Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cubby Fun

Spying the pretty little cubby house post, over at Ada and Darcy's, brought back memories of my boy's treasured cubby houses, at the bottom of our garden in our first home. The wooden cubby house above, was my big boy's first cubby and the little one was rather fond of his colourful 'play cube' and spent every waking moment on it.

I took a trip down memory lane and found some special photos that I thought I would share with you (yes I was supposed to be studying!... of course). I may as well call this 'Boys' Week' on my blog as, while attempting to divert posts away from my house as the subject (following the magazine shoot), I have been focusing on the true love of my life... my boys.... all three of them... yes, you too husband.

We had to be creative in protecting little one from himself on the steep steps up into his big brother's cubby. Play pens have a myriad of uses!

Big brother was always by his side to stop him falling from the cubby verandah.

I don't know how many times we did the rounds of the garden. My back still hurts.

Inside big brother's cubby! Most likely barricaded in for safety!

Nothing like a good 'dress up' session.....let's start with everything in the dress up box.... all at once. 

Never let the play cube out of sight. One body part had to be touching it at all times.

Venue for many a wild party. 

Your birthday wishes yesterday, my friends, were treasured. Thank you for just making my day. One comment from a friend can change someones day significantly. Isn't it wonderful to know that your comment creates 'happy hormones' in someone all the way over the other side of the world. I love this bloggy thing. 

My little one is getting an 'award card' today at assembly but he doesn't know it.... so we're going to surprise him by being there. It will be for something like "doing good writing" or "helping in class' but we're going to make a big fuss of him.... and then head out for a coffee.... any excuse! 
Have a great day!
A-M xx


  1. Happy belated Birthday A-M! Hope you enjoyed the day and today too! Looking at old photos makes you realize that time does in fact fly by very quickly! KG

  2. We have had various forts/cubby houses over the years. My daughter (now 13) as a toddler had a painted freezer box in the spare bedroom. She loved it, we had countless tea parties in there! My sons (now 6 and 11 next week)have had various tree houses and forts with firemens poles and sandpits and slides attached...all great fun! The littlest still uses his on occasion but sadly for the older children those days have gone and aside from sports their days are filled with cell phones, mp4s and play stations...sigh!

  3. Hello A-M,
    What a sweet post. I particularly enjoyed the "dress-up" photo. Priceless.

    Did you keep the cubby for the new house?
    (Here in North America it would be called a tree-house - even if it's not really in a tree) :)

    Hope the awards ceremony (and the coffee) were good !

    Off to make dinner before my little one returns from karate class.

    Have a joyful day!

  4. This is the sweetest post in a long time, I adore your boys and their love for their mommy!
    What a happy family you are!
    The dress up reminds me so much of my own little ones, now way too big for it..
    Enjoy every day, they grow way too fast!
    PS: LOVE your blog! And happy - little belated - birthday!


  5. Your boys are so cute - look at those adorable cheeks and dimples on your older one. I love the cubby (why cubby? what does that mean? Is it an immature way of saying club?). I'm sure there were many fun hours spent there.

  6. What gorgeous photo's. Looking at the photos of your old house has got me thinking. What made you desire to move? You obviously have the skill to make any place fabulous, so why did you decide to build?
    I'm particularly interested in this because I'm thinking of making a move myself and I'm scared. Just because I have children and they are happy where we are and I don't want to upset them (you know how that is!). Any advice on how to handle a move with kids?

  7. Happy Birthday for Tuesday, A-M, belated best wishes due to a spot of flooding (like 20cm) through our entire bottom floor. How cute were your boys when they were little? Still very handsome of course. My kids would love a cubby, and I love the idea of them being out of the house! Maybe next Christmas for a combined present. Hope you enjoyed your coffee.
    CLare x

  8. Oh happy belated birthday A-M ~ XXX

    Thanks for sharing such gorgeous pics of when your boys were smaller, they are cuties. Our girls love their little cubbyhouse too, many happy hours of playing have been had:) Hope you have a lovely day ~ Tina x

  9. We have a cubby which the boys love. Last night after reading "Little Oink" to L he asked if we could use the ladder in the shed to move the cubby up into one of thr backyard trees. The pig in the story had a atree house! It brings a tear to my ey just writing that, life is so pure, simple and logical at the age of 4 1/2 isn't it. Have a great time at assemply today.

  10. Oh, happy birthday A-M! Your boys are adorable. I would love it if one day you did a post on parenting, you have done such a wonderful job with your boys. Emma

  11. Dear A-M
    I seem to have missed too much!! I love your posts about your boys.. they are always filled with love, kind heartedness and their sweet little faces ... but I seem to have missed a few things;

    1-.. the birthday post!!! Happy Birthday Dear A-M.. I hope all your dreams come true!! You deserve great happiness!!
    2- poor little one's peanut allergy... ouch!!! good thing you are a dietician
    3- magazine shoot??? what?? how did I miss that.. can't wait to hear where and when.. I'll be pretending it is my best friend's house and gloating to everyone!! hehehe

    Sounds like you are busy!!! Good for you!! xx Julie

  12. What gorgeous photos! I would love to have a cubby for Grace when she's older. Congrats on little one's award :)

  13. Hi and a happy birthday for yesterday.That is one cool cubby!Joanne

  14. Oh A-M what gorgeous photos to look back on..I bet they made your heart go flip flop...just adorable. How fast they have

  15. Thank you for the lovely mention.

    You know, I was deprived of a cubby house when i was little. Perhaps that is why now as an adult im dreaming about hiding from work in one!! My mother has alot to answer for haha!


  16. Somehow I missed your special day- so a very belated~ but very Happy Birthday to you darling. I would like a little cubby house of my own. With a cute 'PRIVATE~Stay Out!'sign. Your boys are adorable-and I love the fashion sense of that little one.

  17. Hi A-M! Yes I did see Tora win her medal the other night! Trust me I was cheering just as hard for the Aussies as I was for the Canadians. I was watching your ladies in the skeleton competition last night as well. Nerves of steel these women have. I will cheer loudly for all the countries that I have lived in as well as Canada (Go Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and Canada!!!).

  18. My 5 year old daughter was running around the house with her woody costume on, and the hat to boot, too funny!

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