Friday, February 26, 2010

Life Is Triangles

My current study set up - this way I can see everything that is going on and 'bark' my motherly orders from the centre of the house.

Yesterday it was a lot cooler than the uncomfortably hot, humid days we have been having for oh so long now (why DO I live in Brisbane again?). I flung open all the doors and windows and sat in my breakfast nook, with my books and copious cups of tea, a cooler breeze blowing past me all day. Oh it was so quiet.... I revelled in the solitude, worked hard .. and I almost felt slightly joyous when all my trigonometry started making sense. Now that I know all my triangle stuff and all that Sin, Cos and Tan blah that I loathed so much at school, I can calculate roof heights, rafter lengths, roof pitch, amount of roofing required to cover a roof area, ra,ra. I NOW see how my builder miscalculated our roof pitch, both at the front and back, having to resize windows at his expense. Well that won't happen next time - see what I have been inspired to do from this challenging/learning experience .. lots of positives.... oh the drive to know all about this stuff . It all makes sense now. All this maths stuff works and now means something ...... I am looking at everything through triangle eyes..... life is triangles!... well it is with a roof! Just finishing up 'Vectors' (more triangles - sort of - moving ones?.... but a bit blehh if you ask me) and then my final assessment is done for this subject. Then on to the next one!

Thanks for being so lovely to my boy this week. He cannot believe how loving you all are. "And they don't even know me Mum".

Having the weekend off from the bloggy blog to finish my 'Vectors' so I will see you Monday. Have a great weekend!
A-M xx


  1. hello (:
    building a house is certainly a challenge, work on the roof too, hmm ... I'm bad with math so all the calculations involved in someone else with me (;
    Oh I envy the weather, what I have to tell me if the temperature of the third month on the little and only slowly beginning to melt snow, I look forward eagerly to greet the spring you a very warm ((:

  2. A-M, I love your blog so much here in Iowa that I have tagged you in my blog today!
    (Which is still Thursday, lol) Have fun!

    Megan :)

  3. You go girl....a long time for me since sin, cos and tan!! I'm sure any roof "they" could do, you can do better :-)

  4. A few days away from the computer with a horrible cold and I missed wishing your Brynley a Happy Birthday! Sounds like he got lots of the same things on my boys' wish lists! Glad that trig is making sense this time round. I never enjoyed vectors much so I wish you much luck with them!
    Clare x

  5. Oh my..I think I am seeing triangles now too a gorgeous comment from little Mr B...too cute..have a great weekend A-M..see you monday ;) x

  6. I remember all those traingles from high school maths :) Hope you have a lovely, productive weekend A-M!! x

  7. Oh triangles were always my worst but I think sitting there and with such a pretty cup of tea it might be manageable.... love your set up!!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    x Trina

  8. I love that light fitting in your corridor A-M, in fact I love the view from the nook, really nice things to disctract you when cos, sin and tan get a bit too much!
    Have a great weekend.

  9. With triangles I am heavily dependant on my architects. It's amazing you enjoy this stuff.
    Good luck with work.
    Have a nice weekend.

  10. Well done A-M, studying on your own is hard work but it seems that you have it all under control. Good luck with those 'Vectors'.
    Nellie xx

  11. Hope the vectors treat you well, and you get heaps done.

    So ready for the weekend, second day of 40 degree heat and site meetings here :( 'not happy jan!'

    have a great weekend, julesx

  12. Not my strong point! Have a good weekend and study hard! See you back next week.

  13. It's so strange to hear someone complaining about the heat and sun...while I'm here in NYC, complaining about 12" of snow...the net is so cool.

  14. Hi,
    thanks for your comments on my bedroom - I must admit that I'm drawn to the lovely blue shade for my cabinets too. I love your home - it's beautiful. I can sympathise with you on the stress you must have gone through with building your own house - my sister built her own home last year and my brother-in-law decided to project manage as well as work full-time and have two young children (one born during the build) - I thought he was going to have a heart attack with all the stress. It's worth it now as they have a beautiful family home.
    On another note Happy Birthday to your baby boy - mine is 12 today too - I can't believe it - doesn't it go fast!

  15. I am trying to remember my SOH CAH TOA rhyme after reading this...good luck A-M, this maths has always escaped me. xv

  16. Arggghhhh!! Triangles, Maths. Good on you A-M!

    Okay, we have the same canvases, phone and in-laws/religion problems. Lol......

    Love that shot, love the blue of those drawers/dresser. I'm slowing working out the floor plan :)


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