Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ok, This Is Going To Sound A Little Weird....

sigh...the panelling, stairs and windows...

... but empty homes...oh they just kill me. I get more excited with 'empty home' real estate listings than with any others. I think it's the whole 'blank canvas' thing and being able to see the detail in the original build without any 'distractions'.... and the imagination required to fill them! Yep... it's the blank canvas thing.

 ...ceiling... windows...transoms... sigh
 ...would kill for a ceiling like that...

yep, that's the shower down there...

floor coverings aside!... I drool over arches and panelling...very uncommon in the standard Aussie home

...oh the sun, the light...

... the ceiling, windows, island bench, marble...what a dear little breakfast nook

Now that's what I call a 'GREAT room'.

All images Courtesy Sothebys

More play dates today. They're hard work and soooo noisy. My boys become children I do not recognise! Strength please!
A-M xx



    holy hell. i love blank palettes, too.

    isn't it about time for another house that a-m built?!

  2. Ooooo AM I didn't even realise I had the same obsession until I saw these - I totally agree, blank canvas, no distractions. These images are beautiful! And arches and panelling are uncommon in Aussie homes, true, I would like them in my dream home one day though. Big rooms scare me a bit though - not sure how to fill them correctly...

  3. What a fun post. I really enjoyed this and i agree about a blank slate. Honestly don't know how I'd fill those gigantic spaces though. That would be a real challenge!

  4. I want those wooden floors!!

    oh please let me find something so good looking, that deep and rich (and in my price range!)

  5. These photos are simply stunning - there is no other way to describe them. I too would rather see a blank canvas rather than the current or imagined decorations. Nothing is fun that way. :)

  6. Hi A-M. I just love all these images and thanks for sharing. I can see why you love the blank canvas as it speaks for itself, so much grace and charm. Oh the joys of filling these beauties.
    My kids have gone to mums for a week in Bargara so my house is so dam quiet that I'm the opposite - don't know what to do with myself. Although I think I could find some furniture to re-arrange. Have a good play day. Sandy x

  7. Awesome spaces, I couldn't fill one room let alone the whole house, but I'd have fun trying.

    On a totally unrelated subject could you tell me how you get the correct date and time on your blog. I am having trouble changing mine.



  8. Just stunning images, this house is magnificent and I totally agree about the blank canvas - architecture in all it's glory!

  9. Hi A-M
    Hi I can only say if you get a house like that you need a MAID on 24 hour call.
    Kind Regards
    PS: The houses are beautiful

  10. Hi A-M
    I know exactly what you mean by the blank canvass.. it's sometimes hard to imagine a place how you would like when it is already filled with other's choices...

    Now I think you should buy the house with the 'Great Room'. You could hold blogger balls and we could all imagine we were in a Jane Austen movie!! Lovely images... Have fun on play dates xx Julie

  11. Just breath taking - i've always loved blank canvases -the excitement of possibilities. My favourite pics would have to be the gorgeous entrance I miss the grand old entrance where you don't walk straight into a room;( and ofcourse the kitchen - this kitchen is just right for my brood of four kids, always hungry !!! This is the most used room in our house.
    Thanks for a great start to the morning - dreamy pictures....

  12. Yowser what a fabulous house (floor coverings aside, yes!! he he).

    More strength to you for the play date tribulations. I say put them to work, give them a task. We went into a gallery while we were away, I was thinking 'this is lovely, but doubt we'll be here long' - the awesome gallery owner the minute we walked in said 'oh good, some boys - here take these screw drivers will you and come and change all these batteries for me" and set them off on a little task - worked a treat!! I was there for and hour and a half! :)

    Good luck xx

  13. I just don't understand what went wrong in that one photo where the tiles and carpet are ugly... the rest of it is all so beautiful...

  14. I like a blank canvas too, I never understand when the home shows here talk about how you need to stage an empty house to sell it so buyers can imagine their furniture there. When I was house hunting I was distracted by other people's bad design choices, so I preferred looking at empty homes!

  15. Oh A-M, I love coming to your place for inspiration....

    love the shot of the kitchen


  16. I think my whole house would fit in that great room! It's awesome to get a peek into a home as grand as this one.

  17. Hey A-M, where is this house? In the US?

    I cant stop looking at it!

  18. Oh my stars!! A-M, these are gorgeous... I don't think I have ever seen anything like that here in WA. My girls saw this post, and both agrred that home would be perfect for their 'indoor' rollerskating needs! Apparently I 'must' get them a great room now! Ha!

  19. WOW! What a jaw-dropping home! I am in love with all those windows and light filled rooms. Enjoy your 'noisy' day x

  20. Yes please - I'll take one of each if I may! :D
    Gorgeous rooms, fabulous details. I seem to have a thing about hallways (first impressions of a home 'n all that) and so my favourite is probably the first - just lovely.

  21. Beautiful images!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Anette Willemine

  22. Oh my gosh, I would have to win the lottery to ever dream of living in any of those mansions. But boy would I love an unlimited budget and go crazy.

  23. Just gorgeous, I can see your inspiration here. It is very like your own beautiful home x

  24. oh A-M, I waste too many hours looking at American Real Estate sites. Some of the houses are just *sigh*. Have you seen the Astor Courts site? You might like some of what they have.

  25. Stunning..breathtaking..and precisely why I called my blog Lona de Anna ( meaning Anna's white canvas) in Portuguese....which is exactly how you should start any creative project..big or small..strip away to the bare minimum and then go for it! :)

  26. Came directly here from 'hooked on houses' 6.5 million dollar house. The contrast is just plain magic. Thankyou

  27. I totally get that. There's something about an empty house--well, an empty house with gorgeous bones like these--that are kind of awe-inspiring.

    I also know about the play dates. They can wear a girl out! :)

  28. I know exactly what you mean! What an amazing home!!

  29. OH MY GOSH! love your blog i just stumbled upon and love your ideas! thanks for sharing..lulu

  30. These photos are AMAZING!!! GREAT BIG spaces... WOW!!!
    How are you? Hope all is well!


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