Thursday, March 18, 2010

....And Then Reality Really Set In

Ok, been here almost a year. Time to clean some 'out of the way' windows, that aren't in the line of sight every day and that are driving me to distraction due to their filth. Remember those seriously disgusting red dust storms we had last year?... well me and that red dust are being reaquainted.... especially on out of reach window sills (precarious balancing required... just don't look). Started with the Great Room windows and sills yesterday... look! .... now I can see my beautiful 'outside' tree in 'high definition'. 

 Hello Ness's cushion on the left. Hello Pamela's cushion on the right.
That 35 year old violin case is looking sooo shabby now but it is of great sentimental value and will stay that way until it is chucked in the grave with me.

 With clean windows and my glasses on, I feel like I am in a 3D movie... everything looks so crisp and clear! So joyous that I had clean windows, I had a little play of the old violin (no-one was home so I cranked out some Vivaldi).... lovely distraction...but back to the serious stuff.... my next question to my bloggy fraternity is, of course,...."what is the best way to clean seriously disgusting windows?" .... there has to be a better way than my laborious attempts.... or are you going to tell me that it IS laborious and just suffer it? Your help would be much appreciated. You helped me build the place, I think it is only fair that you help me clean it! I think I'm going to need a ladder today  ... off to find one. Have a great day. Another 'window day' for me!
A-M xx


  1. Use a squirt of detergent in warm water and a squeegie. Windex tends to leave a film which can make dust cling. You will get a better streak-free result. xAnita

  2. A-M
    I think no matter what you do ,with all those lovely windows it will be laborious. I noticed in the picture you have Ajax window cleaner, thats a big no ! Apparently on those commercial cleaners they leave a residue that dust & dirt sticks too hence you have to use more product more often = more $ for them, more cleaning for you !I wouldnt think it would be great for your paintwork either. My three suggestionas are 1.Metho (reccomended to me by a window cleaner)
    2. Enjo - my personal favourite. Just water & two different clothes. You have to use them to believe it. I use them on my windows & mirrors , so easy !
    Great for the enviroment too !
    3. You can make up lovely home made preparations that leave a lovely fresh scent in your home. I dont have the recipie handy but google will know.
    Other suggestions.... A window cleaner, neighbourhood busy bee , it might be character building to teach the boys, have a giveaway on your blog that bloggers could win, Your chance to see inside A-Ms house through the windows while cleaning them on the outside !
    I know, long comment , I got carried away....

  3. That's the sucky part. Cleaning windows. Yay! I need mine soon too.

    U really got me with your violin. I was once a singer (younger days) and when I accompanied with violin & cello, I still feel & recall the beauty of it.

    Have a nice early morning, early riser?


  4. My advice - pay someone else to do it!
    K x

  5. I have 11 10 foot floor to ceiling windows in my family room and the afternoon sun shines right on them so you see every mark. I use half methylated spirits and half water in a spray bottle and paper towels. Don't use newspaper, once upon a time newspaper used to work, but over the years the type of ink has changed and now only makes things streaky. This is an absolutely fool proof no streak method. Good luck.

  6. Wow, that is quite a difference- love, love clean windows.
    A-M, the easiest way to get those disgusting windows clean is to.... get your husband to do it!! That's what I did!! He used a mixture of vinegar and water to get the major yuck off, then a product called Invisible Glass. We (oh, I mean "he"!) did them in the Fall and sadly "we" need to do them again!

  7. I was doing the same thing this afternoon. Dog nose smudges are such a pain to get off the window! :)

  8. I love my Murchison Home premium glass polish. I use it with an Enjo micro cloth - so quick and easy - windows and mirrors come up sparkling.

  9. Adelaide Hills Window Cleaning Service - the best 120 bucks you'll ever spend! Although you may have to factor in a couple of airfares as well!!
    Millie ^_^

  10. I hate cleaning windows - so i'd say get someone in to do it! They'll clean the screens for free while they're there :)


  11. I dont think there is an easy way.....spray white vinegar maybe....I am glad you purchased those beauties...I bet they will look FAB once they are in your place. xxx

  12. I concur with the metho and water! I have one spray bottle and use it on my windows, mirrors, glass splashback and floors. I use either an old T-towel or paper towel on the glass, and an Oates damp mop for the floor. No mop and bucket for me, and the mop heads gets put in the machine and air dried in the sun. Too easy!!

    I know how you feel about the windows, though. I had 8 lite colonial windows in my old house, and it use to take forever to clean each little section inside and out...

