Friday, March 5, 2010

Advice From My Dear Readers Please

Image Courtesy Chalon

I have posted these kitchen images before, in various posts over the past 2 years, but I have come back to them again as I realise that when it comes to skylights and roof windows my tastes really haven't changed at all. I am rather obsessed with windows, gables, dormers and well just roofs in general... oh you can add joinery and mouldings to that list as well. I'm creating a wish list for my next project and some sort of kitchen roof window is on the list. Don't ask me why... but it has to be the kitchen......

Image Courtesy Martin Moore

Do any of you currently live/work with kitchen roof windows? Positives? Negatives? Is there something scary (in addition to the price) that I should know about them before I become any more attached to them?

Image Courtesy Period Homes

Image Courtesy The English Home

Would love to hear of your experiences/feedback/advice.

..... and on that note I bid you a happy weekend. More rain is forecast for us this weekend. Our combined dams are now at 85%. ... and to think that a year ago our bumbling, useless State Premier was gearing us up to drink recycled sewerage, when our dams hit 10%. Now before you defend recycled water... keep in mind I live in a town where they didn't realise they were seriously overdosing us on fluoride until 6 months after the fact. Keep in mind also we were the last state in Australia to actually receive fluoridated water.... after all our teeth fell out. So here in sunny 'keystone cop headquarters' Queensland, if we were drinking recycled sewerage, there would be almost a 100% chance that there would be some sewerage in there somewhere. Oh look... I digress... I'm getting all political and I don't even have a glass of wine in my hand. Enough of the politics... we will be drinking rain water for ages now ... and hopefully bumbling Premier will be out at the next election. 

Happy weekend all. Thank you for visiting me this week and for your lovely comments. I will endeavour to visit you all back this weekend... with wine in hand. I promise I won't get all political.
A-M xx


  1. A roof window in the kitchen would be ideal. I don't like to cook and so I always feel dark and dreary when I'm stuck there chopping, washing, etc. My husband, who works in construction, always refuses a skylight because he says they have tremendous problems leaking. I'm not sure if that's really true or if it's just his way of stopping me from cutting a hole in the ceiling!

  2. Hi A-M,
    Love the images ,positive ! Queensland a big negative ! Two of my friends have had roof windows. One of then had installed a large skylight window to add light into her living room , it made a great transformation but the new carpet didnt fair so well. Big faded patch in the centre of the room & yes you can get blinds etc to cover the windows but that would defeat the purpose of the window.
    My other friend had a window like the first image , the house was built apparently facing the right way to not get direct sun through them & was surrounded by some bush on a rural property. You know our Qld sun , big mistake , to glary most of the year, to hot in summer even though they were glazed & the white cabinets in some parts of the kitchen changed colour. They had to get someone come in every month to clean the top windows because the oils from the leaves falling on them & dust would make them dirty fairly quickly. So they never looked picture perfect.
    The positive looked great at night when there was one of our amazing electrical storms.( Unless you are like my mum & have to hide under a bed during those). I would love to know if any one in Qld has had success with them.
    Hope that helps some
    Karyn x

    On the other note they have already leaked sewerage into recycled water at Coomera on the Gold Coast. Dont be to dissapointed about not receiving fluoride in our water for so long. If people actually knew where & what the fluoride is that is put in our water they might have other opinions. It is actually banned in the country that supplies us with it. The newspapers were asked to print these details, but it is like there is a blackout ban on it. Big ,big story behind the scenes on this one .Oh dear know Im getting all political.

  3. I love the idea of the windows too but just wonder how on earth you would ever keep them sparkling? I visited a home in Buderim on the edge of some beautiful rainforest with a kitchen similar to the ideas above and it really was not that nice. I think there would always be something on them!!! - Beautiful rainy day here again - but remember I'm only 1 1/2 hours up the hill from you and our dams are only at 10% after the last week of rain!! Did you know the new pipeline only pumps at night because the electricity would be too expensive otherwise!!! Unbelieveable!! OK off my high horse now!!! Have a great day.

  4. Is there something scary (in addition to the price) that I should know about them?

    Oh yeah!!!! Cleaning them!!
    Sorry A-M, practicality overrides aesthetics for me on this question.
    Nevertheless, you could always hire a cleaner.......

  5. We had a skylight in our house in Brisbane and there were 2 problems. Heat and cleaning. I didn't have any leaking but, in Qld, the heat was a killer.

  6. Hi A-M, the only 'experience' I have of them is through our next door neighbour who has them (very similar to image 3). Their's are electronically controlled to open for ventialtion. BUT the two probs they have had are faded patch on their timber benchtop and floor, and also theirs leaks when it rains and they have not been able to fix the leak 100%...Other than that, they look lovely and I can totally see why you would love them:) Hope you have a lovely weekend ~ Tina x

  7. Ah yes the heat and the sun... I'm in denial about the extremes we experience here in Sunny Queensland. A-M xx

  8. Without going into a long explaination, here goes:
    - You will need heaps more aircon capacity.
    - They get very very dirty. About a week after you have cleaned them you have to stop yourself looking up for fear of depression! (rainex helps a bit)
    - And sometimes I have to put sunglasses on. Not a good look at a ladies lunch.
    - Lack of privacy if someone builds close to it.

