Sunday, February 14, 2010

And Here We Will Sit......

.... for the next 16 days.

OMG... the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony...oh I shed some tears!... the' Rhythm Of The Fall' bit.. the tribute to the fiddling traditions of Canada, (being a violinist myself) was fabulous! ... tattooed, tap dancing, tartan and leather clad violinists fiddling away..... who would think violinists could be sooooo groovy.

So here we will sit in front of our TV, for the next 16 or so days... maybe getting up every now and then to feed the children and take them to school.... Go Canada!!!.... oh and any Aussie that happens to be in the competition!

Happy Valentines! We're starting off with the Ladies' Moguls!
A-M xx


  1. Just popping in to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

    Suzann (The Olive Cottage)

  2. What we have to feed the kids, bugger.....

  3. He he... you're also sentimental, dear Lady AM...

    Ur watching the winter OS? Hmm... enjoy the cool 16 days in Brissy OZ.

    Wish you could sit outside my porch wearing down gears and warm choco in hands lighting my fire bowl in the backyard, §:-)

    Have a great HEART's Day.

    xoxo as always.

  4. We're doing the same A-M. In fact I'm writing this as I wtch the mens' moguls which I taped earlier today. We signed up for the extra olympic chanels on cable TV!!!

  5. We watched the opening ceremony as well, and were blown away by it. According to the New York Times the fiddler bit was: "loosely based on La Chasse Galerie, a Quebec legend about a group of drunken fur traders who sell their souls to the devil for a quick trip back home. Not surprisingly, the story provides a motif for many bars in Quebec as well as a beer with a high alcohol content." I had never heard of that, but found it interesting to know and it explained why the fellow in the canoe looked like the devil and the dance was so ragged and wild.

    It was definitely a proud moment for us (along with winning the gold yesterday).

  6. Wow, I'm still giddy from the opening ceremonies and the Olympic high us Canadians are all feeling. My door is open to you and your family A-M whenever you plan on coming for a visit. I cannot wait!


  7. Hello from CANADA !!! I am loving these Olympic Games. The Drama! The thrill of victory! The agony of defeat! (Trust me when I say, 'we' just need to win women's and men's hockey GOLD.) Hockey is our national religion. Please have your entire country chanting for us! LPxo


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