Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sweet Friends

The view from my neighbour's yard

Well, today I lose my 'Instant New Best Friend Neighbour'...... as she (and her little family) is moving back to Perth.  Like. Today.  :(

No more hanging over the front porch in our jammies at 5am (we're both early risers!) discussing what pretty teacup we're drinking out of that morning. No more champagnes on a Friday afternoon..."is it too early to drink"? 7 months of a delightful friendship leaves in a removal truck in about 6 hours time.

My 12 year old is not coping either as my 'instant new best friend neighbour' has a 12 year old son, who also became a 12 year old 'instant new best friend'. We had tears, the night before last. "But it's a one in a million friendship Mum. He's my best friend and I will never see him again". I hightailed it down to Officeworks yesterday and purchased them each a set of skype headphones. Hubby set up the skype accounts before the packers packed away my neighbours computer (they had professional packers, as she "doesn't do packing" - don't you love it, she's such a lady!....see,  I could have learnt so much more from her)... so the boys will still be able to discuss 'nerf guns', 'tech decks' and girlfriends!

But Perth! It's so far away! No jumping on a $99 one hour flight to catch up. No. This is rather permanent.

So bye-bye sweet 'D'. I'm going to miss you heaps. I hope you really do use your new Google ID ('instant new best friend').
I'm gonna need to hear from you every day.
A-M xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh no - that sounds terrible. Neighbours are precious when they are so good! We have skype and use it all the time and it works a treat! Hope the day is not too traumatic for you all. KG

  2. Oh, thats really such a shame. That next door friend is unlike any other. I feel for you, and your little guy.


  3. Awwww really sweet, good friends especially ones that live next door are priceless! Sounds like your new neighbours will have 'very big boots to fill'

    Best wishes,

    Mrs C

  4. oh thats so sad that they are leaving. i hope another lovely family moves in for you all and that you keep in touch (am sure you will).
    Mel xx

  5. Oh AM, when their house is a hive of activity and she is feeling overwhelmed toady but the move, just think it will be you who comes over with a cuppa or a glass of bubbles to cheer her up!


  6. aww what a shame. yes my youngest still misses his small group of best friends from where we lived. we've been here two years now and he loves it when we go back to catch up. Luckily a 3 hour drive not a plane trip. Except one of his friends ( a gir) who moved to Maccau the month before we moved here. They've been catching up on skype for the past 4 months or so and both loving it. I let him use my laptop which has a web camera and they both video call now which is lovely. It's also give me a chance to chat with her Mum who is a lovely lady. so perhaps when the boys have finished their chat you can catch up with your neighbour too. Time to get him emailing as well perhaps.

  7. I totally feel your pain AM! 'For Sale' signs were put on our neighbours fence the other day, and I had a sniffle on the way to work about it. Now who will bring me fresh farm eggs? And who will supply the worlds best mud cake when they were 'trying a new recipe'?

    I suppose I shouldn't complain, they are only moving 2km down the road, but still :(


    PS - are you still doing Monday Nook? I seem to have missed it lately.

  8. Oh April, I will start up 'Monday Nook' again just for you. I just seem to get distracted with life and forget that I did have structure once in this bloggy blog. A-M xx

  9. Oh my heart aches for you and your big boy...friends are so precious and we learn so much from them. Thank goodness for the internet it helps keep people connected and constantly in touch with each other, no matter how far apart they are in reality!!! Stay brave and keep busy this evening as the 'empty' feeling seems to double when the sun goes down!
    Good luck - I will be thinking of you.
    Lisa xx (and a hug for the big boy xxoo)

  10. Awww, that's not a nice way to start a new year at all. Maybe the people who move in will also be instant new best friends?? You never know...

  11. Oh dear, I almost had a tear!
    She sounds so sweet and if I recall correctly 'instant new best friend' was the giver of the beautiful Zandra Rhodes? Oh we liked her! Well you have her little gift forever which is nice too. My neighbour is a nasty b*$#^ (sorry but there is no other word for her) but I pray for her often and maybe one day she will be nice.
    You had a good one there, hope your day isnt too sad.

