Saturday, January 23, 2010

School Soon

Spent yesterday afternoon at my boy's school, meeting the big one's Form Teacher for this year. I can't bear the thought of my boys starting back at school next week. I love having them around. These holidays have flown by so fast... it doesn't seem like 7 weeks have passed at all.

My big boy is starting in the Middle School (Years 7-9) this year. He has a new uniform, blazer and very smart, felt, Akubra hat, which he is very excited about... but his workload will increase considerably .... even I'm exhausted hearing about it..... I just want him to stay a carefree, happy little boy. I can't stop them growing up so fast though can I? He still gives me lots of cuddles. I hold him ever so much more tightly these days.

And the little one? ... well school is great and fun and he can't wait to learn 'more difficult stuff' this year. He does get a little bit fragile when he is reminded that his big brother won't be nearby in the Prep School any more. He held his brother's hand all the way into the big school yesterday, and the lovely thing was, big one happily let him. Stay strong, little one. Oh my heart.
A-M xx


  1. Hi A-M!
    Cute picture!
    I hope they get a nice start at school!
    xx alice

  2. What handsome boys! You must be very proud of them.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  3. I know exactly how you feel! My youngest will leave for University next fall and it breaks my heart to even think about it!

    I have always loved summer but I learned to love it even more once I had children knowing they would be home with me during their summer vacations.

    Kat :)

  4. Oh my goodness A-M, it happens so fast doesn't it!! My eldest is in Middle School this year too (yr 7). Haven't even started labelling all his new kit yet. Oh what a joyous weekend it is going to be.

    And likewise - first year that my two boys won't be together, but mine (and everyone around them, he he) can't wait!! They're at a very trying stage of ultra competitiveness. The 9yr old is very tall for his age, the same as his brother, and he likes to think he's just as mature :)

    Your boys are gorgeous, i love seeing these photos. Hope back to school is pain free - enjoy the last few days of hols! :)

    jules x

  5. Your boys sound just delightful A-M. And thank you for your lovely comments - I hope my boys are as close as yours are. We're considering sending our boys to the same school as yours. I presume you're happy with the school, and that the boys are enjoying it too?

  6. Jen, my boys are thriving at their wonderful school. It has a great balance of academic, spiritual and community service goals.... with one of it's mottos 'Manners Maketh The Man'. As I often say to my hubby, whatever our financial situation is in the future (with a rabid entrepreneur as a hubby, things can turn on a dime at any moment!) I would live in a caravan on the school oval if I had to, just to keep my boys at their school.
    A-M xx

  7. Wonderful post; it almost made me tear up. You and your husband are obviously doing things right.

  8. You have such lovely natured boys A-M! I can tell they are really gentle souls :) I can picture the anticipation in your household as the 'back to school' feeling sets in - new books, new stationery... Enjoy the end of the holidays with your precious two x

  9. Hi A-M, yes its rather mixed feelings around here when school goes back. In some ways i think they miss it but in other ways its lovely just all hanging around - kind of like the toddler days! My youngest goes into middle school too (yr7) and is in such a funk as she is not in the class with all her BFFFFS. I would think this has been done for a reason but oh the gloom! I have blogged my bathroom and knobs if you want a peep, thank you again so much! Mel xxx
    p.s YOUR boys are adorable and no wonder you will miss their lovely company.

  10. How grown up and gorgeous are they? You must be proud :)

    I have one back at school this Friday and then the other 2 go to pre-school together starting the following week. They are excited!

  11. Does that mean I am the world's worst mother for wanting my kids to go back to school? I can't WAIT until next week ...

  12. My heart is aching for mine and yours A-M! It hurts to let them go and explore... but we know we must! They all look forward to it so much, luckily, as we all seem to dread the first day back!

  13. Oh yes! heart feel it will explode to see our kiddies grow so fast.

    Just let this happy moments go and embrace every minute they are around you.

    I never feel so sad thinking that my kids are grown up. Big son, have his own life, working as chef and have a live-in gf §;-(
    I can't believe it happen. I still feel that when I open my door I still sense his around cooking and smiling & welcome me. Lil daughter, eh, lil? She said yesterday (Friday), "mum in 2 months, am 18! Can I drink Cider?" Heart breaks again. But, I have to let their wings off my hands. Keeping them more at my sight and me, very strict? isn't the answer.

    Just enjoy every time I see them growing as an adult person. A better person who is our future adults.

    Embrace our sorrows happily.

    Have a blessed week-end and enjoy the last days of school holidays.

    xoxo so much!

  14. Bonds like the one that exist between your boys will never dissolve. Hold them tight, give them your love and before you know it they'll be in uni!

  15. I loved it when my oldest started High School as you really do get to see the beginning of another stage in their lives...adulthood. Your children are so gorgeous A-M and your oldest boy is so lovely towards his younger brother. I must admit however, I like it when my kids go back to school....oh, the peace and quite in my household!

    Mrs B xxx

  16. I just told my daughter, she is in 6th grade-middle school, that your boys are just now going back to school. She was so suprised! I know what you mean about them growing up so fast. She has tons of work to do, even over the weekend. Hang in there!


  17. I think it's very sad that we only have a week left of Holidays :( Wonder if they are too young for a gap year......?

    Enjoy the last week, hope both your boys settle in quickly.

  18. I love having my kids home for the holidays as well. Mine are in the middle of exams and end-of-term projects and are really busy with school work just now. No holidays for us for awhile.


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