    They look fantastic in photos, fantastic when they are clean, and a fantastic idea. You just need to work out how they are going to be cleaned, the aspect of the room and adjust aircon requirements accordingly.

    Great photos though!


  9. Hi there I don't have any but I tend to agree with Digella. I loathe dirty glass it freaks me out so I don't think I could cope with it.

    Re Queensland - oh dear. It was always self evidently stupid to propose recycled water in Qld. It has a tropical climate for goodness sake. At least we don't live in London where they say the water in the Thames has been through 8 sets of kidneys!!!


  10. Hi A-M

    A friend had a similar window to the one in the first image, although not so gorgeous (more aluminium project-home style!) but it worked well for her because:
    1) it was a ground-floor kitchen so easy to clean without major scaffolding
    2) she had quite a few deciduous trees around her house so sun in winter and shade in summer - just right for sunny Qld
    3) It was south-east facing so not too much blazing sun, just lovely light
    I say if you're building from scratch, and you have the right orientation, then go for it! We need more individual designs like these in our architecture, and i think you're the perfect woman for the job!

    Kerri x

  11. Apart from the heat and fading issues, I also worry about the UV rays coming into the house. Having lived in North Queensland all my life and refusing to accept my parents' warnings concerning skin cancer, I am now concerned about UV exposure. No, I was not immune as my young self thought. Our kitchen really needs even a small skylight, but I've decided against it - unless someone knows of one with a UV filter.

  12. Hi A-M, in regards to the windows, I have never had one.. but am always very drawn to them, the other comments seem to have some valid points to consider though.

    In WA, the solution our govt came up with was to spend gazillions of dollars building de-salination plants, 'we will just MAKE some more drinkable water'. Why not stop wasting what we have, and instead, spend it on improving our catchment system, more dams, sort out the river issues, provide homes with rainwater tanks, stop shire councils from wasting copious amount on verges and road sides etc! etc!
    We do get some rain over winter, they just need to catch it. At the moment, it hasn't rained in over 3 and 1/2 months... not a drop! So I think our levels are at an all time low..
    No wine needed today apparently!

  13. HI AM
    I love the sloping glass window idea and if anywhere I would do it in the kitchen.. I really don't like glare so that may be the only place it wouldn't bother me.. I think Karyn had some good points worth considering.. perhaps if the kitchen faced south it wouldn't be an issue...

    About the recycled water.. I heard that Sydney water is now being topped up from the desalinization plant.. just heard a snippet.. must check it out.. that darn plant and the construction surrounding it is an eyesore... not sure what I think of the whole thing... Take care and have a fun weekend xx Julie

  14. I would rather drink wine than Anna's recycled water. I dont have any kitchen roof windows but I have heaps upstairs and they are great for letting in the light , they havent leaked yet and I think they are 20 years old.

  15. in essence ...I agree with everyone especially Karyn & Digella. I have had these windows when I lived in Spain and the dirt just did my head-in...they are always dirty but they look Fantastic...p.s TOTALLY agree with Karyn re fluoride-nasty chemical!
    enjoy the rain!! Cate

  16. Oh how I wish I could chime in and tell you how lovely it is to have skylights and roof windows! I must have a million inspiration pics of rooms with glass ceilings and yet I don't have a single skylight or ray of sunshine pouring through any spot of roof in my entire house! That will be remedied when we add our "tower" and our master bathroom at some point down the road though. It's not "whether" any will be added but how many I will be able to squeeze in and still maintain some sort of safe roofline!

    And remind me to bring my own water if I ever come for a visit!

    Kat :)

  17. We had green skylights on our back verandah. (where I do a lot of work on furniture) We replaced with clear to allow more light. Mistake....huge mistake! Cannot work there in the summer from 10.00 am till after 5.00pm sooooooo hot! Sorry... and I was delighted with your political stand. Try NSW with our totally bumbling, inefficient and plain bad, bad, bad government!!!!!

  18. The best thing to do is to simply go with your heart. Do what feels right for you.

  19. I have always liked the kitchen window cupola that Cobi Ladner (the former editor of Canadian House and Home) has in her home. The only photo I could find of it was on Just Beachy's blog (you need to scroll down a bit to find it - it is the one with the chandelier) - here's the link Cobi has her own blog and she has an email address where you could contact her (she is very sweet and approachable. I just emailed her myself). Hope that helps.

    I love the look of those ceiling window as well, but worry about snow/rain issues and about glaring bright sun.

  20. Oh how sad, it looks like lots of negative points. What about dormers or something that would give light but not face upward?

  21. This is what I absolutely love about my bloggy circle..... the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you for your feedback girls. Points taken... cleaning, heat, light. I will work something out, scheme perhaps... will have to look at the block orientation, position of the kitchen, line of the sun, distance from ground for cleaning!!... some sort of dormer perhaps... stay tuned. A-M xx

  22. Dream kitchen I have this picture as well...Funny how we clip and save and dream our way to almost imagining we live in that very house. ( the ENGLISH home is so me at time's maybe now it would be more driftwood colors to pull off the euro chic elements )

    Yes love the sky lighted roof and the wonderful open beams...takes my breath away.

    wonderful site... you had to remind me about my favorite kitchen I don't have :)



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