its very unfair that i cant spend my days re-arranging and fluffing them! They are just the best way to change or update a room i think, Mel xxx

  4. Indeed they are..she certainly has some beautiful chushillows there :) lol

  5. Beautiful, beautiful fabric and I love how plump they are!

  6. Lovely find, A-M! I so wish I was in a position to start decorating our place... then I could find bring home some great pillows like these!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  7. HI A-M
    Beautiful fabric in this pillow. My pillow addiction know no end....I have way to many...

    Have a great weekend. xx Julie

  8. So glad you like them A-M and that they made it to you ok with the postal strike thing.

    how do you think I feel...I have a serious cushion/pillow addiction and I make them and have to part with them...very hard!
    They look like they have a lovely spot too.
    Ness xx
    Thanks for the link and mention too. You are such a sweetheart!

  9. What gorgeous fabric! They're lovely A-M! Hope you had a great day yesterday with your son. Enjoy the weekend x

  10. Ooh, that fabric would look so lovely here in my house! :-) Yes, here in the USA I guess we have strange words for things. It's a pillow if you lean on it, and a cushion if you sit on it.
    And I really love that mirrored hallway library in your last post! :-)

  11. Ohhhhh... they are stunning! What a beautiful fabric.

  12. Sooo beautiful!
    I love it!
    xo alice ♥


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