Thursday, January 28, 2010

Please Join Us...

Big brother's hand me down hat!

.... on our first day back at school!

I thought you might enjoy a little tour of our first day back at our school......well my boys' school but I have spent am going to be spending so much time there, over the next 10 years, it's really 'mine' too!

So school is back. I didn't realise how much my boys had grown over the holidays until I saw them all scrubbed up in their uniforms, hats back on, shoes polished. My big one started in the middle school (yrs 7-9) so he has a different hat and socks and a different winter uniform with blazer. He looks different, taller.... more serious..... more responsible.

After the customary 'what I am looking most forward to at school this year video' by Dad, we set off early to get a park and enjoy the settling in experience.

Yep that's him walking into the big school. The Year 7 bulding is hiding behind those palm trees ahead..... a little oasis tucked away.

We walked big brother into his section of the school and he immediately disappeared with his friends. Little one was rather forlorn about his brother taking off on his new path so we found him again and I asked if we could do farewells and kisses (in front of his friends) before we headed back to the Prep School for little one's settling in.

Clutching hug from little brother

I was met with a rather nervous 'no way' (translation: "please don't embarass me in front of my friends") ... "bad luck", I said, going in for the big smooch, completed with a red lipstick stain on the 'Malcolm In The Middle' style (when he got home, he admitted that he didn't mind my smooch in the least). Little one did a final clutching hug and then we were gone... back to the Prep School.

Heading back to the Prep School. Little one's classroom is on the second level verandah of that beautiful building in front. It's old and the verandah has a real slope to it! It was the first building built on the site, back in the early 1900's.


We met our lovely teacher and caught up with all our friends......even had time for a very quick photo before Mum and Dad headed off to a QUIET little coffee shop to celebrate the start of another very busy school year. Gee, I got a lot of work done yesterday! .... but I missed them so.
A-M xx

PS. Feedback from the first day: both were so excited they couldn't get their words out fast enough. Big one is so excited about the complex new locker system... codes and complicated lock that he mastered first time of course. He couldn't believe that he gets to walk freely around the school and to lessons... he's very excited about the freedom. Little one: "Mum, she noticed me, she noticed me being good and gave me a 'good signature' (prep school reward for being good.... the red coloured ones you don't want to get)...on the first day!"


  1. Aww, how I miss those days! They both look so handsome and I love their school uniforms!

    Their school is located in an absolutely stunning setting! Even I would want to hurry up and go back to school if that's where I could attend!

    I hope that every day this year goes as well as their first! It's so wonderful to see that you are so involved...we say it all the time, but take it from a mom who watched her last little birdie go off to school for his last year before Uni just a few months ago...they grow up WAY too fast! Enjoy!

    Kat :)

  2. A-M the boys look dashing in their uniforms. Must admit when I saw the photo of them hugging it kinda put a lump in my throat. Just beautiful to see two siblings that look out for each other. Enjoy your day. Sandy x

  3. Darling pair - just love that hug! Leigh

  4. Your boys looked so gorgeous on their first day back. My boy has his first day back tomorrow and as it is Year 12 for him all I am required to do is cook a huge breakfast for him before he leaves to catch the train! I didn't realize how much I would miss delivering him, all dressed up in his new uniform and school shoes to his classroom. The years fly by so quickly!

  5. A-M what a lovely story...and they seem so close...Im sure they have their moments together..but there is a special little bond there you can see for sure....just adorable.
    The house must feel pretty quiet now that they arent there during the day....must feel strange....but youve gone through it every school holidays...I have yet to experience that with Jacq...I think I will be a blubbering

    Looks like they go to a great school too! x

  6. Hi A-M. Your little guys look fabulous. It is amazing how they can rise to the new occasion of a new school / new grade isn't it? Yay to your little one for his first good signature, way to go!! Hope they have a wonderful day today. -Tina x

  7. oh my, i so relate to this! both mine (yr 5 and yr8) went back today. i miss them already - its been such a great summer holiday. here's to getting lots of work done now though!

  8. Adorable photos A-M, and sounds like a successful first day all round!

    We don't start until next week, so i'm still busy with naming the new summer kit, names on books and all :|

    had to laugh about the kiss - that's my favourite thing to do too :)


  9. I didn't realize you lived in such a tropical area - with all those palm trees. Lovely schools, especially the younger ones.

    The start of school is always bittersweet, isn't it. I love having my kids home for the holidays so I'm never keen for them to go back to school.

  10. A-M, I am so impressed that you had the presence of mind to document the boys' return to school. I'm afraid my camera was the last thing on my mind as I rushed the kids out the door (only to sit in traffic for longer than I would've like!)
    Here's hoping their year continues as well as it has begun.

  11. What a lovely looking school. Reminds me of boarding school! How cute are they having a hug! Hope they had a great second day. Mine returns tomorrow!! Yipeeeee..haha.

  12. They just look so gorgeous your boys, what a beautiful school that is, reminds me of mine, sigh.
    My L had a brilliant day and was off again today all excited about catching up with his friends. Hope J's experience is just as wonderful next Monday.

  13. I just had to leave a comment - your boys are lovely - no doubt the product of lovely parents. Nothing I love more than seeing much loved kids!

  14. They look so sweet in their uniforms A-M! And wow, their school is lovely, I wouldn't mind dragging myself there every morning with my eyes half shut!
    You are so funny smooching him in front of his friends, pretending he was mortified.... and the brotherly love is adorable!

  15. Reading about your boys first day back at school gave me a glimpse into how my parents must have felt all those years ago. What gorgeous schools your boys attend!

    Yes please A-M, come and visit me soon in Canada (I hope if I say it every day that you'll eventually give in)!


  16. What handsome boys you have!!!!! Makes me excited about having two boys...seeing two sweet brothers!!! What a blessing!

  17. Oh so cute A-M, your boys are just so cute right down to big brothers hand me down hat which I'm sure little brother wears with pride! Gorgeous!


  18. Oh how lovely!! Your boys are so sweet. Being a school teacher, I can fully relate to the anticipation of starting a new school year with a new teacher and new classmates. Your boys' school looks lovely x

  19. Adorable post, I love how the boys that are in the background are smiling too!! as they watch your boys!! Adorable and Very very cute!!

  20. Oh, they are so handsome! I hope my boys grow up to be so gorgeous. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. It truly made my day! Emma

  21. What a beautiful school and beautiful boys (but you already knew that..). Glad they are enjoying it so far. My "big one" refused to have a first day photo ! How tragic, Mel xxx

  22. Oh I just love this post - such handsome young men and they obviously have a huge amount of pride in their school. I always admired Churchie when driving past it in my Brisvegas days and thought what a lovely school it would be for tomorrows men!
    Lisa x

  23. you know, theyre really the only two boys i LOVE hearing about...good thing for our arranged marriage pact.

    did you decide? now what for you? what are we going to talk about?

    i come here so often, but just peek in on you...i'm your visitor from virginia! xoxooxox

  24. I really, really love this post. Your boys are just beautiful. That picture of the older hugging the practically makes me cry. It's wonderful. And it says volumes about you and your husband.

  25. oh geesh, that was a teary read... your boys are sooooo cute, hugging goodbye, I just don't think I could handle that in real life - lucky I have a girl & boy, so not much chance of that happening ay! xx


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