Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Visit From 'Rosie'

Just had to share some photos of a visit from our very excited, sweet angel cousin, 'Miranda Rose', my youngest brother's daughter. She loves her big boy cousins.
 We had an action packed day..... not sure about the wet stuff to start off with....

... so we immersed ourselves in soft toys...

...got in some serious one finger piano practice......
(left pointy finger poised to take over when right pointy finger exhausted)

... and a few emergency cuddles..

... and soo didn't want it all to end. 

We love you 'Rosie'.


  1. Oh A-M that is so sweet. Rosie and the boys look so happy playing together. Precious memories in the making right there. Janette x

  2. The kids all look like they are having a wonderful time - thank heavens for swimming pools this time of year. Sandy x

  3. you can see her cousins love her to, nice pictures of a cute girl ;)

  4. What gorgeous shots...and 3 very sweet children!
    Don't you just love the extra-special bond between cousins? My four children (aged between 9 & 14)just adore their youngest cousin (as they do all of their cousins), and the love is mutual.
    The final shot of you dear little neice is so reminiscent of the look on my 3 year old nephew's face when it's time to leave them. ... and, as I said, it's mutual - In fact, in a recent list of her "5 Favourite things" my 14 year old daughter listed her 3 year-old cousin amongst them - High praise from a teenage girl, whose world normally revolves around friends, beach, friends, sport, friends, music, - (and did say friends!)
    SeraBella x

  5. Rosie is just gorgeous, it is lovely to see how much the boys adore her. xx

  6. Sounds like you all had a Rosie day...just too super cute those pics...sure your not clucky for another?

  7. How gorgeous A-M
    You can see the family resemblance .. she is such a sweetie... and love the big cuddle up..
    Have a great week xx Julie

  8. Love the look of concentration on her face as she plays the piano!


  9. How sweet! I bet it was nice to have another female around the place for a bit (even if she is only a wee one!

  10. She is so adorable!! A pretty girl with a pretty name. Love the pics of the three cousins and the 'emergency cuddle' photo. Precious pics x

  11. Hi A-M !
    Really cute images!
    Have a beautiful day!
    xoxo alice

  12. Looks like a fabulous day was had by all.
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. Have you floated away on all that rain yet? Did I hear 165mm. in 24 hrs.?

  13. What great photos and what lovely big cousins your boys are. It's so nice to see and I'm sure you're a very proud mum!

    Kerri x


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