Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ok Forgot Monday... So 'Tuesday Nook'

Ok, so the photography is questionable (I always blame the little dinky handbag camera I tote everywhere) and the styling is not much better... I just didn't bother with the whole draping of throw rugs, positioning of magazines and coffee mugs when I quickly took this photo.... after I had cleaned up the latest round of traddies footprints (oh don't ask... behind the scenes... still chaos.... 8 months and counting... I'm doing a good job covering it all up aren't I!.... biting of tongue, chewing of lip)....

.....anyway, this little nook is where hubby and I ring in each morning, feet up on stool, coffee in hand....... and up until a few weeks ago, if I was first up in the dawn, I would often be welcomed by a little "hello neighbour" from my INBFN (instant new best friend neighbour), with her matching (to mine) Zandra Rhodes coffee cup in hand, on that little green porch you see in the top left corner.

It's rather lonely out there now in the mornings. Miss you 'D'... oh and yes you were right 'D'... the new neighbours have a 2yr old and an 8 week old. That now makes: 2 babies on the right, 2 babies on the left, 2 babies (with twins on the way) directly across the road, 1 baby diagonally out the back, 2 babies diagonally across the road to the right and 2 absolute 'screamers' (I mean screaming tantrums and 'I'm being stabbed' screams) diagonally across the road, to the left.
Nappy, Happy Valley!
 ... and Happy Monday Tuesday!
A-M xx
PS I know Mum, my sentence structure and punctuation leaves a lot to be desired.... but I'm chatting.....42 years old and still in trouble!


  1. It sounds like if you drink the water in our neighborhood you get pregnant!

  2. How nice to have your coffee out there in the morning, and hopefully not ruined to much by the sound of all those babies.....


  3. Hi A-M
    Sounds like you are in baby heaven!
    I suppose your boys when they get older can earn pocket money from all the baby sitting that will be needed!
    No need to style any of your photos, they are always just beautiful the way it is. Have a wonderful day

    mrs B xxx

  4. Oh my gosh you are so naughty not styling your nook for us LOL - next time we want the magazines, draping and mugs HEHE!! Seriously though i love it - it looks such a great little spot to relax. I really need to focus on our deck/s as they have become a bit neglected and dog city!
    Had to giggle about the screaming (little) neighbours, yes we have one too - even on acreage you can hear the poor darling. Gosh i am glad to be over that stage in life!
    Have a great week - Mel xxx

  5. Looks like the perfect spot for all that morning activity and reflection. love those cushions too! KG (ps you and I are the same age and i have discovered if you don't use it. you lose it!!!) ie brain, body etc.......

  6. love your Monday, er Tuesday nook A-M. Looks like the perfect spot for a morning jolt of coffee.
    Ness xx

  7. What a lovely corner of the home to greet each and every day. I love that you have so many different nooks in your home that bring you so much joy. Lovely!

  8. Lovely spot A-M, the place where you gravitate to in the early morning always holds a special place doesn't it!

    That p.s. is too funny!! Totally know where you're coming from. Thank good my mum doesn't know about my blog, or there may be a few discussions about appropriate foot wear :| hehehe


  9. lol..A-M your funny...glad you see the funny side of most things...your a doll! Love that little place where you and hubby ring in...just gorgeous...love love love the cushions!

  10. Ouch, we only have one baby around our house and it's not too noisy.

    The neighbour's DOG on the other hand, drives us absolutely insane.

    I am not sure which would be worse.

  11. I would stay out there all day! It looks so relaxing and pretty!

    My daughter is the grammar "police" for my blog! I simply tell her that that is why I have an editor for my "real" job!

    Kat :)

  12. Sounds like a perfect excuse for a wine every afternoon - and night.

  13. I love the outside of your gorgeous home as much as it's beautiful interior!! Looks like a perfect little nook where I could enjoy my morning cuppa :) Your decking is lovely too and I love those cushions. Can't believe all the babies you're surrounded by!! x

  14. Sounds like your first project, upon graduating from your architectural studies, could be the design and decoration of a local daycare centre!!!
    Please don't tell me you and hubby share the foot stool, that would just be TOO romantic :o)

  15. HI A-M
    I can see you are still missing your friend... and hope those babies are not causing you to lose sleep!!! 'I'm being stabbed screams' hahahahaha I know what you mean...

    Must of been the GFC that caused all this.. we have 3 new babies in the block next door!!! economic depression babies.. hahaha

    Take care... ear plug!!!!! xx Julie

  16. What a good belly laugh you gave me A-M. I have stabbed in the back screams as well, but these are worse. They belong to my youngest J, so I can't close the door or windows to escape them!!!
    Love the nook, looks coffee worthy.

  17. Haha.. tsk tsk, no styling. You forgot the slippers too.

    Nice little spot to relax. I like your cushions too.

  18. beautiful! can I join in? I have no babies though!!!! wow.


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