Sunday, January 3, 2010

So What's Today's Project?

Today's project waiting for us on the terrace

Ok, so I'm going to have to share some before and after...and 'during' photos with this next project.... our DIY outdoor kitchen. Apparently it takes about 5 hours to construct, according to the salesman.... due to the monumental number of screws involved. Can't see how that was a sales 'feature/benefit' but hubby still fell for the pitch. It will be positioned just outside the kitchen French Doors, on the terrace. We won't know what to do with ourselves once we have a BBQ again!  Both sons have been roped into the task as well so this should be interesting. Ok boys, lets do this!
Happy Sunday!
A-M xx

Just the centre unit was over 100kg... a struggle to lug up 30 side steps..... more scars!


  1. Oh how exciting! Not just a BBQ, but a whole outdoor kitchen! Good luck.

    Please can you let us know how the BBQ goes too...we are looking at one in that same brand (except its white!!!)

  2. OH WOW A-M ...that is going to look fab..and your going to love your new bbq...I love using ours in winter aswell..make the best lamb roasts with less mess in the kitchen. Cant wait to see the after pics x

  3. I am loving absolutely everything you are doing. Please keep the pictures coming. xo, MB

  4. Looking forward to seeing pics of the family construction effort. I'd be lost without our BBQ in summer. How lovely that you'll be able to enjoy yours soon complete with an outdoor kitchen - lucky you!!

  5. Now THAT'S a BBQ. I don't think a mere sausage is worthy of gracing it's grill. Only the finest of gourmet fare?!?!?
    Have fun assembling the kitchen and tell your hubby to read the instructions!:o)

  6. A-M, what a great project! We are very envious as it looks so nice and warm there. Here in SW France it is still very cold and it is supposed to get even colder.

    We have a BBQ on the terrace of our other house and Mr FF despite being english cooks up a storm on the barbie.
    Bon courage,
    Leeann x

  7. YAY!! It is just not an Aussie summer without a Husband out there char grilling the snags now is it? Why do Men only ccok on barbies? Mine never cooks indoors...maybe we need to bbq more!

    It is going to look great and I really like the pots out there.
    Hope you had a great New Year.
    Ness xx

  8. Hope it all went well, I'm sure it will be worth the pain of 5 hours labour!

    Looking forward to seeing it in all its glory.


  9. lovely, shiny BBQ looks like it want to bust out of all that plastic wrap, and cook you up a storm itself!!
    I can't even remember when mine looked that sparkly. Good luck with the DIY kitchen... did you say three men? I'll have my fingers crossed for you, maybe you should read them the instructions!!


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