  12. Oh what a disappointment - your neighbour sounds like a real kindred spirit. Be sure to stay in touch with her x

  13. Oh no. That is sad. I am really liking me neighbours too at this house so I hope neither of us decide to move. I used to move lots when I was a kid (my Dad was a bank manager arrr!) and sometimes hating leaving those cute little friendships behind. But gee hasn't the technology come a long way! I hope he is feeling a little better soon xx

  14. Oh, what a shame! good work with the Skype headphones. We practically lve on Skype with Mum in Dubai and it is so, so much better than just a phone call. Even JJ and I skype each other regularly rather than calling, even though we are on 15 minutes drive from each other!
    Good luck in Perth 'D' - all the very best.
    Clare x

  15. Sad day for you A-M. Lets hope the new people that move in are just as friendly and can make a good coffee. Good neighbours are sometimes hard to come by. Sandy x

  16. Neighbours are very special; they see you in your jimmy jams, no bra, emptying the bottles in the bin!!! and they're there when you need a hand. We have the most beautiful older Italian couple across the road. One morning I drove away thinking I had closed the automatic garage door, however it had reopened due to a bike wheel being in the way. Mr K sat in his deck chair in his front yard watching our house for the better part of the day, only leaving when he had a doctors appointment to get a few BCC's burn't off his face! He mad sure no one entered via our garage......I was gobsmacked at his kindness and ran a large box of chockies and bottle of bubbly over to him. One in a million I say. Skype is a great 'keep in touch tool so you can still have those 'unbrushed morning hair' conversations

  17. How wonderful that they became a part of your life, and how sad that they're moving away! I hope you will get to see them again. Thank goodness for Skype!

  18. It's not easy to find neighbours (or friends) that you just click with. How very sad that they are moving. Your post is so lovely. I hope you do see them again soon!

  19. I am sure you will all remain wonderful friends despite the distance between you...I know, xv.

  20. Hi A-M,
    I understand your disappointment "losing" your friend to the far flung reaches of Perth - we have been given the news of a relocation from Melbourne to Perth for my husband's work so I am now starting the process of making the move (including leasing my dream home!!).

    Have spent today at a 3 year old party with my mother's group and I sat there thinking how hard it is going to be without my support group when we jet westwards next month - Skype will be a help I'm sure.

    Best wishes for the New Year and a wonderful 2010 with family and friends.

    Christine xo

  21. Dear A-M
    It's just as tough on the 'big' kids isn't it to lose their new best friend.. You know when I was about 8 my 'best friend' moved to another suburb... not even that far really but might as well have been for an 8yr old... some 28 years later i was told she was living 2 doors down from me... down the street i went.. knocked on the door and when she opened said 'Hi ... can you come out to play?' haahaha and we did for many more years until she moved again... must get my act together and look her up once more ... thanks for the reminder!

    Love your remark about 'learning from a Lady' hehe I think not 'doing packing' is a fine ideas... take care xx Julie

  22. Oh thats so sad I feel for you and for your son. Hope today is not too difficult for both of you!

  23. Oh A-M, that sucks, big time!!! and I agree, Perth seems so far away and I am in Adelaide, let alone Brissy!!

    My little sis is about to move back up to Brisbane (she lived up there for a while a couple of years back before she did overseas jaunt number 3), next Wednesday in fact. For two siblings that have never gotten along, just quietly - i'm going to miss her. So if your beautiful boys ever need a good baby sitter.... xx

  24. No matter what the distance may be, if you two are great friends you will continue to do so. And think, you have one big reason already to go and explore Perth! Hugs to you and to your 12 yr old.

  25. Oh that's sad.

    We moved from Perth to Brisbane 5 years ago and are still in touch with our neighbors. Good friendships last regardless of distance.


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