Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kitchen Thoughts

Country Living Via Willow Decor
While we're on the subject of kitchens (well, we were a few days ago).... Willow Decor, my other most favouritest blog in the world, has a very interesting post HERE on the emerging kitchen trend of "no upper cabinets". The absence of upper cabinets, in my kitchen design, was almost a subconscious directive I think... I just didn't know I was on to something at the time! I was actually talked into the only 2 upper cabinets I do have .... "to fill up some space". I also loved the idea of incorporating a free standing piece of furniture into my kitchen, for extra storage, creating more of a sense of it being a 'room' rather than just a kitchen. As I didn't have the upper cabinets, I also focussed on creating shallow open shelving in the pantry for the display of pretty items, that would normally be displayed in upper cabinets. 

It's not until I read a well thought out post that I go back and really examine my own thought processes in the design of certain aspects of my house. Wonderful blogs do that to you. They make you stop, think, reason, examine the detail. After seeing all the cabinet free pictures over at Willow Decor, I am now a complete convert and have made a promise to myself that I will never be talked into (even 2) overhead cabinets again. Honestly, I need go no further than that post for inspiration for my next cabinet free kitchen. I mean.... look at this!

 Jill Brinson Via Willow Decor

Bench windows, lots of light, sans cabinets... totally heart stopping.

Anyway, back to the real lunches beckon.... Happy Wednesday!
A-M xx

And mine!


  1. You're right A-M, blogs do clarify your thoughts sometimes. Yours has articulated for me the only thing I'm not entirely happy with in our new kitchen - the overhead cabinets. That and maybe where I decided the ovens should go (a function over form decision - don't you hate those?) Thanks for the food for thought, again! Rx

  2. Wow, I have received so much feedback already on this post. It really resonates with people. I also pulled down some (but not all) of my upper cabinets in lieu of a view of the outdoors. Just like you, it was not thought out so much as instinctual. Thanks for adding your take this topic. BTW, I linked your post back to mine so others can read it!

  3. I like the no upper cabinet look too but unfortunately we have a small kitchen and I need the storage that goes with upper cabinets. My wish list would be to have a huge walk-in pantry in order to store everything there and thus eliminate the need for upper cabinets. There's nothing like having lots of windows in the kitchen and removing upper cabinets allows more light to flood in. Your kitchen is just beautiful!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  4. really beautiful images..., wish i could renovate!!!!

  5. yes, i think i'd go sans top cupboards, if i could squeeze the storage out of elsewhere. I visisted a house once that didn't have top cupboards, and instead had a huge artwork on the wall - looked fabulous from the open lounge/dining and made the back wall part of the bigger room, instead of a defined kitchen.


  6. Wow! The kitchens in that post are stunning! A-M, are you able to share the details of your kitchen benchtops? I would like something just like yours and would love to know the colour... Thank you :)

  7. I would love to get rid of the upper cabinets but we have a small kitchen and really need the storage space. I am going to get rid of the doors on one of the cupboards when I paint them next summer - that's as close as I come. I especially like narrow shelves on the top with dishes stored there - handy but pretty. I love your kitchen. It really is one of my favourites.

  8. Benchtops are 40mm Caesarstone in 'Osprey' with 2mm radius. Fabulous colour... hides all kinds of dirt!... and so easy to clean. A-M xx

  9. Same colour as mine! Wow!!!

    I have been meaning to comment on the last 6 posts you have done. Those boys bedrooms really stirred something up in our house. Yeah thanks for that! I purchased a new bookcase (which has arrived today - yippee) and we are buying a new bed and desk for my eldest - again thanks to you hahaha!!! Then your study is just gorgeous and I can see why hubby loves to work from home. Kitchen - yours is a dream. I am all over the place here at the moment. I think I need to do a course or something to satisfy my design dilemas and practice on other people instead of driving hubby mad. At my work it is "company plans only" so sometimes this drives me mad as I would change so many things! I have this idea that I think someone in blogland should come up with an all-stop design/homewares franchise and we bloggers run our own side of it from wherever we are. Everyone has so many good ideas out there!!

    Anyway, have a great day xxx

  10. You are so lucky A-M to have room for your butlers pantry, which I think in turn allows you to have the luxury of no overhead cabinetry.

    Your kitchen is so calm and peaceful looking, I love it!


  11. Your home is just gorgeous! And it keeps getting more beautiful with everything you do. I have also dropped the upper cabinets in our "someday soon" kitchen. I think it really opens up a room. And adding the interest of furniture pieces is perfect!

  12. Last week after trawling through what seemed like thousands of French interior magazines, we decided that we could not have any cupboards in our new kitchen as it would make the room feel small. As you know the french kitchens are normally a low key affair and the french like to refer to new fitted kitchens as "American kitchens".

    That said, the money that I will save through purchasing less cupboards will no doubt be spent on something old and french to hang on one of the bare walls as we are unable to add windows in the wall as it is medieval and therefore protected - 14th century :-)

    Leeann x

    ps love the stools at your island and we are looking to buy some similar.

  13. i'm designing our kitchen with much less upper cabs out of wanting more windows and light! yay!

    great photos!!!!

  14. Hi A-M, just a word of thanks for adding me to your blog roll over there at 'the house' - You are such a lovely blogging friend...
    Lisa x

  15. A-M , when we chose our kitchen last year we chose no upper cabinets. I love it.We have lots of windows also, but I think we would have it done the same way regardless. I also meant to post about the boys rooms but didnt have a min to say they both look wonderful... Julie in Holland :)

  16. Funny your thought processes there. When I designed the kitchen for the French farmhouse nearly two year's ago I had to fight with the architect because I wanted no overhead cabinets either. I had two reasons for this. I wanted more room for art and window space. The other being that I am a squirt and cannot stand trying to find things in upper cupboards. A pantry being the only exception to the rule and you can 'see' all the way up. For me it's a case of 'out of sight, out of mind' and I find things I have to store away high up to be too impractical for every day use. I see we are all starting to think the same way...
    Pity we're selling the house without ever doing the kitchen (mind you - it's not been signed yet!) but it's in mind for the next one! Great post.

  17. We have to live with our kitchen for a few years yet, but I had already decided that I'm going to figure out a layout that will eliminate upper cabinets (and wall oven). I just have to figure out where the pantry and fridge etc will go.

    I am ALL for built in storage and maximising storage opportunities but I think no upper cabinets realy helps a kitchen look more open and 'room-like' rather than 'just a kitchen'.

    Great post!

  18. I couldn't agree more. I loath upper cabinets in the kitchen. I can almost tolerate them when there is a bulkhead above, but the ones that are just plonked on the wall leaving a useless, dust collecting space above.....ugghh. What's worse is that people feel compelled to fill the space with display items and then the room looks really cluttered. I would choose mostly drawers instead of cupboards as they are much easier to find things in.

  19. As a girlie who is planning a kitchen makeover, this is a perfect post for me. Now, if I could just figure out how to make it all come together...

  20. I think it's a great look, if you can sacrifice the storage. Unfortunately, in most big cities, you can't. (I can't in my current apartment, but may be able to in my new one.) I love your whole house, though!


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