  13. I just cleaned my back windows the other day with this recipe I found on another blog. It worked like a charm and I didn't even have to use too much elbow grease! I love the clear windows!! I'd been trying to scrub the back windows since we moved in and always got stuck with streaks etc. This totally worked though! :0)

    Here it is:

  14. wow...for what its worth I use the windex cleaning cloths...I love the idea of paying someone else to clean windows but then I could buy a new pair of shoes the way I love your style of windows can I ask who supply them...Cate

  15. Hi A-M
    I'm usually fanatical about window cleaning.. there is something cathartic about the end results.. which may suggest you have to supply the labour yourself..

    I admit I've been a slacker lately.. can't get to the outside [2 floors up] and I am STILL finding that red dust in various nooks and crannies... amazing..

    Well I sure as your windows are so splendid you get that extra joy out of cleaning them.. Have fun xxx Julie

  16. Cate, Woodworkers... cedar... best quote out of 5 too. Great team to work with...totally understood what I wanted and very accommodating. Did as many stock designs as possible but very flexible with the custom designs.

    Thanks for your tips girls...going to ditch the Ajax. Have bruises on my arms from the weird and wonderful positions I am getting in to reach hard to get bits... ouch! A-M xx

  17. Hey A-M, what Shaz said. The Queen of Clean Shannon Lush says so too..Rachaelx

  18. A-M I would get a professional to do it. I've been away sick with the flu, so haven't had a chance to pist about your facebook dilema. F and I, although parents of a 4.5yr and 3 yr old, often discuss this issue. It seems that kids as young as 6 in our area are talking about networking sites and mobiles. Our feeling is that those websites are too difficult to patrol on an ongoing basis, so ban them completely until they are well adjusted teenagers (maybe 16-18). Mobiles, my hubby and I disagree on. He thinks they are great for safety reasons and I think that we all did ok as kids without mobiles, so our kids will be ok. I can't see if they are socialising near where they live why a phone would be necessary. So I wholehaertedly support you philisophy and good to see your son does as well.

  19. I love the picture of your violin & case in front of your sparkling clean windows :-) I think the fact that it's worn just adds to the charm of it -- it's obviously been well-used and well-loved :-)

    I've cleaned a lot of doggie goobers off the car windows, and vinegar works best. Doesn't smell the greatest, but it does the job.

    Happy cleaning!!


  20. J'adore lots of windows and I have SEVERAL in my home... BUT I hate to clean them!

  21. I would suggest wiping the windows up and down on the inside and side to side on the outside. That way, if there are streaks, you will know if they are inside or outside when you have to go back and attack the windows. Yes, windows suck because you have to clean two sides to get one benefit :(

    Redmond, WA

  22. A-M the best money you will ever spend will be on some Enjo cloths for mirrors and glass. The cloths last forever and the glass/mirrors just shine and shine. My previous house had a 9sq glass attrium and they were a godsend. Call a consultant to come and give you a demo.

  23. What a gorgeous nook with those beautiful cushions - your violin, (case and all) really complete it :)

  24. Ajax is the devil! The other suggestions here would be better. oh and NEVER use commercial window cleaners on your car.

    On the outside I use a mild solution of dishwashing liquid and ammonia. Spray it on, use a soft / brush and wipe over and then hose it down. You dont even have to dry it. Great around where your bbq is too because it breaks down the grease.

    Not sure if this link will work, but this was the house the day we moved in (2.5 years ago) but gives you an idea of what i have used my 'solution' on and it still looks fantastic!

  25. Opps - this is the link


  26. It is Enjo for me A-M. But I do it the cheats way. I use the bathroom mit onthe side you do the mirrors with and a microfibre cloth from Woolies...does the same trick and you dont need the fancy window thing from Enjo. It is the BEST.

    I used to do the hot water and white vinegar with squeegy, but enjo is SO much easier and there are NO streaks!
    have fun up there =0)
    Ness xx

  27. I'm going to try some of these great tips for cleaning windows! Now if I can just get puppy dogs to quit sticking their wet noses on the "insides" of my windows, that would make life so much easier and cleaner!!

    Kat :)

  28. I just wanted to thank YOU for the post on my blog and your words of encouragement. I love success stories! And I'm celebrating finishing chemo yesterday.


  29. My dh was a professional window cleaner for awhile, and they used a few drops of good dish soap in a bucket of water, and a good squeegee. That's it. And in my work as a cleaner, I do the same thing. Beautiful combo.


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